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ch 20: aunt Elizabeth can't be gone

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AN: This chapter is a little sad. If you don't want to be sad. Then don't read. Anyway here is the next chapter.


Tracy's POV

It was saturday so I head to cybercafe to chill. I walk inside and see Mike had ordered me a smoothie. I walk over to him. After I thank him we walk over to the couch under the window. The gang is there too. Kira is rocking out on stage with her band. Mike and I are sitting on the couch listening to the song. Half way through the song I feel my pocket vibrate. I reach into my pocket to look at my phone. The picture on the screen is my mom.

I knew she only called me if it's really important. "Sorry Mike I got to take this."I say. "Ok darling hurry back." he says, as he kisses me on the cheek. I smile and kiss him back. Then I get up and walk out of the room.

"Hey mom, what's up?" I ask. "Tracy I have some bad news." Mom says sounding all choked up. I knew I wasn't going to like what was coming next. "Your uncle Sergio just called. He told me that your aunt Elizabeth lost her battle with breast cancer." Mom says. I could hear her crying. After I hear those words the phone fell out of my hand. I quickly catch it before it hits the ground.

"Tracy, you still there?" mom asks. "Yes, mom but the doctors said she would cancer free after the last round of chemotherapy." I say. "They did say that but the last treatment took too much out of her." mom says. "Did the doctors know this would happen?" I ask. "Yes sweetheart." Mom replies. "If they knew this would happen. Then they did it anyway it doesn't makes any sense." I say. "Sweetheart I'll explain everything later. I have to call the rest of the family to tell them the news." mom says. "Ok, mom see you later."I say, as I hang up. I put my phone back in pocket and wipe the tears from my eyes. Then walk back into the café.

Mike's POV

Tracy walks back over to me and I can tell that she is upset. "Hey angel, who called" I ask. "My mom" she answers. "What did she want?" I ask. "She called about my aunt Elizabeth." she answers. I notice that she struggled to ger through that last statement. "You aunt was battling brest cancer right?" I ask. She nods. "I guess this was one battle that she couldn't win." she says. "Tracy, I'm so sorry." I say, as I get up from the couch. I walk over to her and pull her into a hug. Tracy sets her head in my chest and starts to cry.

Normal POV

A few seconds later Tracy's communicator goes off. Tracy takes her head out of Mike's chest and dries the tears from her eyes. Mike asked her if she is going to be all right. She tells him yes and kisses him the cheek. Then she leaves the café and heads to the lab. As Tracy walks into the lab Dr. Oliver turns around in his chair. He can tell that she had cried.

"Tracy is everything ok?" Dr. Oliver asks. "Yes, Dr. O everything is fine. Why do you ask?" Tracy replies. "You look heart-broken that's all." He says. "I just got some sad news that's all, but I don't want to talk about it." she says. "Good we don't want to hear about." Conner jokes. "Conner, not the best time to be making jokes. Can't you see that she is upset." Kira says. "Kira I appreciate what you are doing, but can we just get to the reason we're got called here please." Tracy says politely.

Kira nods and Tracy walks over to her chair. Then she sat down and listens to Dr. Oliver fills the team in on the current situation with Mesogog. Tracy tires to stay focused to what Dr. Oliver is saying. The only thing on her mind is memories of her aunt Elizabeth.

Dr. Oliver's POV

While I'm talking to the team about why we shouldn't be happy about the city being so quiet the pass few days. I look over at Tracy and I can tell that she isn't listening to a word I'm saying. Tracy looks like she trying her best not to cry. After I finish my speech I tell the team to stay on their toes. Then they leave the room. Tracy exits the room and starts to walk back up the stairs. She makes it up the first few steps and misses the next step. She lands face down on the first landing.

"Tracy, you ok?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm fine." Tracy answers, as she got back to her feet. Then she continues up the stairs. "Tommy, have any idea why Tracy is acting like this?" Hayley asks. "I have a pretty good idea." I answer. After Hayley turns off the computer we head up stairs. We walk outside and notice that Tracy's car is still parked in the driveway. "Where could she be hiding?" Hayley asks. "I have a pretty good idea." I answer. I walk Hayley to her car. I tell her that I would go find Tracy.

Tracy's POV

I'm at the lake at the edge of the woods. I'm skipping rocks and thinking about the fact the aunt Elizabeth is gone. She was such an amazing person. She was so brave, courageous, strong, and had a great sense of humor. She also had a way of lighting up a room and always had a smile on her face. I set the rocks back on the ground. I walk over to a spot were the trees appeared to be dead. I start to the karate chop off a few branches.

Dr. Oliver's POV

I hear the sound of a loud kiai coming from deep in the woods. I run in the direction of the sound. I get to the part of the wood were some of the trees are dieing. I see Tracy doing a few Mawashi Geri kicks at the tree. Then she changes to a Fumikomi Geri kick and the tree falls to the forest floor. She does a few more of those kicks to the branches. Then she picks them up and tosses them into the air. She jumps into the air and karate chops them in half. When she lands on the ground. I notice tears rolling down her cheeks.

She drops to her knees and I watch as a puddle starts to form as the tears splash onto the ground in front of her. "Why did you have to leave aunt Elizabeth? Why?" Tracy says through the tears. I walk up slowly and bent down beside her. I place my hand on her shoulder. Tracy looks up at me.

"Hey Dr. O., sorry about playing lumber jack." Tracy says."It's ok, I know you did it because you're hurting." I tell her. Then I ask her why she didn't say anything earlier. She answers me by telling me that she didn't want the others to know. I look at her left hand and see a big splinter in it. I suggest that we head back to the house so I can take it out. Tracy nods and gets back to her feet. She dries the tears from her eyes. Then we walk back to the house.

Normal POV

Tracy and Dr. Oliver enter the kitchen. Tracy sits down at the table and notices that Dr. Oliver hadn't got around to buying a new one. The table is held together by wood glue and clamps. Dr. Oliver went to the cabinet above the sink and takes out the first aid kit. He walks over to Tracy. She lets him remove the splinter from her hand. After he puts some medicine on the injured area. He puts a dressing on it. She thanks him and tells him that she is heading home.

The Wednesday morning in class Dr. Oliver can tell that Tracy is still hurting over the loss of her aunt. (Tracy's mom had emailed all her teachers to tell them about the death in the family.) Tracy walks up and hands in her mid-term. Tracy turns around and heads back to her seat. She gathers her things and leaves the room. The mid terms for English and pre calculus went the same as Science. She would get through the first ten questions and start to think about her aunt again. Then she would start to draw a memory of her aunt on the test. After she finishes she would answers the next few questions.

Later that day in the teacher's lounge, Mr. Johnson is grading her test. He notices the questions that Tracy actually answered. She did have the correct answer. "Hello Mr. Johnson, how are your students doing?" Dr. Oliver asks. "They are doing well. Dr. Oliver you have Tracy in your class?" he responds. "Yes, I guess you have a drawing of Tracy's aunt on her mid term."Dr. Oliver says. "Actually it looks more like a memory." he says. "What do you mean?" Dr. Oliver asks. "I can't really describe it, so it maybe better if you look at it yourself." Mr. Johnson answers. Dr. oliver walks over and looks at the test. He sees a picture of Tracy and her aunt Elizabeth at her 6th birthday. Then Mrs. Kiperman walks in with Tracy's test in her hand.

"Let me guess Tracy drew some pictures on your mid-term aswell?" Mr. Johnson asks. Mrs. Kiperman nods. The three teachers all knew how some student dealt with the loss of a family member. They figure that Tracy must have been very close to her aunt if she could draw such accurate pictures from memory. They also knew that Tracy wouldn't be able to play in the softball team if they submitted the grade she earned on the exam to main office. They knew the team would suffer without one of their best players. They all agreed that they would let her retake the test.

At the ball diamond behind the school, the couch could tell that Tracy's game is off. She is making too many throwing errors when she is playing defense. When she is at bat she couldn't make contact when the pitcher would throw a bad pitch, or she would just strike out. After practice he pulls her aside to talk to her.

"Tracy, is everything ok? Your game was a little off today." the couch says. "Yes, sir everything is fine. I guess I'm just having a bad day." Tracy says. "Ok, just remember that we have our first game on Friday. I need all my players to be at their best."the couch says. Tracy tells the couch that she'll be ready for the game on Friday. He smiles at her response and tells her to head home to get some rest. She nods and gathers her gear. Then she heads to her car.


AN: Will Tracy play in the game on Friday? Keep reading to find out. Remember reviews are apprecited.
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