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Ch 21: First game

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Normal POV

Tracy is standing outside the cyber cafe. She is on the phone with her mom. "Mom do you think that you and dad can make it to the game?" she asks. "I'm sorry sweetie but we have to work late again tonight." Tracy's mom answers. "I understand I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." she says trying not to sound disappointed. "Yeah see you then, and good luck." Tracy's mom says. Then they say goodbye and Tracy puts her phone away. She walks inside the cafe.

Tracy enters the room and her friends come up to her. "Hey Trace, so can your parents make it tonight?" Amber asks. Tracy shakes her head no. Tracy's friends tell her that they will be there. Trent tells her that Devin will be there covering the game for the school news. "Great no pressure or anything." Tracy thinks to herself. Amber reminds her that the game starts in two hours. Tracy and Amber leave to head back to school to meet up with the rest of the team.

At the ball diamond the team is waiting for Tracy and Amber to arrive. Zoey the other right fielder is talking with Charlie. "I'm a better right fielder than Tracy. I should be starting not her." Zoey says. "Zoey you know the real reason that you're not starting is that you skipped practice every day last week." Charlie says. "Big deal I'm going to play in game today." Zoey says. "What are you going to do?" Charlie asks. "You'll see." Zoey says. Zoey unzips her bag and takes out a garden shovel. "Zoey you can't do this you could get suspended." Charlie says. Zoey ignores Charlie and heads out to the warning track in deep right field. She bends down and digs a gopher sized hole into the ground. Once Zoey finishes her work she gets to her feet and heads back to the dugout. She puts the spade back into her bag and zips her bag back up.

Two hours later the game is about to start and the teams are warming up. After the teams finish warming up and the announcer announces the starting lineup for both teams. Then Kira sang the national anthem. The game starts and everything was going great. The Reefside sluggers are winning 5-4. Tracy is having a good day. She hit two double, three triples and has three stolen bases. The top of the sixth inning is not so great. The away team had two on and one out. The batter hits a long drive to deep right field. Zoey is watching with a big smile on her face as Tracy is back pedaling to the spot where she dug the hole. Tracy gets to the hole and her right ankle gets caught in it. Tracy screams out in pain as she falls to the ground. The ball falls down toward the warning track. Tracy reaches out her glove and the ball lands in it. Zoey has a look of pure shock on her face that Tracy is able to complete the play. Coach Burns calls for a time out and ruches out to Tracy.

"Tracy are you all right?" coach Burns asks. "No, I can't move it." Tracy answers. Amber helps Tracy to her feet. The crowd claps as Tracy is helped off the field. "What do we do now coach?" Amber asks. "Zoey get you mitt and take over in right field." coach Burns answers. "You got it coach Burns," Zoey says. "What about Tracy coach Burns?" Amber asks. "Don't worry about me Amber just go out there and win this game." Tracy says. Amber nods. The teams rushes back out onto the field to complete the inning.

In the bleachers, all of Tracy's friends are in shock about what just happened. "Something doesn't smell right here." Trent says. "Yeah, did anyone notice that Zoey was happy about Tracy getting hurt?" Kira asks. "Do you think that she dug that hole in right field?" Ethan asks. "I think so Ethan but we can't prove she did it." Mike answers. "Why would Zoey do that in the first place?" Ethan asks. "Amber told me yesterday that Zoey was jealous that Tracy got to start in the game today." Kira answers, "Tracy deserved to start in the game besides Zoey has skipped a lot of practices lately." Conner says. "Yeah the coach made a smart choice." Mike says. "How did Zoey even make the team again this year?" Ethan asks. "Her dad is the assent coach so you do the math." Kira says. Mike tells the gang that he is going to check on Tracy. He leaves and heads to the dugout.

Back in the dugout, Tracy is sitting on the bench with an ice pack on her ankle. She looks to her left and see Mike. "Hey Mike, what are you doing here? I thought fan aren't allowed in the dugout." Tracy says. "The coach Burns let me in, so how are you feeling?" he answers. "Ok I guess" she says. Mike suggests that she should have a doctor look at her ankle. Tracy isn't a big fan of the doctor's office but she knew it's a good idea. "Yeah, your friend is right. The team can handle things here. I would feel better if you got your ankle looked at." Coach Burns says, as he walks in. "Yes, coach Burns." Tracy says. Mike picks up her gear and coach Burns helps her out of the dugout.

Mike's father comes over to them. "Hi dad" Mike says. "Hello son, how's about we take your friend to ER to see my friend Dr. Anderson. " Mr. Andrews says. "Mike your dad is a doctor?" Tracy asks. Mike shakes his head yes. They all head to Mike's car.

At the ER Mr. Andrews helps Tracy into the waiting room. He helps her over to a chair and she sits down. Mike sits down next to her. Mike's father walks to the check in table. "Hello Dr. Andrews, who do we have here?" the nurse asks. "My son's girlfriend Tracy, she hurt her ankle in the big softball game tonight." Dr. Andrews answers. "Should we call her parents?" the nurse asks. Dr. Andrews tells the nurse that Tracy already did while they were on the way here. The nurse nods and tells him that the doctor will be out in a few minutes. He nods and walks over to Tracy and Mike.

Tracy looks to her left and sees Mr. Andrews walking up to them. "How long until the doc comes out?" she asks. "The doctor should be out in a few minutes." Mr. Andrews answers. Mr. Andrews notices that Tracy is a little nervous. "Tracy, can I ask you a question?" Mr. Andrews asks. Tracy shakes her head yes. "Are you afraid of the doctor?" Mr. Andrews asks. "I'm not scared of the doctor it's the office that creeps me out that's all." Tracy answers. Mr. Andrews doesn't say a word. HE sits down next to his son and they wait for the doctor. A few minutes later the doctor comes out.

"Hello, Dr. Andrews, so how have you been?" Dr. Anderson asks. "I'm fine Stephan, you?" MR. Andrews answers. "Good the kids are driving my wife crazy."Dr. Anderson says. "I'm not trying to be rude or anything but could we please help me? My ankle is throbbing like there is a wrestling match going on inside it." Tracy says. The doctors look over at Tracy and smile. "So this is your son's girlfriend. You were right she is funny just like you described." Dr. Anderson says. He tells MR. Andrews that he would love to catch up later on. Then Dr. Anderson walks over to Tracy. He tells her to follow him and that they would get started. Mike helps Tracy back to Dr. Anderson's exam room. Mr. Andrews follows a few steps behind the group.

After Dr. Anderson has Tracy go to x-ray room to have an x-ray of her ankle taken. Everyone enters the room and Mike helps Tracy over to the exam table. "So Tracy how did this happen?" Dr. Anderson asks, as he looks at a copy of her x-ray. "One of the girls on the softball team has it out for me." Tracy answers. "Her foot got caught in a hole in right field near the warning track at the ball diamond behind the high school." Mike says. "That odd those fields are well maintained." Dr. Anderson thinks to himself. "Is my ankle broke doc?" Tracy asks. "I'm afraid so." Dr. Anderson answers. "Will I need surgery?" Tracy asks. "No, it's not that serious." Dr. Anderson answers. Tracy lets out a sigh of relief. "You are going to have to stay off that ankle for a while." Dr. Anderson says. "How long is a while?" Tracy asks. "The good news is your tibia is not displaced so you'll only be out about nine weeks." Dr. Anderson answers. "Nine weeks that like half of the season." Tracy says. "If many smaller bones had broken you may be looking at a recovery of six months or more." Dr. Anderson explains. "I guess nine weeks won't be so bad." Tracy says. After one of Dr. Anderson assistants put an air cast on her ankle. Dr. Anderson tells her that and to take it easy for the next nine weeks. Tracy nods and the doctors hands her a pair crutches. Then Mr. Andrews, Mike, and Tracy leave the hospital.

They make it back to the school in time to see the last inning of the game. Tracy sits in the bleachers and cheers on her team. After the game coach Burns and the team (except for Zoey) walks over to her. "Hey, Tracy so what did the doctor say." Charlie says. "IT's broken" Tracy answers. "How long are you going to be out?" Lilly asks."Nine weeks." Tracy answers. "You'll be missed." coach Burns says. "Thanks coach Burns." Tracy says. "Perfect once Tracy gets back I'll be coach Burns favorite right fielder again and she'll never play another game again." Zoey think to herself.
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