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where a demon dwells

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Gerard's POV

I stared open mouthed and wide eyed at the impending death crouched down on the hood of my car.Jade?!Why now?!Why in public you shit?!

"Tsk,tsk,tsk,I would've thought you'd be a little more enthusiastic to see me Gerard darling!I mean our last encounter was nothing short of gruesome but lets say we start...fresh." The most evil and twisted smile stretched across her face as her gaze shifted to Frank with her last word.

"I won't let you touch him,not now,not ever!"I could feel the anger rippling through my body,escaping in waves that would never disturb her beach.

"Oh,but Gerard,you know you can't defend him!Don't you remember the rules you'r little council set into play?/A vampires claim must prove their worth by cheating Death its self./Dont'cha remember that rule?Frank has to fight me,ALONE,and I will do as was done to me," Her words became venomous as she hissed them at me "I will destroy the one you hold dear,I will make you write in agony without even touching you,I will make you watch as I murder your hearts holder."

Suddenly the memories came rushing back,and my stomache began to toss.The memories of killing her boyfriend in front of her and leaving her on the ground with his corpse,the pictures were now fresh in my mind,and the tears fresh in my eyes.I could already feel what she must have felt,the dread and utter pain for loosing someone your heart belongs to.

"Gerard,Gee,is what she's saying true?I'm on my own?You can't help me?" I could hear the panic in Franks voice rising with each word and his erratic heart beat was hard to miss.He was utterly terrified and there is absolutely nothing I can do.

"Frankie,baby, hands are tied..I..I can't help you...You will have to defend your self,and cheat death yourself...Please,Frankie,be careful,and remember I love you.."

"I...I love y-you to Gee.." The words barely escaped his lips as Jade groaned loudly in distaste and swung her blade through the air,ripping a portal open.

"I'm getting sick of this lovefest. It's making me sick!Let's go Frank,I would like to get your death over as quick as possible,I can give you that much at least since you've not done a thing to me.Gerard,or should I say, Gee ,would you like to come and watch as I slaughter your little boyfriend?"

My throat felt dry as a desert,and I wanted no more than to just throw this bitch in reverse and high tail our asses out of here,but I knew all to well that even if I tried,It wouldn't crank.

"Gerard...please,don't leave me alone.." I snapped back to reality and looked into Frank's pleading eyes,just in time for him to be snatched up and away,and dragged through a portal.

"Wait!!!!" I jumped up and reached out to try and grab his shirt tail,missing by an inch.

I sat back in depressed thoughts and stared at the spot in the air he had just dissapeared into,my mind whirling with what she might do to him.Warm streaks of water cascaded down my cheeks and I swiped angrily at the salty liquid.There's nothing left to do.

Nothing but sit here and wait for either Frankie to be spat out of a portal,or for Jade to come back with his corpse,and the evil smile on her face.

Jade's POV

I laughed to myself at the cussing teenager I'm dragging with me into The demonic realm.His innocents,and feeble state seemed to dissolve into thin air as soon as we left his lover's side.He began screaming at me,cursing me,threatening me.I loved it to say the least.Hatred,that's what this boy held for me,and luckily,hatred is the very thing I feed on.The angrier he grows with me,the stronger I become,and it almost seems unfair.

"Uhg,just shut up kid,your only helping dig your grave,Idiot." After that he shut up,and I was only able to taste those delicious waves of hate when he shot an evil up at me.

Once we were back to the demonic realm,or as Frank would understand better,the field from his dreams,I threw him onto the ground.

"Okay,kid,here's how this works.I have my death blade,and you,well,you have whatever resources you can find.Beat me,and you live to fight another day,but if I manage to kill you,well,I get to drag your soul down to hell" I smiled,looking deep into those terrified eyes of his.He was trying to act so strong,but on the inside I could tell he was breaking down.

"Do I get some kind of head start or something?!" He threw his arms up and slowly took a few steps back .

I chuckled and clamped my hand over my eyes. "Run."

Frank's POV

My lungs were burning,scratching my throat and begging for oxygen.I kept running though,if I wanted any chance of resting and formulating a plan to get my ass out of this alive,I was going to need to get as far away from this damn crazy bitch as possible.Eventually after I believe I had run far enough away,I shimmied my arase up a tree to sit upon one of the higher branches.

I literally have no idea what I'm going to do. Without Gee here to help me,I'm going to die for sure.So I sat myself up here,just breathing,and thinking of any possible way to make it out alive.

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