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Ch 22: Recovery Time (week one)

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Tracy's POV

I wake up Monday morning in the guest room at Mike's house. Our parents agreed that it would be a good idea for me to stay at the Andrews's house because it was closer to the bus stop. I change into a ruffled pink t-shirt and a pair shorts. I pick up my crutches and leave the room. I'm walking down the hallway to the kitchen. I feel someone hug me from behind. I turn my head and see Mike.

"Good morning angel, how did you sleep?" Mike asks. "Good morning to you too Mikey, and to answer your question I slept ok." I say. "Why angel bad dreams?" he asks. I nod. Mike asks me if I want to talk about it. I shake my head no. He lets me go and we continue to the kitchen

We enter the kitchen and Mike's mom greets us. "Hello Mrs. Andrews thank you again for letting me stay here." I say. "You're welcome Tracy so what would you like for breakfast?" Mrs. Andrews asks. "Strawberry pancakes and strawberry banana smoothies please." I answer. "Got it and what about you Mikes?" Mrs. Andrews says. "I'll have black berry pancakes please?" Mike says. "You got it sweetie." Mrs. Andrews says. After breakfast Mike and I leave for school.

We walk into the school Mike is carrying my backpack on his back along with his bag. "Mike you sure that you're ok carrying all that? You know I can handle carrying by bag." I say. "Yes, sweetie I'm fine besides you have spend the whole day on those crutches and that's tiring enough as it is." Mike says. "Thanks for being so considerate Mikey." I say. "You're welcome." he says. We stop at my locker first. Then we stop at his locker before we head to class.

We enter the room. Devin and the others walk up. "Hey Devin, you covered the softball game for the school news right?" I ask. "Yes" he answers. "Did you tape anything before the game started?" I ask. He shakes his head yes. I ask him if I could see it. He nods and gets out his laptop. He sets it on the table and we gather around it. He presses play.

We watch the first five minutes of the video. I notice in the back ground while Cassidy was interviewing the coach of the opposing team. Someone is walking to the warning track in right field and is digging a hole. I ask Devin if he could zoom in. He zooms and we watch as Zoey heads back to the dugout.

"I knew it." Kira says. "What do you do now?" I ask. "It's obvious Tracy we have to show this to the principle." Mike answers. "You guys can show it to the principle and I'll stay here." I say. "You should come too." Ethan says. "I don't really need to besides I don't want to get in trouble." I say. Mike can tell I'm really scared. "Tracy why would you think that you'll get in trouble you didn't do anything wrong." he says. "I know that." I say. Then the warning bell rings and the rest of the class files in. I see Zoey walk in. I get up and go over to her. I ask her if we can talk in the hallway. She nods and we go into the hallway.

"I'm so sorry about your ankle. I never knew you were so accident prone." Zoey says in a false sympathic tone. "Drop the act Zoey I know that you dug that hole in right field." I say. "How did you know it was me?" she asks. "Simple Devin recorded the whole game for the school news." I answer. She kicks my crutches away. They make a catering sound as they hit the floor. I start to fall towards the floor. I use a locker handle to stop myself from falling. Zoey grabs the collar of my shirt and slams me against the locker."Listen if you go to the principle I'll make sure that you'll get suspended instead of me. If I get suspended you'll wish that Grant was still picking on you. Are we clear?" Zoey threatens. I swallow my fear before I say anything. "Crystal" I say. "Good" Zoey says, as she lets me go. I drop down to the floor and look up her. Then Dr. Oliver walks up. "Is everything ok girls?" he asks. "Yes, Dr. O everything is fine." Zoey says as she goes back inside the room. I get up and stand on my good foot. Dr. O picks my crutches and gives them to me.

Dr. Oliver's POV

Tracy doesn't say a word. She just goes inside the room. The bell rings again and I walk inside. Then I take attendance. While I'm passing out a pop quiz and I hand them to Tracy. She takes on and passes them to Conner. As they are going around the room I notice Zoey making hand motions towards Tracy telling her to keep her mouth shut. Tracy turns back around quickly and gets to work on her quiz. After I collect the quizzes I start today's lesson. I let Tracy leave five minutes early so she can get to her next class on time. Mike gets up as well and carries her books.

Tracy's POV

We stop at my locker to put my things away and get my pre calculus book and my calculator. Mike and I walk to music class. He notices that I'm a little on edge about something. "Hey, angel what happened before with Zoey?" Mike asks. "Nothing we just talked about the game." I answer. "Tracy I know that you're lying. Please look at me and tell me what happened." Mike says calmly. I look over at him and he sees the fear in my eyes. "Oh my gosh Zoey threatened to hurt you didn't she." he says. I nod and tears start to roll down my cheeks. "Please don't say anything Mike please." I say. Mike sets down what's in his hands. Then he pulls me into a hug. "Why is Zoey doing this Mikey what did I do to her to make her do this?" I ask. "I don't know angel but I promise you that I won't let her hurt you." Mike says. A few minutes I stop crying and take my head out of his chest. He uses his right hand to dry the tears from my eyes. I thank him and we continue to music class.

The rest of the school day was the same I left class early so I could get to my next class on time. Mike would carry my things. I knew I should go to the principle and tell him/her what's going on. I too afraid of what Zoey might do to me of I tell. Mike and I are at my locker packing up to head home. Mike's parents are picking us up. "So do you want to head to the cyber café?" Mike asks. "Yeah that sounds like a good plan to me Mikey I'll meet you at the car I have to use the little girls' room." I answer. "Ok" Mike says as he picks up my back and head outside.

Normal POV

Tracy is walking out of the bathroom as she turns the corner. She notices Grant and Zoey making out in front of his locker. She pivots on her good foot and leans up against the wall. "I can't believe that those two are dating." She thinks to herself. Tracy can tell that they were done because she heard them talking. "Did you make sure that miss goody goody doesn't rat you out sweetie?" Grant asks. "Yes I did honey, and you should have seen how scared she was." Zoey answers. "I'm so happy that were a couple." Grant says. "Me too Grant your a great guy." Zoey replies. Then they leave to catch the bus. Tracy waits a few seconds so she can comprehend what just she just heard. Then she heads out to meet up with Mike.


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