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Normal POV

Dr. Oliver and team are waiting for Tracy to show up for the meeting in the lab. Conner is pacing the floor. Mike is on the phone with Tracy. She tells him that she'll be there in a few minutes. He tells her to hurry up before Conner wears a path in the floor. Tracy chuckles on the other end. Then they say good bye and hang up.

"Mike, please tell me that she'll be here soon. I have soccer practice in an hour." Conner reminds him.

"Relax Conner she'll be here soon." Mike says.

Tracy pulls up to Dr. Oliver's house and turns off the car. She undid her seatbelt and turns around in the driver's seat. Tracy's five-year-old twin cousins Eli and Madge sitting in the back seat in their booster seats Eli is wearing a T-shirt with t-rex on it, a pair of black shorts, and a pair of Spiderman tennis shoes. Madge is wearing a pink summer dress and fill flops. Her hair is in braided pig tails. Eli notices that they are not at the park.

"Tracy, are we still going to the park?" Madge asks.

"Yes, I have to talk with my friends about a school project." Tracy says.

Madge asks her how long it will take. Tracy says that she'll be back in a few minutes. She turns back around and picks up her book bag off the floor in front of the passenger seat. She unzips it, takes out two coloring books, two boxes of canyons, and hands them to her cousins. They thank her and she tells them to stay put. Then she gets out of the car, heads inside the house, opens up the trap door, and heads down to the lab.

"Sorry I'm late guys. My family from Tennessee is visiting. My Aunt Sara and uncle Adelio asked me to watch the twins while they did some shopping." Tracy says.

Conner starts to ask Tracy a bunch of questions about them. She places her hand over his mouth to shut him up. Tracy takes her hand away a minute later.

"Take it easy captain hormone. They are only five, fraternal, and very impatient. Can we make this meeting quick? The coloring books I gave them won't keep them busy for very long." Tracy says.

Dr. Oliver reassures her that the meeting will be brief. He tells the rangers to keep a look out anything suspicious. Back in Tracy's car Eli and Madge finish coloring in the 10th page in their coloring books. They set the books down between their booster seats.

"Eli, how long has Tracy been gone?" Madge asks.

"I don't know Madge. We just started to learn how to tell time." Eli answers.

Eli unbuckles his seatbelt, reaches over to the door, pulls up the lock on the door, and opens the door. Madge asks him what he is doing. He tells his sister that he is going to get Tracy. Madge reminds him that he is going to be in big trouble if she gets back and he is not here. Eli says that he won't get in trouble. He gets out of the car and goes into the house.

Back in the lab Tracy gets out of her chair. She walks over to the stairs. Eli walks down the steps and tackles her to the floor. Tracy groans as she hits the floor. Mike walks over to her. Tracy tells her cousin to let her up. Eli gets off Tracy and stands next to the bottom step. Mike helps Tracy up.

"Eli, I thought I told you to wait in the car." Tracy says.

"We did but I got board. You have been gone forever." Eli says.

"I have only been gone for twenty minutes." Tracy says.

"Hey, I'm still learning how to tell time." Eli says.

"True, but you still disobeyed me." Tracy says.

'I'm sorry Tracy." Eli says.

"I know you are buddy but you're still in trouble." Tracy says.

"Are you even allowed to punish me?" Eli asks.

"Yes, remember your mom told you that I was in charge." Tracy answers.

Tracy picks him up and carries him over to one of the chairs. She sits him down in it. She gets down to his level. He asks her for the second time if they are still going to the park. Tracy tells him yes but that he has to stay in the chair for five minutes. She gets to her feet and walks back over to Mike.

"Man I really hate being the bad guy." Tracy says.

"You're not being the bad guy Tracy. You're just doing what any good care giver would do." Mike reminds her.

"I know but I never thought I would actually have to do this."Tracy says.

Tracy remembers that her aunt Sara told her the Eli never stays in time out very long. She might have to put him back in the chair a few time before he gets the message. Sure enough two minutes later Eli got out of the chair and walks over to the computer. Tracy turns around and goes over to him. She picks him up and takes him back over to the chair. She sits him back down. She doesn't say a word and restarts the timer on her watch. She walks back over to Mike again.

Five minutes later her watch goes off so she walks back over to Eli. Eli hops down from the chair. She gets down to his level again. She asks him if he knew why she put him in a time out. He says because she told him to stay in the car and he didn't listen. Tracy nods.

"Right, so can I have a hug?" Tracy asks.

Eli nods and gives her a big hug. Then she picks him up and walks back over to the team. Eli notices that everyone has a bracelet on and they all have a rock that is the same color as their clothes. Eli asks her cousin if her friends are the power rangers.

"Man Tracy, your cousin is pretty smart." Mike says.

"Yeah I know but do you really think it's ok that he knows that we are the power rangers." Tracy says.

"Tracy, I'm a kid no one back home will even believe me." Eli says.

"He got a point" Ethan says.

"Yes buddy we are." Tracy says.

"That is so cool." Eli says.

Eli has a big smile on his face. After the smile disappears from his face Tracy tells the others that they are heading to the park. Eli cheers loudly in his cousin's ear. Then they leave the room. Tracy puts Eli back in his booster seat and buckles him in. Then she closes the door and gets into the driver's seat. She starts the car and drives to the park.

Twenty minutes later they get to the park. Tracy helps her cousin out of their booster. They jump down from them and get out of the car. Tracy closes the door. Tracy gets their things out of the trunk. Then they walk to an open space in the park. Tracy sets their gear next to a tree.

"Tracy, can we play with the Frisbee?" Eli asks.

"Sure buddy" Tracy answers.

Tracy digs through the gear to find the red Frisbee. The three of them get into a triangle and Tracy tosses it to Madge. She tosses it to Eli. He tosses it a little too hard. It goes over towards the tree and Tracy has to chase after it. Tracy cousins cheer when she catches it. They play catch for twenty minutes before everyone gets sick of playing.

Eli asks Tracy if they could go play on the play ground. Tracy says yes and she goes to put the Frisbee away. After she puts the Frisbee away and turns around to see Elsa, a bunch of tyrannodrones, and a monster show up. Tracy cousins run over to her and hide behind her.

"Tracy, what are those things?" Eli asks.

"They are tyrannodrones and they are here to capture you and your cousin the pink ranger." Elsa says.

"That is not going to happen not on my watch freak." Tracy yells

Tracy tells her cousins to take cover behind the tree where their gear is. They nod and run over to the tree. Tracy morphs and takes down the tyrannodrones easily. Elsa orders the monster to attack Tracy while she deals with the kids. The monster charges in and slashes Tracy's right arm with his claw. She drops down to her knees. Then the monster kicks her in the gut. Tracy hears her cousins scream out in terror as they watch their cousin get hurt.

Elsa goes over to Eli and Madge. Eli tries to protect his sister by using some of the karate moves he learned. Elsa grabs Eli. Eli screams for his cousin to help him. Elsa puts a rag over his nose and he starts to feel sleepy. Elsa does the same thing to Madge. Tracy tries to get up but the monster picks her up and starts to choke her. A few minutes later Tracy demorphs and looks over towards the tree. She sees that Elsa called for more tyrannodrones and they are carrying Eli and Madge who are unconscious.

"What did you do to them? I swear if you hurt them you will be sorry." Tracy says.

"Relax pink ranger they are fine. I just used chloroform on them." Elsa says.

Tracy looks back over at the monster. The monster continues to choke her until she passes out. The monster carries the unconscious pink ranger and the tyrannodrones carry the kids to their hide out. Twenty minutes later Mike heads to the park to help Tracy. He sees Tracy car in the parking lot. He decides to search the park. He finds all things Tracy brought to play with her cousins next to a tree. He didn't see Tracy or her cousins anywhere. He gets a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Mike presses his bracelet to calls Dr. Oliver.

"Dr. Oliver I'm at the park but Tracy and her cousins aren't here." Mike says.

"They could have left." Dr. Oliver says.

"I don't think so Tracy's car is still in the parking lot. All of the toys are still her too." Mike says.

"Come back to the lab so we can figure out what is going on." Dr. Oliver says.

"I'm on my way Dr. O" Mike says.

Back in the lab Mike walks down the steps and notices the team is there too. They are worn down from fighting another monster at city call. Conner asks if anyone knows why Tracy didn’t answer when they called for her help. Hayley motions for the team to come over to the computer. The rangers watch the video of Tracy fighting a different monster from the one they just fought and Elsa and the tyrannodrones going after Tracy cousins.

"Do you have any idea where the monster took them?" Mike asks.

"No, but I'll find her don't worry." Hayley answers.

Mike walks away from the computer and starts to pace to floor. Kira turn around and sees Mike. She reminds him that Tracy is tough and that she going to try her best to get away. Mike knows that Kira is right but he is still worried.

Meanwhile in the monster hide out, the monster tied Eli and Madge's hands and feet together with ropes, tied a bandana around their mouths, and put them in a cage. The monster put chains around her wrists and ties Tracy against a support beam to the left of the cage. Twenty minutes later Tracy starts to come to. She wakes up to find herself chain to a support beam with some wires attached to her forehead. She looks to her leaf and sees that her cousins are wake and don’t appear to be hurt in any way. Elsa walks over to her. Elsa turns her head back towards her to Tracy could see her face.

“Good morning pink ranger, so what do you think of your new digs as you teenagers would say.” Elsa says.

“I hate it and one more thing what do you want from me I mean besides my dino gem. Elsa you know that I’ll never give my gem you.” Tracy says.

“Of course I know that pink ranger that is why I’m going to do this.” Elsa says.

Elsa tells the monster to press a button on the panel and a strong rush of electricity flows through the wires. Tracy screams out in pain. Tracy cousin let of a muffled scream of terror as they watch Tracy getting shocked. Elsa tells the monster to keep his claw over that button and to press it again when she tells him too.

“Listen Elsa Do what you want to me but let my cousins go they have nothing to do with any of this.” Tracy says.

“Sorry pink ranger not going to happen. They are staying right here.” Elsa says.

Tracy looks back over towards the cage and notices that Eli had figured out how to free him and Madge. Elsa was in shock about what just happened. She turns Tracy’s head back towards her again. She asks her how he was able to do that.

“Well Elsa you still don’t understand the phrase big things come in small packages.” Tracy says.

Elsa slams her hard against the support beam. Tracy screams out in pain again. Eli and Madge beg for Elsa to stop. Elsa does it again but she slams Tracy against the beam harder than the last time. The rush of extreme pain flows through Tracy's body and it was too much for her body to take. Tracy passes out a few seconds later. Elsa laughs evilly and walks over to the monster.

"It's time to go on to phase two." Elsa says.

"Yes, shouldn't we leave some tyrannodrones here to watch the prisoners?” the monster asks.

“No, the pink ranger isn’t any kind of threat to us.” Elsa says.

The monster attaches some wires to Tracy’s gem. It sets the time on the machine to chock Tracy every twenty minutes and to also drain the power from the dino gem too. Then they leave to room. A few minutes later Eli and Madge squeeze through the bars on the cage. They try to wake up their cousin but fail. They walk behind the beam and see Tracy’s bracelet.

“Eli, what do we do now?” Madge asks.

“We have to for help Madge.” Eli answers.

“How do we do that?” Madge asks.

“Like this” Eli answers.

He speaks into it and hope that Tracy’s friends can hear him. Back at the lab everyone can hear the faint sound of Eli voice. Dr. Oliver walks over to the computer.

“Eli, are you ok?” Dr. Oliver asks.

“Yes, but Tracy isn’t the mean lady slammed her against the bean hard. Now she won’t wake up.” Eli answers.

“Don’t worry buddy she’ll wake up soon.” Dr. Oliver says.

“You have to find a fast the monster connected Tracy to a machine. It said the machine would drain the power from her dino gem.” Eli says.

“The other rangers and I will rescue you I promise.” Dr. Oliver says.

AN: Will the others rangers rescur Trac yand her twin cousins? Will Mesogog's newest monster prove to be too much for the rangers to handle? Keep reading to find out. As always reviews are apprecated.

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