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Let's go to the mall,theyre having a sale on death

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A trip to the mall takes a turn for the worst.(Long chapter!)

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OOOOKAAAYYYY...Well um first off I'm sorry to bore you all with this little not but I would really hate to just leave some of the people that actually read my attempts at writing hanging.Guys,I don't know how to say this,I've hardly come to terms with it myself but in all honesty,I think I'm dying.Not figurativly,but litterally.I know I spelled those wrong but who gives a shit?But I'm going to continue to update,maybe continue to leave these annoying little messages up here,in case I die I would want you all to at least know why the updates quit coming.Sorry to bore you all with this little message.ON WITH THE FRERARD! xomaranda

Franks pov

I still can't believe how easily Gerard just asked for a thousand dollars and his father just out right gave it to him without so much as batting an eye.How rich are these people?!I looked up from my hand,that of course was intertwined with Gerards,and noticed the black convertible parked in their garage.Oh,that rich.

What are we going to buy with a thousand dollars anyway?Twenty new wardrobes?I shook my head and followed Gee over to the passenger side where he was already holding the door open for me and smiling.Well not really smiling,it was more of that lopsided grin that just sends shivers down even the most pussy committed girls.

"Thanks Gee." I smiled back and leaned up on my tip toes to kiss him on the nose before ducking back down into the car.He shut the door but through the one way tinted glass I could see him shaking his head and the blush creeping up his cheeks.I smiled to myself,a little victory had taken place here.I've never managed to get anyone to blush before and seeing Gee do it was just so cute.

After Gerard got into the car,he grabbed my hand and smiled at me that gorgeous lopsided grin,and started to back out,well would've.There,blocking Gerard's way was Mikey,standing oh so proud with a smug look on his face.

"Uhhg,not not.." I could hear Gee grumbling through gritted teeth and he irritatedly got out of the car and walked back to where Mikey was standing.They talked for a bit then I saw Gerard throw his hands up in defeat it seemed then started walking back to the car door...with Mikey in tow.

I watched in despair as Mikey smugly sat himself in the back seat,shooting me that smart ass look.I wanted so badly to turn to him and scream "WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM" in his face,but I knew all to well that he could all to easily kill me.Weather Gerard would even let him get close to it I'm not so sure of though.

"Mikey." He simply stated his name but that was enough to make him retreat back into his seat and advert his eyes from me.Which made me happy enough.Actually,it was kinda hard to not shoot my own smug ass grin back at him.But I stopped myself and settled for holding Gee's hand as he drove us down towards the mall.

The rest of the ride after that was silent,not unnpleasent though.I ignored the nuesince in the back seat and focused on watching the way my vampire(Haha I like the sound of that) gripped the steering wheel with the most badass looking determination.I couldn't help but wonder if he was trying to look like that or if that was just his natural driving position and face.

Also I found myself thinking over how this sorta reminded me of Twilight.As corny and as retarded and not to mention gay as it sounds,I loved the idea of it.Of having a strong,immortal vampire fall madly in love with me.Even though I knew he couldn't possibly be 'madly in love with me'.Maybe a little crush.Possibly a big crush.But love?Ha no.Nobody has ever loved me and I don't expect anyone to start loving me out of the blue.

The pain of the reality and truthfulness of my own thoughts coursed through my body,aching my heart.I looked over at Gerard,only to find us parked in the mall parking lot,with him looking worriedly at him.
"Frankie whats wrong with you?And please,don't just say nothing,because I know for a fact something is bothering you."
"I...I.." and with that all of my emotions came crashing down from no where.It was like a waterfall that had been blocked off and someone just took a sledgehammer to the barricade.

"I...IwannaliveintwilightbecauseatleastintwilightunconditionalandmadloveexistedandouthereintherealworlditdoesntanallIwantisforyoutobeMYvampirebutIknowthatcan'thappenbecausereallovedoesntexistandIwannabefuckingBellaandIwantyoutobemyEdward!" I rushed it all out in one breath and I'm pretty sure it all sounded like a jumbled up mess as the tears rushed freely down my cheeks.

Whether he understood it all or not his face contorted in pain as he watched me cry and pulled me to him.Mikey had already got out and headed in toward the mall.That I was thankful for at least.I stayed there in Gerard's arms for about 5 minutes,just crying my eyes out and sputtering about twilight ever so often.He stayed,holding my crying figure and stroking my hair as I got it all out.

Eventually after my sobs had done subsided into sniffling I pulled myself away from Gerard and tried to breath myself into calmness.Gee watched me carefully,his hands staying firmly planted on my shoulders.

"Frank,...are you alright now?"
Slowly I shook my head at him.He just frowned at me and pulled me back to his chest,rubbing his hands up and down my back in a comforting manner.
"I'm so pathetic,over here spurting out crap about a teenage girls favorite book and how love is shit and God I'm just pathetic."

"Frank.." He sighed and cupped my cheek,bringing his face closer to mine,our noses brushing against each other. "Your not pathetic,not one bit.And as for being 'your vampire' you already have me, Frankie.I'm yours,but...will you be mine?"

My heart was beating a million miles an hour,all of my senses had abandoned me,and I was practically paralyzed save for moving my mouth open and closed like a retarded fish.Way to go Frank.Don't you look smart!My mouth was dry and he was obviously waiting for me to say something.Miraculously,I found my voice.

"I um...I..I'm yours.." After the words escaped my mouth,Gee's face split into the biggest grin ive ever seen.Soon his lips found mine and were in sequence with each other.A meshing of love filled kisses that I wished would never end.I could feel his heart sputtering to life beneath my hand on his chest,and all of the passion in our bodies seemed to flow into the kiss.

The entire car bounced and shook,a crash sounding out as we jerked apart and stared at the sight before us.There crouched down on the hood of Gerard's car was the girl from my dream.The girl holding the deadly weapon and intent upon my downfall.There on the hood,was Jade.In all her reaper glory,with a deadly smug smile on her face.

"Hello Frank.Hello Gerard,did you miss me?"

BUM BUM BUUUUUUMMMMM.Cliff hanger bitches!Yep sorry bout that,I actually feel like writing more for some reason but ultimately the pain is becoming to much for me and the only way to get away from pain is sleep.I hope you liked it!Rate and Review my lovelies!
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