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ch 19: the worst day ever part 3

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Normal POV

Doctor Oliver deflects the laser blasts with his staff. Tracy charges in towards him and summons her weapon. They start to fight about half way into it Tracy is able to break the monster spell just long enough to talk with him. She tells Dr. Oliver to have the others form the Z-Rex Blaster and fire it at the monster. Dr. Oliver asked her if knew what she was doing. She answers him that she does and just then the spell to control of her again. Tracy slashes her weapon across his chest and he is sent flying. He rolls across the ground and lands in front of the other rangers.

"Dr. O. are you ok?" Kira asks, as she helps him up. "Yes Kira, I'm fine." Dr. Oliver answers. "What the plan Conner?" Ethan asks. "I don't know" Conner answers. "We have to fire the Z-Rex Blaster at the monster." Dr. Oliver says. "We can't do that! What if we hit Tracy?" Trent argues. "We have to have faith in Tracy." Dr. Oliver says. The other rangers knew that their mentor had a good point and call for their weapons. Then they form the Z-Rex Blaster and aim it at the monster. The monster orders Tracy to come back to him to shield him from the blast.

"Do red ranger I dare you." the monster taunts. Conner hesitates to pull the trigger on the Z-Rex Blaster. "Do it Conner! Don't worry I'll be fine!" Tracy shouts towards her fellow ranger, as she breaks free from the spell again for a few seconds. Conner takes a deep breath and fires the Z-Rex Blaster. The rangers watch as the blast heads in towards the monster and Tracy. The blast is about to hit Tracy, but she rolls out-of-the-way just before it hits her. The rangers watch as the monster falls over and explodes. Tracy gets to her feet and is happy that the monster is gone.

A few seconds later Tracy falls to her knees and demorphs as she falls to the ground. The other rangers run over to her. Kira turns Tracy onto her back and tries to wake her up. "Tracy, wake up" Kira says. "Don't worry Kira she just needs some air." Dr. Oliver reassures her. A few seconds later Tracy starts to wake up but her vision is a little fuzzy. She blinks a few times and notices her friends are by her side. "Hey guys, what happened?" Tracy asks, as Kira helps her to her feet. "You mean you don't remember anything that just happened?" Conner asked. "Bits and pieces" Tracy answers.

Then the rangers look up towards the sky and watch as the monster grows to the size of Tiger stadium. "I have to fight this freak alone. No one takes control of my mind and gets away with it." Tracy says, as she walks over towards the giant monster. Tracy starts to morph but begin to feel dizzy. A few seconds later she starts to falls backwards towards the ground. Dr. Oliver runs over to her and catches her before she hits the ground. "I think it would be best if you sit this one out." Dr. Oliver tells her. "I guess you're right Dr. O." Tracy says. Dr. Oliver calls for the Brachio zord. Tracy has no choice but to watch the megazord battle. After the rangers defeated the monster Dr. Oliver suggests that they head back to the lab, so Hayley can run a few tests just to make sure that her dino gem hasn't been effected in any negative way because of the monster spell.

Tracy's POV

Back in the lab, I'm laying on the exam table. Hayley places a few sensors on me so she can get some accurate readings. Hayley passes the scanner across my body. "So Hayley, is the pink ranger out of action?" I ask. "Don't worry Tracy as far as I can tell your powers are still active." Hayley answers. "That's great, so can you disconnect me now?" I ask. "Not yet I want to run a few more test ok?" Hayley answers. "If I were you Hayley I would hurry up. Tracy still needs to kiss and make up with her boyfriend." Conner jokes. I look over at Conner. "Conner I'm not surprised that you still can't get a date." I say. "Why's that Tracy?" he asks. "It's simple girls just don't like a soccer player that's not as good-looking as David Beckham." I joke. "Hey, I'm good looking." Conner says defending himself. That's not it Tracy, the girls can't figure out if the dumb jock thing is really an act or if that is really how he acts all the time." Kira adds. "Oh yeah Kira I forgot about that." I say. "Ok, are we done poking fun at me?" Conner asks. "Yes Conner were done, but just for the record you started it not me." I say. A few minutes later Hayley finished all the tests and I was free to go. I go outside to call Mike again.

I take my phone out of my pocket and notice that the battery is getting low. I made a mental note to make sure that is conversation didn't last too long. I press redial and listen as the line rings on the other side. "Hey, angel so you're finished with your special project." Mike says. "Yup, and listen sorry to cut the conversation short but the battery on my phone is really low." I say. "Gotcha, so can you meet me back at the cybercafé?" Mike asks. "Sure, I'll be there in a few." I say. "Sweet can't wait, I love you." Mike says. "I love you too Mikey." I say. Then we hang up and as I put my phone back in my pocket. I see the battery meter is at one bar. "Wow, that's was a lucky break." I say. I head back down to the lab.

As I enter the lab, Conner notices the big smile on my face. "I take it from that smile on your face everything is ok between you and Mike?" Conner asks. "Yup, and I have to meet him back at the cybercafé." I say. "Why?" Trent asks. "We are going to the beach to hangout." I answer. "Don't you mean a date?" Conner corrects me. "Yes, Conner it's date but we want to keep a secret." I say. "Why does it have to be a secret?" Trent asks. "I just don't want the something to happen with our first date to repeat that's all." I answer. "Aw, gotcha" Trent says. I decided to end the conversation there and asked Hayley if she could give me a lift back to the cybercafé. She says yes and we leave the lab and head out to her car. As we back out of the driveway I had one though on my mind. "I guess that this day wasn't too bad after all. I still get to go on my second date with Mike after all." I think to myself.


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