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Ch 18: Worst day ever part 2

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Normal POV

Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent walk into the lab. "Hey Dr. Oliver, you saw that right?" Conner asks. Dr. Oliver turns around in his chair to face his fellow rangers. "Yes, I did Conner. So, where's Tracy?" Dr. Oliver asks as he notices that the team is short on pink ranger. "She's outside still trying to call Mike." Kira answers. Dr. Oliver tells the team that he'll fill them in on Mesogog's latest creature as soon as Tracy joins them.

Tracy stands outside her car and hits redial for the third time. Tracy slowly puts the phone to her ear. She smiles as soon as she hears it ringing. A few rings later she hears Mike's voice. "Hey sweetie, where are you? I was starting to get worried." Mike says. "Sorry Mikey I'm at Kira's." Tracy lies. "Why are you there?" Mike asks. "She asked me to help her with a special project." Tracy answers as she lies again. Tracy fells her stomach doing back flips with every word she is saying. "How's the project coming?" he asks. "We hit a bump in the road." Tracy answers. "How much longer is this project going to take?" he asks. "I don't know Mikey but I'll call you when we're done ok." Tracy says. "That's works for me angel, I love you." he says. "I love you too." She says. Then the two hung up a second or two later. Tracy puts her phone back in her pocket and walks inside Dr. Oliver's house to the lab. Tracy still feels sick to her stomach about lying to her boyfriend.

Tracy walks down the steps and enter the lab. "Tracy is everything ok with you and Mike?" Conner asks. "Yeah, I really hate lying to him though." Tracy answers. "Technically you're not lying to him Tracy you're just stretching the truth." Conner says. "Conner you know that's the same darn thing." Tracy snaps. Tracy looks over at Conner and he doesn't like the look in her eyes. He is going to toss some water in her face to help her cool down. He was a few inches away from her and slowly opens the bottle.

"Unless you want a broken hand McKnight I would put that lid back on the bottle." Tracy threatens. Conner is now scared out of his mind as he sees Tracy eyes change from the shade of blue the usually were two shades darker. Dr. O. could tell that something is not right. He nods to Hayley and she picks up the spray bottle off the table next to her. Dr. O. gets up from his chair and turns invisible to sneak up behind Tracy. He wraps his feet around her ankles and twists them. Tracy falls to the floor and he turns visible again. Dr. O pins her to the floor and Tracy struggles to get free. "I'm sorry Tracy but this is for your own good. Hayley do it now." Dr. O says. Hayley walks over to them and sprays the bottle in Tracy's face. A few seconds later Tracy falls into a deep sleep. Dr. O bends down and picks Tracy up off the floor. He carries her over to the exam table. Everyone follows behind him slowly.

Dr. Oliver sets Tracy down gently on the table and Hayley attached a few sensors to her. "Dr. O. what was in that bottle?" Conner asks. "It was sleeping gas dummy." Kira says. "What is wrong with her Hayley?" Trent asks as Hayley runs the scanner over Tracy's body. "Don't know Trent but we'll know soon enough." Hayley answers. "Dr. O. do you think that blasts from that freak caused this?" Ethan asks. "That's one theory Ethan." Dr. Oliver answers. Kira looks down at Tracy's gem and she notices that it was acting weird. "Hey guys, check out Tracy's gem its going crazy." Kira says. "Yeah Kira's right it's like it has a mind of its own." Ethan says. "It's more like Mesogog is trying to put an evil spell on it." Hayley says. Everyone looks over at Hayley with surprised looks on their faces. Everyone recovers a few seconds later.

"Can he actually do that Dr. Oliver?" Conner asks. "It looks like he already did." He answers. "What are we supposed to do now?" Conner asks. "We have to break the spell duh." Kira answers. "How do we do that?" Ethan asks. "It's simple Ethan we have to beat monster and we'll have our friend back." Trent answers. Everyone went to their chairs and sat to wait until Tracy wakes up. A few minutes later everyone hears the sound of a low moan. Dr. Oliver walks over to the exam table. He looks down at Tracy and watches as she slowly starts to come around.

"Hey, Dr. Oliver what happened?" Tracy asks very confused by why she was on the exam table. "You were under an evil spell and we had to use sleeping gas to put you to sleep." He answers. "I didn't hurt anyone did I?" she asks. "No everyone is still in one piece." He answers. Tracy sighs in relief and starts to sit up. Then the others rangers walk up."Hey Tracy how do you feel?" Trent asks. "A little dizzy other than that I'm fine." Tracy answers. Then she hops down from the table.

A few seconds later the alarm goes off again. "Looks like Mr. Blast happy is back." Tracy says as she looks over at the monitor. "Come on guys let's go." Conner says. "I'm coming too." Tracy says. "Not a good idea the rest of us can handle this." Conner says. "You guys are just afraid that I'll turn on you again aren't you." Tracy says. "Well maybe a little." Conner says. "Come on guys that's not going to happen again. No one takes over my mind and gets away with it." Tracy says. Dr. Oliver notices the fire in her eyes. "All right you can come just avoid the beams." Dr. Oliver says. "You got it Dr. O." Tracy says. Then the rangers morph and go off to battle the monster.

The rangers arrive down town and easily defeat the swarm of trip-todes and the t-drones. "Well pink ranger I guess you want to give me your gem now?" the monster asks. "I'll never give it back to you." Tracy says. "I guess I'll just have to make you give it back." The monster says. "How are you going to do that?" Tracy asks. "Like this pink ranger." The monster says. It takes out a remote control and presses a button. A few seconds later the spell takes hold of Tracy again. She walks over to the monster. "That's a good girl now destroy the other rangers." the monster says. "Yes, master." Tracy says as she charges back in towards the rangers. She fires her laser at Dr. Oliver. "Tracy no!" the other rangers yells.

Ooh cliff hanger. Will the rangers be able to break the monster spell over Tracy? Keep reading to find out and remember reviews are appreciated.
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