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Ch 17: Worst day ever part 1

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Normal POV

The next day at school Tracy is at her locker putting her things away. A few seconds later Amber and Kira dash up to her Tracy turns around to face her friends. "How did your date go with Mike?" Kira asks. "Yeah tell us everything." Amber adds. "Sorry a girl doesn't kiss and tell." Tracy says. "You kissed please tell." Amber begs. Tracy just shakes her head and turns back around to put her jacket away (it's the same jacket Mike let her keep.) She tells all the details of the date to her locker as she finishes she takes out her science book. She quickly closes her locker to keep everything for being heard by anyone else.

Amber and Kira smile as they overheard everything that Tracy said into her locker. Tracy turns back around to face her friends. "Like I said I'm not saying a thing." Tracy says. The girls head to their first class. Tracy and Kira walk into Dr. Oliver's science class. Tracy sat down next to Mike. Kira sat down with Ethan and the others.

After Dr. Oliver takes attendance he turns on the TV for the morning new report. "Good morning Reefside High, this is Cassidy Cornel with a special report." Cassidy announces. "I hope she doesn't mean what I think she means." Tracy thinks to herself. Cassidy signals to Devon to play the video. The video is of Tracy and Mike's date last night. Everyone watches them at the Mexican restaurant dancing to the mariachi band. A few minutes later the video ends and Tracy suddenly wishes the she had Trent's or even Dr. Oliver's dino power.

"It looks like Reefside high has a new power couple so wish Tracy Burlew and Mike Andrews good luck. That will be all." Cassidy says as she signs off. The whole class (except for Kira and the gang) turns around in their seats to face Mike and Tracy. The room fills with chuckles and jokes about what is on the video. Tracy is so embarrassed by the whole school seeing that video. She hates being the butt of everyone's jokes. After two minutes of hearing the jokes Tracy couldn't take it anymore. She gets out of her seat quickly and runs out of the room with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"How did Cassidy even get that footage?" Ethan asks. "I have a pretty good idea.' Trent answers. Trent looks over at Grant and he has a look of pure satisfaction on his face. Then he looks back towards his friends. "Grant gave Cassidy the tape." Trent says. "How can you be so sure?" Conner asks. "Why else would he be so pleased with himself." Trent answers. "Point taken but how did he get the footage?" Ethan says. "I heard the Peter just got a job at the restaurant that Mike and Tracy went to." Conner says. "Well that explains so much.” Trent adds. "Guy's I'm going to check on Tracy." Kira says as she gets up from her seat.

Kira walks up to Dr. Oliver and asks for a hall pass. He writes one for her and Tracy as well. So Tracy wouldn't get in trouble for being in the halls without one. He hands them to Kira. She walks out of the room. Dr. Oliver tells the class to settle down and to start reading chapter twenty in their book.

Kira's POV

I walk into the girl's bathroom. I see Tracy sitting in the far corner on the floor. She is crying her eyes out. As the tears continue roll off her cheeks. I watch as they splash as they hit floor. I slowly walk over to her and place my right hand on her shoulder. Tracy slowly starts to look up at me.

"Hey Kira, has the class stopped laughing me yet?" Tracy asks. "Yes" I answer. "Good, but I can't go back into that room." Tracy says. I help her to her feet then go into one of the stall. I take a few squares of toilet paper and go back out. I hand her what is in my hand and she uses it to dry the tears from her eyes.

"Tracy, I know you’re embarrassed but you can't hide in her all day." I remind her. "Relax Kira I won't stay in here all day I promise. I'll come out when class is over." she says. "Ok, then you'll need this so you won't get a detention.' I say as I hand her the hall pass from my pocket. She thanks me for being a good friend to her during all this. I tell her I know she would do the same if I was in her place. Then I turn around and head back to class.

Normal POV

Ten minutes later Tracy hears the bell ring so she leaves the bathroom. She files through the hallway back to science class. She slowly enters the room and walks up to her friends. They were standing in the front of the room. Trent hands Tracy her books. She notices that Mike had made a copy of the notes from today's class for her.

"Hey Trent, could you do me a favor?" she asks. "Sure what is it?" Trent answers. "Can I borrow your dino power for the rest of the day." she answers. "Sorry Tracy, I would if I could but dino powers don't work like that." Trent says. "I was afraid you would say that." She says very disappointed. "Tracy, trust me by tomorrow everyone will have forgotten all about this.' Dr. Oliver tells her. "I know Dr. O but I still not a big fan of being the punch line of everyone’s joke.”She says.

Devon is at his locker and he opens his camera bag. He notices that the camera isn’t there. “Man it must still be in the class room.” He says thinking out loud. He closes his locker and went back into the classroom. He stands in the doorway. He notices that Conner wasn’t too happy and that Tracy is very upset about the tape.

“Dude, why did you play that tape today?” Conner asks. “I didn’t know that was on the tape honest.” Devon answers. “Don’t you check the tapes before hand?” he asks. “Yes, but I was in a rush this morning. Cassidy wanted to get the broadcast out as soon as possible.” Devon replies. “That’s a pretty lame excuse dude.” He says. “I know Conner, but it’s the truth.” Devon argues.

Devon walks over to the group. “Tracy, I’m really sorry. If it’s any conciliation I never like it when anyone in the school gets embarrassed like that.” Devon says. “Apology accepted.” Tracy says. “You are very lucky that you have a good group of friends to help you through this.” Devon says. “True, Devon has anyone told you that you’re a really nice person.” Tracy says. “All the time” Devon says as he walks over to get his camera. “Well I guess I should get going while the halls are still crowed.” Tracy says as she turns around to leave the room. After Devon puts the camera back in the bag he leaves the room as well.

Tracy’s POV

Music and gym class went well. After the bell rang to signal the end of gym class I hated hearing that even more than usual. I walked to my locker to get my pre calculus book and everything I needed for class. I close my locker and head to class. I walk into Pre Calc and sat down at my desk. I take out my notebook and open it to a blank page to prepare to take notes for today’s class (more like try my best to read the nine point font on the board and copy it into my notebook). I look over at Mike and he gives me a reassuring smile. I give a small smile back at him.

A few seconds later the room fills with snickers and chuckles. “Great another joke must have been passed around.” I think to myself. “Ok class pop quiz.” Mr. Johnson says. The chuckles quickly turn into moans as he hands out the quizzes. “Man I hate pop quizzes.” I think to myself, as I take out my calculator. The quiz wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I’m pretty confident that I did well. After Mr. Johnson collects the quizzes he starts today’s lesson about the law of cosines. Fifteen minutes later Mr. Johnson finishes his lesson and tells the class their homework assignment. Then the bell rings ten minutes later and I quickly gather my things. I power walk out of the room.

English class went the same way that pre calculus did (except for reading the play). A joke is spread around the room, a pop quiz is given, and then we read the next few acts of Romeo and Juliet. I’m so happy when the final bell rang. I made sure I’m the first one out of the classroom. I file through the halls as quickly as I can without tripping over my feet or anyone else’s for that matter. I finally get to my locker two minutes later.

I open it and put my books away and take my jacket. I put it on and I take out my book bag. I finish packing my book bag. I notice my friends coming up from the corner of my eye so I close my locker. I put my bag on my back and turn around to face them.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I ask. “Nothing really we just wanted to make sure that you survived the school day.” Conner answers. “As you can see I’m still standing so yes Conner I survived the worst day of school ever.” I say. “I have some good news.” Amber says. “We have softball practice today.” I answer. “No sorry but how about we head to the cybercafé. I’ll buy you a smoothie my treat.” Amber says. “Maybe later, I was thinking about heading to the batting cages.” I say. “Sorry but you can’t do that either.” Amber informs me.

“Why not?” I ask. “The batting cages have turned into bird baths because of all the rain we’ve had the past few weeks.” She answers. “You mean they still haven’t drained yet?” Ethan asks. “I know they really need to invest in a new drainage system.” Amber says. “Dang it well I guess that steals it.” I say. “So I guess we are heading the cybercafé after all?” she asks. I nod. Then we all head out to the parking lot. Ethan rides with Conner in his car. Amber, Kira, and Trent ride along with me in my car.

Hayley’s POV

I finish wiping down the bar. I put the rag away and I notice Kira and the gang enter the café. “Hey guys, how was school today?” I ask. “It was the worst day of school ever.” Tracy answers. “Come on Tracy it couldn’t have been that bad. Don’t you think you’re over reacting just a bit?” I say. Tracy shakes her head no. “What happened?” I ask. “Cassidy played a video of Tracy’s date with Mike to the entire school.” Conner answers. “I’m sorry to hear that Tracy.” I say. “Do you guys think if I tell my mom about this it will be enough to convince her that we should move back to Michigan?” Tracy asks.

“I know you’re embarrassed but I don’t think that it’s going to work.” I answer. “I was afraid that you would say that. You can’t blame a girl for trying right.” Tracy says. “True, how about I make you a smoothie?” I ask. “I guess that might help a little.” Tracy says. She orders her usual a large strawberry banana smoothie and went over to a table. She sat down and starts to do her homework.

After I finish making her smoothie Amber pays for it. Then Trent takes it to her table. Trent sets it down on the table. She takes her head out of her science book. “Thanks Trent.” She says. “You’re welcome just doing my job.” Trent says. Trent walks back to bar and Tracy gets back to her science homework. Ten minutes later Tracy puts her science book and takes out her pre calculus book, a calculator, and another notebook.

“Hayley you are about to be short one glass.” Conner says. “What do you mean Conner?” I ask. “Let’s just say Tracy has love/hate relationship with math.” Conner answers. “Let me guess she loves it when she can get the right answer and hates it when she spends five minutes on a problem just to find out she got the wrong answer.” I say. “Yup that’s pretty much it.” Conner says. We watch as Tracy did a few problems. Then she checks her answers in the back of the book. “Ok the people who wrote this book have to be on drugs or something. There is no way that is the right answer.” She snaps.

Mike walks in the room and looks over towards Tracy. He notices that she is about to erase a whole into the paper and about to throw her calculator across the room. “How long has she been working on her pre calc homework?” he asks, as he looks back at us. “I’d say about twenty minutes.” I answer. “Well I’d better head over there before she destroys her calculator.” Mike says. Mike walks over to Tracy’s table.

Mike’s POV

I get to the table just as Tracy turns around to toss her calculator the wall. I catch it in mid air and set it back down on the table. “You know if you destroy your calculator it will take you even longer to finish your homework.” I remind her. Tracy looks over at me. “I know that Mike, but you know math brings out my dark side.” She says. “I wouldn’t call it your dark side angel.” I say. “What would you call it then?” she asks. “I would call it your frustrated side.” I answer. Tracy lets out a soft chuckle and a small smile creeps across her face.

“Is that I smile?” I ask. “No.” she says quickly as she tries to wipe the smile off her face. “Well I thought you’d forgotten how to smile considering that I only saw you smile once today.” I say. “What are you trying to do exactly?” she asks. “I’m just trying to get you laugh and smile. I love it when you smile and hearing you laugh.” I remind her. “I know you do Mike. Could you give me a hand with my pre calc homework please?” She says. “Sure thing angel I would love to help you out.” I say. I pull up a chair and sat down next to her.

Fifteen minutes later I can tell that Tracy is about snap if she did one more problem. “Tracy, how about we take a break?” I ask. “Sounds good to me Mikey if I do one more problem I think my head is going to explode.” She says. “Tracy you know that can’t really happen right?” I reply. “Yeah I know.” She answers. We get up from our seats and walk over to the couch. “You know you’re a great math tutor.” She says. “Thanks for the compliment angel, but you don’t really need a tutor.” I say. “Really Mikey why’s that?” she asks. “You are a very smart girl.” I answer. “Thanks Mikey that’s really sweet.” She says. “How about you and I head down to the beach after you finish your homework?” I ask. “I don’t know Mike." She answers. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her in close. “Trust me angel this spot I want to show you is hidden. I’m the only person who knows where it is.” I tell her. “I guess if it’s hidden that’s mean on one will be able to get anymore footage of us.” She says. “So is that a yes.” I say. She nods. “Great.” I say. I walk backwards, sat down on the couch, and Tracy sits in my lap.

Tracy tires to move to sit down next to me. I wouldn’t let her I want her to stay exactly how we were right now. “Are you going to let me move?” she asks. “Nope sorry, I don’t want to let you go.” I answer. “Ok Mikey, you win. I’ll stay here for a little bit anyway.” she says. A few minutes later I finally let her move to sit down on the couch. After she sits down on the cushion I wrap my arm around her. I pull her closer and she lays her head in my chest. “This is better.” She says. “Why’s that angel?” I ask. “If I stayed in your lap my perfume won’t cause you to have a brain fart.” She answers.

“Isn’t that what perfume is supposed to do?” I ask. “Well yeah but it make you look a little less cute.” She answers. “Wait it makes me looks less cute.” I say/ whine. “Relax Mikey I was just kidding.” She says. “Right I knew that.” I say. Tracy giggles and moves her head up towards mine. Then her lips press against mine and I feel the fireworks go off inside my head. As she backs away I notice her eyes are still sparkling like diamonds. I lick my lips and get a taste of her Reese’s peanut butter cup lip gloss.

“I like your new lip gloss.” I say. “You know you’re not supposed to eat it silly.” She says. “I know sweetie but why do they add flavor to it anyway?” I ask. “Just to get us girls to buy it I guess.” She answers. “It also makes the guy who dates that girl who bought that lip gloss wants her to kiss him again.” I flirt. “Sorry Mikey no can do.” She flirts back. “How come?” I ask. “Because this girl would like you to kiss her instead of her kissing you.” She flirts.

“Are you trying to be cute?” I ask sweetly. “I don’t think I had to try to be cute. It comes naturally to me when I’m with you.” She answers just as sweetly. Then she looks over at me and I see her beautiful eyes that always remind me of how amazing she really is. I lean in close and use my right index finger to tilt her chin up towards me. Then I give her a gentle kiss. After our second kiss ends she reminds me that it might be a good idea if she finishes her homework. I agreed that sound like a good idea so we headed back over to the table was her things were. Then I went back helping her with her homework only when she needs my help that is.

Ten minutes later the pre calc homework was finally done. She ripped out the homework from her notebook. She takes out a mini stapler from the outside pocket of her bag. She staples her homework and puts it away in the folder she had for the class. Then she puts the stapler away. She closed the notebook and her math book. Then she put everything away. She zipped up her bag and put it on her back. “I’ll be right back Mikey. I’m going to put this back in my car.” She says as he gets up from the table. “OK hurry back.” I say. "Don’t worry I will.” she says as she leaves the room.

Normal POV

Tracy gets to her car and is about to put her bag in the passenger’s seat. Then her communicator goes off. “Mesogog picked the wrong day to send a monster to attack the city.” Tracy says. Then Conner and the others come outside too. “Tracy you know what we have to do right?” Conner asks. “Yes I do Conner.’ Tracy answers. “I don’t think this is the best place to ranger up though.” Ethan says. “Ethan right come on guys over there.” Conner says pointing over towards the dumpster. “Great pick Conner.” Kira says in a sarcastic tone. “Yeah couldn’t have picked the one that wasn’t filled to the top with garbage.” Tracy adds. “You guys ready?” Conner asks. “Ready.” The other rangers say except for Tracy and their bracelets turn into their morphers. “Dino thunder power up!” Conner, Kira, Ethan yells. “White ranger dino power.” Trent yells.

Everyone except for Tracy stand in their ranger suits. “Come on Tracy, what are you waiting for?” Conner asks. Tracy looks back over towards the café. “I’m sorry Mike.”Tracy thinks to herself. “Hey Tracy, Mike asked you out again didn’t he?” Kira asks. Tracy nods. “You know our duties as a ranger right?” Ethan asks. “Yes, I do Ethan I just wished that being a hero didn’t have to make being in a relationship even more difficult.” Tracy answers. “I know this is hard but we really need you.” Kira says. “I know Kira but what am I supposed to tell Mike?” Tracy asks. “We’ll figure that out together too.” Kira answers. “Thanks Kira, you really are the best friend ever.” Tracy says. “I know” Kira says.

“Enough with the best friend moment so Tracy would you morph please?” Conner asks. “Ok I’m morphing. Ready, Dino thunder power up.”Tracy says. Tracy stands in her suit. “Come on guys let’s go” Conner says. The five rangers rush off the save the city.

The rangers arrive down town to see a tyrondrone convention. “It’s just some t-drones did we really have to morph to deal with this guys?” Tracy asks. “It will go faster.” Conner reminds her. “True let’s get this over with.” Tracy says. Tracy calls for her weapon and charges in towards the t-drone. She takes out ten of them in one shot. “Come on guys, we can’t let her have all the fun.” Conner says. Then the other rangers charge into the fray and take out more t-drones.

Ten minutes later they destroyed all the t-drones. The rangers run up to each other. “Well that was fun.” Ethan says. “Let’s get out of here. I’ll still be able to make my date with Mike.” Tracy says. “You’ll have to take a rain check on that date Pink ranger.” An evil voice says. The rangers turn around and see Mesogog’s latest monster. “I knew I should have left while I had the chance.” Tracy says. “Come on guys we can take this creep.” Conner says. “Sorry red ranger but that’s very unlikely.” The monster says as it fires it laser at the rangers. “Look out” Ethan warns.

Ethan’s warning came a little too late because the laser blast were coming to fast. After the blasts hits the rangers they lay on demorphed. “You are the might power rangers hah that’s a joke.” The monster taunts as it sneaks back through an invisa portal. The rangers get to their feet."Man that thing is stronger than anything we've ever fought before." Trent says. “Trent's right, what do we do now?” Kira asks. “Let’s head to the lab and see if Dr. O has any idea on how to beat it.” Conner says. Everyone agreed that is a good idea so the rangers slowly exit the battle. They are wondering what they were going to do next.

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