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Frank has to fight to survive.

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-Frank's POV-

This tree is really uncomfortable. This whole situation is uncomfortable! I'm waiting in a fucking tree to die while my vampire "master" type person sits in the fucking car to wait and see if I live through this hell.
"Oh, Frankie where have you gone? You know it's nothing personal,well nothing personal with you at least. It's your little boyfriend I want to hurt,but it seems the only way to do that is by hurting you. Why don't you just make this easier on both of us and come out so we can hurry this up a bit?"
I stared down as Jade walked slowly underneath my dangling feet. Maybe I should just let her me,or better yet just jump. From this height I'm sure this would kill me. No. If I go down, I have to at least go down fighting. The reaper walked on,completely ignorant to my position over head.

Gerard. He might not be able to help me physically but didn't he make that "connection" thing with me? Doesn't that mean I can talk to him in my thoughts?
Seconds passed and I immediately felt stupid. There must be something interfering with it.
'Frank? Oh shit your smart! I would have never thought of using our connection to talk to each other! Oh Frank I'm so happy your still alive. Are you ok?'

'Im sitting up in a tree and hiding like a coward. No I'm not ok,I'm being hunted by a fucking reaper Gerard!'

'Ok well take this time to formulate a plan Frankie. Think. What can you use to kill her?'

'I can kill her?!'

'Well not really,reapers can't die,it's part of their contract with satan. But if you can do something that would kill a human to her then she has to let you go. She would be easy to beat though Frank. She's smart,she's strong ,she's quick. You have to outwit her.'

' all I have to do is try to kill her in a way that would definitely kill a human.'

'Exactly, now look around you,well first,get out of the tree Frank.'

'Oh yeah.'

Tentatively I gripped the branches I had used to pull myself up here and started to descend Down the tree. The bark ground into my skin from my to right grip and rubbed bruises onto my skin. Once my feet were finally back on the ground I started looking around. A large rock glinted from the sunlight from behind a tree. I could smash her head in. Then again I'm not very strong,and if I don't hit hard enough it would get me killed. Quietly I walked around,looking for any object I could use to get out of here alive.

Pebbles falling sounded off and I could see a cliff,hidden behind a cluster of trees. Suddenly it all came together. I was going to get out of here alive, and I know just how I'm going to do it.

-Jade's POV-

Where's that little rat gone? I know I heard him run off this way. Maybe he was smart and changed course? I dunno,all he's doing though is prolonging his inevitable demise. Today will be the day he dies,and Gerard's heart along with him. Oh how delicious it will be to watch him slowly wither away to nothing. A twig suddenly snapped behind me and I whipped around and smiled at the bushes. Trying to sneak up on me huh?

"Found you Frankie."
Slowly from the bush rose the small boy, tightly holding a large rock in his hands.
"Fuck you bitch!" The rock came hurdling towards me, only for me to jump up into the air and over his weak attempt to kill me. He had once again taken off running,only now I could see him. A small dark chuckle bubbles it's way out of my chest and through my lips.

Air whipped around me as I sprinted after him,my inhuman speed causing me to rapidly gain on him. He looked behind,staring me in the face as I lunged at him,only for him to stop and duck abruptly.
"Fuck.." I growled and landed on my feet,slinging back against the grass as he had already ran in a different direction. I drew my sythe from my backs strap and sped off after him again. He will not escape! Steadily my pace rose with my anger and the distance between us slwly began to close once more. On a feeble attempt to hide he ran through a small cluster of trees. A wicked smile etched it's self onto my face and I picked up my speed to where my feet barely touched the forest floor. Flashing through the trees ,the air hit me,the complete surrounding of air. He had led me right off a cliff.

Bitter bile rose in my throat. He had beat me.the air whipped around me as I fell. I don't wanna stop falling,not just yet,it's an almost soothing feeling. Regardless the boy had beaten me,and by satans rule I had to return him to his master,for now at least. I grinded my teethe and rocketed myself back up to the land and landed crouched on the ground. Frank stood tall and smug, the knowledge that he had outs smarted me making his cockiness bubble over.

"I've win,take me back to Gerard."
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