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Family first

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Fucking Mikey Way

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Helloz there my pretties!!!!I hope you all didn't miss me too much!But I had a lot of fun writing this chapter,so hopefully you all will have fun reading it :3 (pic not mine,all rights to it's owner)

Franks POV

I couldn't help but fall back asleep with a smile on my face.I don't know exactly why his heart was beating but I'm smart enough to know it had SOMETHING to do with me.Some people would say I'm stupid or ignorant for falling asleep with a vampire,not at all worried about my safety,but I felt completely at ease with him now.Like everything came together in a weird ass way.

After a while of peaceful sleeping though,I was awoken by the feeling of being watched.Not the loving kind like a mother would watch her child,but the kind that a lion would stalk a lamb.I carefully peaked one eye open,looking at Gerard first,to find him fast asleep.Then I looked around the room,searching every corner,until I found my stalker.A pair of glowing red eyes in the dark.

I discreetly shook ans squeezed Gerard's arm,and he immediately jumped awake,sitting straight up and throwing his arm over me.

"What is it Frankie?"
"The eyes Gee,the red eyes!" I whisper yelled at him,shaking as tears of fear sprung to my eyes.
"....Mikey?"HE sounded annoyed if anything,groaning in exhaust when he heard the boyish chuckle from the dark.
"Gerard,I just killed Marcy,and still thirsty.I didn't know thats where the doc got the blood for your mate from.Mind,ahem...,helping a brother out?"
Gerard sighed and clapped,causing the lights to fling on,revealing a tall skinny boy with mousy brown hair and glasses leaning against the far wall.

Gerard sighed and shook his head,pinching the bridge of his nose and glancing back at me reluctantly.He wouldn't,would he?
"Ehhh,mikes,I dunno,can't you go mooch off dad 'till you find someone else?"
"But Gee,dad said to stay away from Gretchen,after my last uh,...ya know,...episode."
"Uhg,damn it Mikes,alright come on.Not to much though.I'll beat your ass."
He's fucking joking ,RIGHT?!
I watched a fanged grin grow across Mikey's face,and his eyes lock on mine.
This isn't happening.

Mikey sure as hell didn't waste time in pouncing onto the bed,baring his fangs at me.I nearly pissed myself as Gee gripped my hand and whispered to me to relax.But even as he whispered these oh so comforting words to me,I could see him cringing as Mikey bit into my neck.My mouth flew open in a silent scream,and my eyes flew shut.Gerard squeezed my hand tighter.

"Alright Mikey..."
He's still attatched to me Gee..
Gee,help me..
"MIKEY!!!!" And with that Gerard grabbed his brother by the throat,and he pulled off of me choking.Gee bared his fangs at the guy,his eyes glazing over black as his grip visibly tightened on his neck.He threw him across the room,towards the door and snarled the words "Get out" as he scrambled to get out the door,tripping multiple times.

Once he was gone,Gerard turned to face me,his features once again soft and worried,and he slowly and carefully tilted my head up to lick the wound so I would stop bleeding.I couldn't stop the tears rolling down my face,not like I cared.He betrayed all the trust I put into him.Fuck him.

"Frank,I'm sorry you had to see that.I didn't think that he would do that."
"Yeah,well I didn't think you would just fucking give me away like a fucking sack lunch!!!!!!"
He cringed at my words,but I don't give a shit right now.That was fucked up.

"Frankie,you don't understand...."
"Oh,I understand alright,I understand that I'm supposed to be YOUR claim,not a snack for ever is just so feeling slightly peckish!!"
"It's,one of our laws Frank,we can't let one of our own,especially family,go hungry."
Wait...does that mean he is related to that fucktwit?!

"Your related to him?!"
He shot me a crooked,sad grin.
"Sorry sugar,that's my little brother,Mikey."

I facepalmed,just wanting to sink into the heavenly soft mattress.

Gerard's POV

I feel kinda bad.I mean,I basically just let my moochy little brother take a drink of my frankie like he was getting a drink of my soda or something.Fuck.He's so fucking mad at me.After he slapped his hand to his face,he turned over and curled into a little ball,cuddling the blankets instead of me.

Although,he made no objections when I scooted up close behind him,wrapping my arm tightly around his tiny frame and nuzzling my nose into his hair.He hasn't spoken to me at all actually.I wish he would yell,or insult me,or something,the feeling of being ignored is just...ten times worst than the worst insult.That 'I don't give a shit about you,your not even good enough to aknowledge' feeling is just horrible.

"Frankie,I'm sorry...I know I can't take back the past but please forgive me,please talk to me?"
He halfway rolled over in my arms and stared me down for a good couple seconds before he completely turned over and cuddled into my chest.I felt him sigh and a shiver went down my spine with his hot breath on my chest.

For the rest of the day,we decided to just lay in bed,and a few times I had the maids bring something for us to eat,but other than that we just lay there,silently,and sometimes planting small kisses on eachother.There's just something special about this boy.I already know we were meant to be,/literally/.What I mean though,is he is just so special to me in a way I've never really expierenced before.

He makes my stomach feel all flippy,and makes my dead heart beat,not to mention the brain fuzziness I've encountered because of him.He's so cute and innocent,but at the same time,I know he can deffinately be something entirely different when given the motive and chance.He's odd,but in a good way.

He's my something.
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