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Gerard's POV

That next morning I had dragged Frankie out of bed,made him dressed,and pulled him down to breakfast.He worried about eating with my family,which may have to do with the fact the they would all much rather sink their teeth into him instead of assorted breakfast foods.As we walked in we received the friendly good mornings from everyone.Father sat with Mother to his right,his claim to the left,same for my mother.Now all but my idiot brother had a claim.

He has killed at least twelve claims in the past three months and if he doesn't get out of this little phase soon The Council will begin to intervene.Frank sat down beside me and dipped his head low,shrinking back into himself as much ass he could.Every so often,I saw him take a peek out at me.Mikey shot amused looks at him,to which I sent daggers back at each time I caught him

I reached under the table and took Frank's hand,squeezing it everytime he would flinch under my family's gaze.

"So,Frank,why don't you tell us a little about yourself?" My Mother chose to break the silence,offering a sweet smile.
Frank looked up,stumbling over his words slightly and squeezed my hand a little.

"Well um,I'm Frank Iero,Seventeen,I play guitar,I'm gay,thats really all I can tell you.....I'm not the most interesting person." He mumbled and ducked his head back down afterwards.

"Oh sweetie,you are interesting!You seem like a promising young man to me." She shot him another smile and tucked back into her plate of eggs and steak.

"Well son,Why don't you two go out today?Show him around town or something." My Father talked,but never looked up from his food,waving his fork in the air as he talked.

My response,I made sure,was as monotone and emotionally detatched as possible.
"Yeah sure,I'll need money though."
"How much?"
"I dunno,around a thousand I guess?"
"Oh.alright then.When are you leaving?
"Within an an hour I suppose."

He simply nodded and waved his hand at Gretchen, sending her off.She returned moments later with a thousand dollars wrapped in a rubber band,and laid it on the table in front of me before retaking her seat beside my father.

"Have fun sweetie." My mother shot me smile and I led Frank from the table and back towards my room.As soon as the door shut,he visibly relaxed,a large exhale of breath and the slumping of his shoulders.

Frank's POV

Breakfast with the Ways was interesting to say the least.Only the relief of not being breakfast itself gave me the energy to smile and relax upon reentering Gerard's room.Gerard smiled at me and sauntered over to me,his hands holding tightly at my hips and his forehead pressed against mine.

"You're so cute Frankie."
"No im not.." The blush crept upon my face as I cast my gaze away.
Gerard chuckled and lightly grabbed my chin with his index finger and thumb, then pulled away and started searching through clothes.
"Change into something clean,We'll go get you some new clothes today."
"Ok,thanks Gee." I smiled back at him and started to shuffle through my clothes.

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