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ch 23: Recvoery Time (Spring Break)

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Normal POV

Tracy is happy to have the walking cast on her ankle. She walks into the kitchen. "Good morning Tracy" Mike's mom says. "Good morning Mrs. Andrews." Tracy says in a raspy tone. "Tracy you can call me Aaleahya" Aaleahya says. "My wife is right and you can call me Galen." Galen says. "Got it so what’s for breakfast?" Tracy asks in a raspy tone. "Scrambled eggs and sausage" Aaleahya says. "Sounds good" Tracy says in the same tone. “Tracy, are you feeling ok this morning?" Galen asks. "Yes, I'm fine my throat is dry from sleeping in air conditioning all night that's all." Tracy answers in with her raspy voice.

Then Tracy starts to cough a lot. Her throat hurt really badly afterwards. "You don't sound fine." Aaleahya says as she walks over to her. She places her right hand on Tracy's forehead. "Tracy sweetie you're burning up." Aaleahya says as she takes her hand away. Galen walks over and notices Tracy's face is beat red. Galen tells her that he is going to go get the thermometer and that she should go to the living room to sit down. Tracy nods and she leaves the room.

Tracy sits down on the couch and waits for Mr. Andrews to come back. Tracy is mad because she had a lot of fun plans for spring break. She knew that getting sick and staying in bed wasn't on the list. A few minutes Mr. Andrews comes in with the thermometer in his hand and his doctor bag in the other. "Is that the new one were you just place it on my forehead?" Tracy asks. He nods and places it on her forehead. A few seconds later it beeps and reads 102. Galen asks her if he can take a look at her throat. She nods. Galen takes a tongue depressor out of his bag and tells her to say ahh. He sets it on her tongue and sees that Tracy's throat is red and swollen. "I think we should go our family doctor." he says. "Aren't you a doctor?" she asks. "Yes, but I think we should go to be on the safe side." he says. Tracy nods reluctantly gets up and they leave to go to the doctor.

Galen's POV

Tracy and I walk into the office. After Tracy signs in paperwork and gives it back to the receptionist. She walks back to her seat and sits down. The nurse calls us back to see the doctor. We walk to the exam room and she sits down on the exam table. "Hello Tracy I'm Doctor Burroughs. How are you feeling today?" Dr. Burroughs asks. "Eh" she answers. Dr. Burroughs does an exam and notices the same thing I did. He tells Tracy that he is going run a few tests to find out what is wrong. Tracy nods and let's him do his job. He finishes taking a sample of her throat tissue and a few other samples from Tracy’s throat a few minutes later. Then he leaves the room. I look over at Tracy and notice that she is struggling to keep her eyes open.

I know all that Tracy's body wants her to do is rest. We wait twenty minutes until Dr. Burroughs comes back with the results. "I have good news and bad news." he says. "What's the good news?" I ask. "The test came back negative for strep throat.” Dr. Burroughs answers. “So what’s the bad news?” Tracy asks.”You have a really bad throat infection so you'll have to stay in bed for a few days.” Dr. Burroughs answers. He hands me the prescription slip for Tracy’s medicine. Then we leave the room and head out to the car.

Tracy's POV

A few hours later I wake up in guest room and I still feel horrible. I sit up in the bed. Then Mike walks in with a glass of juice. He sets the glass on the end table. I scoot over so he can sit down next to me. “Hey, angel how are you feeling?” he asks. “I’ve been better and I’m sorry that we don’t get to go do everything that we planned.” I apologize. “It’s okay angel everyone gets sick” he says. “Well at least one of us is going to have fun this week” I say. “Hey, if you can’t leave the house this week then I won’t leave either.” He says. “Mike, you really don’t have to do that you know that right?” I ask. “I know but I want to” he says. He leans in and kisses me on the forehead. He back away and leans up against the head board. I move over to sit down on his lap. “Have I told you that you’re the sweetest guy ever” I say. “Yes” he says. I chuckle a little. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in closer. We stay like that for a few minutes. I finish the glass of juice and put it back on the end table. Then I set my head in his chest and let out a yawn. A few seconds later I fall back to sleep.

Galen's POV

It is time to give Tracy another dose of her medicine so I walk to the guest room. I see my wife standing in the doorway. She has a smile on her face. "Why are you so happy?" I ask. "Come on over and see for yourself honey" she answers. I look in the room and see my son and Tracy fast asleep in each other’s arm. "I really don't want to wake her up but she needs to take her medicine" I say. "Yeah I know sweetie but this is so cute" she says. "I know sweetie, but I'm pretty sure that Tracy would want to get better as quick as possible" I say. I walk into the room and go over to the bed. I shake Tracy gently to wake her up. She lets out a low sick moan as she wakes up.

“Did you have to wake me up Mr. Andrews?” Tracy asks. “Yes honey, I know you want to rest but it’s time for another dose of medicine.” I say. Tracy moans again and I pour some medicine into the teaspoon. I watch her face fold in half as she swallows the medicine. I set medicine on the end table and pick up the thermometer. I place it on her forehead. It beeps a few seconds later. It reads 101. “That good” I say. “What is?” she asks. “Your fever is going down” I say. “That’s good I guess but dose Mike have to leave?” she asks. “No, he can stay” I answer. I see a small smile come to her face. Then she falls back to sleep again.

Normal POV

Three days later Tracy wakes up and is feeling much better than she did at the beginning of the week. She turns her head and sees that Mike is still fast asleep. She smiles and slowly gets out of his arms. She walks out of the room and heads to the kitchen. “Good morning Aaleahya and Galen” Tracy says. “Good morning to you too Tracy and I’m guessing that you’re feeling better” Galen says. “Yes” She says. Galen walks over to her and places his hand on her forehead. “Well you fever broke that good” Galen says. “So is it ok for me to go outside?” she asks. “I don’t see why not but just take it easy for the next few days.” Galen answers. “I guess I can handle that” she says.

A few minutes later Mike walks in the room. “Good Morning Mike” Aaleahya says. “Morning mom” Mike says. Then Tracy and Mike sit down at the table and eat breakfast. After breakfast they go change and head out to the forest to take a hike together. While they are walking Mike spots a strange looking green glowing rock on the ground. “Oh, no not another dino gem” Tracy thinks to herself. “Her Tracy, that rock looks like the one on your bracelet.” Mike says. “Yeah that’s pretty crazy isn’t it?” Tracy asks. “So, what is it?” Mike asks. Tracy is going to tell him what he found but Elsa shows up.

“Hello pink ranger, how about you tell your boyfriend to hand over that dino gem.” Elsa says. “Tracy, what is this lady talking about? What’s a dino gem? Wait you’re a power ranger?” Mike asks. “I don’t know Mike I’ve never meet her before. Come on Mike me a power ranger. I don’t have what it takes to be a super hero.” Tracy answers. She tells that they need to get out of there. They try to run away but Elsa calls for some t-drones. They charge in towards them. “OK this isn’t good” Tracy thinks to herself. Tracy wants to use her dino power to help them get away but she knows she can’t do it. A few seconds she sees several laser blasts hit the t-drones. “Thank goodness” Tracy thinks to herself. Dr. Oliver walks over to them. “You two need to get to safety.” He says. “You don’t have to tell me twice” Mike says. Then he and Tracy go duck behind some trees. They watch the rangers battle Elsa.

“Tracy, can you please tell me what is going on?” Mike asks. “Mike I would love to but I don’t think that you’ll believe me if I told you.” Tracy answers. “Tracy, trust me, I’m very open minded. I can handle it.” Mike says. Tracy takes a deep breath and takes a few steps back from him. Then her bracelet turns into her morpher and she morphs in to the pink ranger. “Whoa so you are a power ranger” Mike says. “Yes, and you’ll be one too soon” Tracy says. “You mean I’ll get to save the city from evil?” he asks. Tracy nods.

Then the other rangers come over to them. “Tracy, I’m guessing that Kira and the gang are the other rangers?” Mike asks. The rangers demorph and stand in front of Mike. “I can’t believe that Conner is the red ranger. Mike says. “Yeah I was shocked too.” Tracy says. “Hey” Conner snaps. “Come on guys, we all need to go back to the lab.” Dr. Oliver says. The teenagers nod and everyone starts back to the lab.

Tracy walks down the stairs and sit down on a chair next to the computer. “So, this is the command center? “ Mike asks. “Yup” Tracy answers. “So, why did that lady want this rock?” he asks. “That rock is a dino gem and it will give you super powers.” Tracy answers. “Tracy, are you serious?” Mike asks. Tracy nods. “So what super power did you guys get?” Mike asks. “Super speed” Conner answers. “Invisibility” Dr. Oliver answers. “Camouflage powers” Trent answers. “Mine is Tricera Armor” Ethan answers. “Mine is Ptera Scream” Kira answers. “What did you get Tracy?” Mike asks. “I got stuck worth super strength” Tracy answers. “I think that’s pretty cool angel” Mike says. “Thanks” she says.

“So when do I get my power? “He asks. “You will soon Mike just be patient” Dr. Oliver says. “It looks like I get to be the green ranger considering that all the other colors are taken” Mike says. “Not true there are plenty of other colors Mike; you just got lucky that you got stuck with green.” Tracy says. “Why is that?” he asks. “I don’t know but I’ll let you once I think something.” Tracy says. Mike nods. “Mike, can I see you gem for a second.” Dr. Oliver says. Mike gives the green gem to Dr. Oliver. Then Dr. Oliver picks up another morpher and the gem melts into it.

“What kind of dinosaur is that anyway?” Conner asks. “Is a Troodon” Tracy answers. “Who do you know that?” Conner asks. “Unlike you I pay attention in class” Tracy answers. “Wait didn’t scientists believe that the Troodon was the smartest of all the dinosaurs.” Mike says. “Yeah that’s what the reports say.’ Dr. Oliver says. “Conner don’t take this the wrong way but why do you even bother coming to school. The Troodon’s brain was very large compared to its body.” Tracy answers. “OK so my dino power might be super intelligence?” Mike asks. “Maybe, but you know Mike some girls like smart guys” Tracy says. “OK whatever you say angel” Mike says. The ranger just watch as Mike and Tracy continue to flirt with each other. “I hope those too are able to keep it together on the field once Mike becomes a ranger.” Dr. Oliver thinks to himself.
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