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The black eyes are back, for a different reason

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Frank is returned to Gerard, only for more strenuous issues to ensue, a brigade of questions!

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So I won't say I'm back and I won't give any excuses as to my absence, but recently I have felt the need to write and I figured this story was mildly good enough to continue. My other stories have been deleted, but I intend to finish this one out. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it.

Gerard's POV

Frank won, the smugness that radiated from his being was unmistakable. My little Frank had done it and I couldn't be happier as I finally relaxed in my seat and heaved a sigh of relief. Not that I need to breath or anything just the gesture seemed appropriate and is surely something I would have done If I was alive. My long fingers ran through my hair and my eyes closed in exasperation. Why was this so exhausting? Dad surely didn't go through this much for Gretchen. But then again, Gretchen is also just his servant and food source. Frank on the other hand is much much more than that. I have no intention of making him my servant, but being a food source is necessary.

I blinked my eyes open as the ripping sound of the portal opening tore into my eardrums, followed by the oomph of Franks body hitting the hood of the car.

"Frankie! Oh fuck are you ok?!"

I was out of the car and cradling him in my arms in less than a second, glaring up into the vast swirliness of the portal. Jades hand came forth and wiggled its fingers in a 'toodaloo' manner then promptly dissipated as the portal sucked itself back shut. Frank groaned, the hit to the hood seeming to have slightly injured him.

"You ok princess?"

His eyes snapped open abruptly, giving me a loving but mean glare.

"Do me...fucking princess...asshole."

I chuckled at his adorable attempt to sound threatening.

"So how did you do it?" I asked as I gently set him on his feet, the pain he had felt subsiding.

"Nothing at all, she did it all herself. I simply ran through some bushes and hooked left while she dove over a cliff. I do give the bitch a 10/10 on her form though."

His small smile was so cute I almost forgot the situation. I leaned down to kiss his head and wrapped my arm around his tiny shoulders as we walked off towards the mall.

"How the hell did nobody see that portal thing just rip open in the middle of the parking lot?"

"I'm not really sure, probably some kind of reaper trick."

"She's talked about 'the man upstairs', does that mean that God fucker is actually real?"

"Haha, not at all. God is a cover up for whats really out there. You see the world, my world, your world, it's all ran in the same type of way. It's just another council, the man she was talking about was Reaper Representative. He controls everything that goes on in the reapers affairs, the others only getting involved when their territory and the reapers territory overlap. There's rule and shit of course but that's all really complicated and you'll figure it out in time anyway."

"So what about death?"

"It's fake. You simply end then restart somewhere else in a different body."

"I fucking knew reincarnation existed! I fucking knew it! Ok Ok, so what about you, do you die and come back as someone different?"

"That question is a little harder to answer sugar. I don't die that easy. But if I were to die, I suppose I would come back as another vampire."

"What kills you? And wait, so you can only come back as your own species? How many Different things are out there?"

"Damn you're sure full of questions today Sugar, let's take a break from it for a little bit and grab a bite to eat, ok? I noticed you didn't even touch your breakfast."

His face turned a light scarlet as he ducked his head to allow his hair to act as a curtain. I grinned and held his shoulders a little tighter.

"S-sorry...just really curious about it all all of a sudden..And yea I am pretty hungry. Can we get subway?"

"Sure Frankie."

As we trudged onward towards the food court, it became increasingly obvious that they're were some people giving us disgusted looks. A lady eating at a table with her child, scooted both the kid and her damn food closer to her. What the fuck? It's not like were gunna kidnap your snot nose brat or your nasty greasy pizza. I shot her the 'go to hell' look and dropped my arm from his shoulders to his waist. He shivered and shot a glance up at me with lowered eyes.

"Please don't cause a scene, I can't handle that kind of attention." He mumbled in a low voice.

I smirked down at him and started to replay our little bedroom mishap from the other night in my mind, funneling it into his own, and watched as the blush deepened on his cheeks and he began to squirm.

Frank's POV

Oh fuck... why does he have to do this to me in public? As my embarrassment withered, my lust for him grew. Thoughts of food growing ever more distant in my mind. I felt his grip on my waist tighten and the thoughts only grew stronger. I could see myself beneath him, feel what I made him feel, hear my own little noises. In addition to this I could also feel his emotions, The lust, the love, the want....the need....then the guilt..the sadness..Abruptly it all stopped. I knew what all happened next, I remember it clear as day, but I still managed to push it to the farthest corner of my mind.

"Sooooo....Subway?" His voice came as a husky whisper, as he leaned in, his cold breath sending shivers all over my ear and neck.

"I have a better idea." I cleared my mind so that he couldn't figure out what I meant prematurely. I grabbed his hand and pulled him off into the direction of the bathrooms.

We burst through the door to the family bathroom, and I instantly pinned his wrists against the wall. He smirked down at me, letting me know he could break free and flip the situation at any given second. I ignored his look and planted slow kisses from his jaw and down his neck.

I fumbled with his pants button with one hand, giving him the chance the shove his fingers into my hair, pulling me forward until our lips connected in a slow meshing. This didn't last long though as it quickly picked up and I could feel his heart sputtering to life once more beneath his cool chest.

I broke free from his lips only to be met with his black eyes and bared fangs. This somehow did not put me off at all, and I continued my way to my knees, my hand running down the length of his abdomen to his hips. As his pants hit the ground I couldn't stop the small gasp that forced its way through my lips, causing this sexy little chuckle (that sent shivers down my spine, lemme tell you!) to come from above, along with his hand which laced into my hair and pulled me forward.

Well that's all for a little bit loves, being at school makes this a little hard to write lol. Hope you all enjoyed it! Please review!
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