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ch 24: Recovery time (week nine)

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Tracy's POV

I'm so happy the doctor said my ankle is back to 100 percent and the physical therapist told me that I have the green light to get back on the field. I walk into school and go to my locker. I see Zoey standing in front of it. "Ok Zoey, what do you want?" I ask. "Just to tell you that there is no way that you're going to come with the team when we go to the state finals next week." Zoey answers. "How do you know that?" I ask. Zoey picks me up by my collar, turns me around, and slams me against my locker. "Remember if you tell any of the teachers that I dug that hole in right field. You will be sorry." Zoey threatens. Then she punches me in the stomach. I wince in pain. "See you on the field." Zoey says. Then she lets me go and I drop to the floor. I take a few deep breathes before I get to my feet slowly. I turn back around and open my locker.

Science and music class went ok. Then it was time for Gym. After Mr. Johnson takes attendance I go to the locker room to change. I change into my gym clothes and go to the mirror on the wall. I roll up my shirt and see a huge bruise on my stomach were Zoey punched me. I see Amber walk up by the reflection in the mirror. I quickly roll down my shirt and wince in pain as my fingers touch the bruise. "Tracy, what happened?" She asks. "I don't want to talk about it." I answer. "Zoey did this didn't she?" Amber asks. "How did you know that?" I answer. "Come on Tracy, the whole school knows that Zoey and Grant are an item." she answers. Then I see the girl's track assistant coach Anastasia walk in.

'Amber, you need to go back to class. I would like to talk to your friend alone." coach Anastasia says. Amber nods and leaves the room. We walk into her office. She asks me if she could take a look at the bruise. "Did you used to be a nurse or something?" I ask. "I used to be an ER nurse." Anastasia answers. I nod. "Your name is Tracy right?" coach Anastasia asks. I nod. "Why haven't you said anything to any of your teachers about this?" Anastasia asks. I roll up my shirt again and she touches the bruise. "I can't tell because if I do I'm dead after school." I answer as I wince in pain. Anastasia wraps up the bruise. "Look you can't keep this a secret forever you know." Anastasia says. "I know" I say. I thank her for helping me then I head to class.

After Gym I go back to my locker to get my lunch. ON the way to the cafeteria I see Mike walks up from the corner of my eye. He hugs me from behind. "Hey Mikey, what's up?" I ask. "Nothing much" he answers. I wince in pain as his hands touch the bruise on my stomach. "Tracy, are you ok?" he asks. "Yes I'm fine." I answer. I knew that Mike could tell that I was lying so he walks backwards into another hallway. Mike lets me go and I turn around to face him. "Zoey hurt you earlier today didn't she?" he asks. I nod. "Tracy, you can't keep this up you need to tell Dr. Oliver about this." He says. "Mike, I can't do that. If I do Zoey is going to beat the stuffing out of me." I say.

Dr. Oliver's POV

I'm walking to the teacher's lounge when I hear Tracy say 'Mike, I can't do that. If I do Zoey is going to beat the stuffing out of me.' I walk into the hallway and see Mike and Tracy talking. "Tracy, I can't take this anymore. I hate seeing you like this. Please tell Dr. Oliver please." Mike begs. "She doesn't have to tell me Mike I already know that something was up." I say. They turn around to face me. "How did you know that, Dr. O?" Tracy asks. "Just by the way you've been acting round her the past few weeks." I answer. "If you knew something was up why didn't you just say something to me about it?" Tracy asks. "I figured that you would come to talk to me about this before things got too far out of hand." I say. "Is it too late to ask for your help now?" Tracy asks. "No, let's go talk to the principal." I say. I tell Mike to head to lunch and that I'll take care of Tracy. He nods and leaves to head back to the cafeteria.

Tracy and I walk into the principal's office. I see that Zoey is there too with her father. When Zoey sees Tracy she comes charging in towards her. Then Zoey pins Tracy to the ground and is about to punch her. "Zoey, that enough" Principal Randal says. Mr. Bueno pulls Zoey off of Tracy. I help Tracy up. "OK girls can one of you tell me what is going on?" Principal Randal asks. "Zoey has been picking on me ever since I made the softball team." Tracy answers. "You only made the team because you sucked up to the coach." Zoey says. "I didn't Zoey; I practiced hard to make the team. The reason I started in our first game was that I came to practice every day." Tracy argues. "Whatever Tracy, you're still going to get in trouble." Zoey says. "No she isn't, Miss Bueno but you on the other hand are in trouble." principal Randal says. "What did I do?" Zoey asks. "You psychically harmed another student. You also destroyed school property with that stunt on the ball diamond behind the school. I have no choice but to suspend you for three weeks." Principal Randal says. "Zoey, I am so disappointed in you. I thought your mother and I raised you better than that.'" Mr. Bueno says. "Mr. Bueno can you take your daughter home please I would like to talk with Miss Burlew alone." principal Randal says. Mr. Bueno nods and leads Zoey out of the room.

Principal Randal asks Tracy to sit down. "Miss Burlew why didn't you come to me sooner?" principal Randal asks. "I thought I could handle this on my own." Tracy answers. "How did that work out for you?" principal Randal asks. "Not so good" Tracy answers. "How long exactly where you planning on keeping this a secret?" principal Randal asks. "I don't know just until the softball season is done." Tracy answers. Then the bell rings again. "I think it's time you head to class Miss Burlew." principal Randal says. "Yeah, time for pre calculus" Tracy says. Tracy gets up from her chair and leaves the room.

Tracy's POV

I walk to my locker and see that Mike is there. "So, how did it go?" Mike asks. "OK, I guess" I answer. I get my things for math class out of my locker. We head to class holding hands. The rest of the school day went by quickly. We are standing by my locker again taking about our plans for the rest of the day. "I'm guessing you're heading to softball practice." Mike says. "Yes Mikey, I can't wait either.' I say, "Yeah, I can see that from the huge smile that just appeared on your face." Mike says. I chuckle and kiss him on the cheek. Then I head outside to softball practice.

After practice I head to the cybercafé to refuel. I walk up to the bar. "Hey Tracy, how was practice?" Conner asks. "Good I guess I just took batting practice." I answer. "You can't blame the coach I mean you've been out for nine weeks." Conner says. "True, I think I should get started on my homework." I say, "Your science or pre calculus?" Conner asks. "Science" I answer. I walk over to an open table and get my science book and a notebook out of my book bag. Twenty minutes later I finish my science homework. I look to my left and see my favorite smoothie sitting on the table. I smile and look up a bit more. I see Mike standing next to the table.

"Hey, angel I thought you might be thirsty." Mike says. "Thanks Mikey, so how are you handling the whole super hero thing?" I ask. "I'm doing ok, so when are you planning on starting your pre calc homework?" he answers. "After I finish the smoothie you bought for me." I answer. He chuckles and sits down in the chair next to me. A few minutes later I finish my smoothie and take out my pre calc book and another notebook out of my book bag. A few minutes later I start to get frustrated. "I'm never going to get this." I say. "Hey, don't talk like that. Matrices are hard. You'll get the hang out it soon." Mike says. "I wish we could just use the calculator to do them instead of by hand." I say. "Yeah, I know angel that would be so much easier." Mike says. I did a few more problems before I decide to take a break.

After I take a fifteen minute break before I finish my homework. I pack everything up and take me bag out to my car. I put my bag away in my car. I walk back inside the cafe. I go over to the couch under the front window and sit down. Mike walks over and sits down next to me. I move closer and set my head on his shoulder. "Tracy, what do you think about heading our special place to hang out?" Mike asks. "Sounds good to me, so when are we leaving?" I answer. "How about in ten minutes." Mike says. I move closer and sit in his lap. We sit like that for ten minutes. Then we leave to head to our special place.
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