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ch 16: First date

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AN: The song in this chapter I wrote it.

Tracy's POV

It's rained for the past few weeks so that meant no softball practice because the field was too saturated to play on. I decide to head to the cybercafé to see what the others were up to. I enter the café and see Kira playing with her band, Ethan playing the latest video game on his laptop, Conner is checking out a girl sitting at the bar and trying to get her number, and Trent is hard at work severing people.

I go up to Ethan and tap him on the shoulder. "Oh, hey Tracy what's up?' he asks. "Nothing much really I'm just tired of waiting for the ball diamond to dry out so I can play again." I answer. "Not being able to play is really getting to you isn't it?" he asks. I nodd. "But with this long break I took a stab at writing a song." I say. "Really can we hear it?" Kira asks as she walks over to us. "I don't know Kira.It's not really finished yet." I answer. "Come on, please?" Kira says. "I guess I could. Kira can I borrow you r guitar?" I say. She nods and hands me her guitar. I walk over to the stage. I strum a few chords and start to play a simple tune. I start to sing a few chords later.

A baby cries for the first time and her father hold her in his hand. The doctor said she would never walk across the land. Her mother told not to doubt her daughter. She maybe small but I know she is strong.

Yes, this girl maybe small but she is strong. She has the spirit of a warrior. One day she'll prove everyone wrong and find a place where she belongs. She maybe small she is strong.

As the wedding march begin to play and that girl walks down the aisle in a white gown. The pews are filled with smiles and tears of joy. When she reaches the alter that girl has a smile on her face that couldn't be erased. Today she can stand tall and say.

Yes, I maybe small but I know I'm strong. I have the spirit of a warrior. I proved you all wrong and found the place where I belong. Yes, I'm small but I know I'm strong.

As I finish the song I hear my friends clap loudly. I hop down for the stage and go over to them. "Wow Tracy, you wrote that?" Ethan asks. "Yeah, I know it's not that good." I answer. "No, it's really good." Ethan says. "Yeah Ethan's right. What's it called?" Kira says agreeing with him. "Thanks guys. It's called Small but Strong." I say as I hand Kira back her guitar. A few seconds later I feel someone hug me from behind.

I turn my head and see Mike. "Hey, Darling did I surprise you?" He asks. "Nope, and you know surprising a black belt isn't really a good idea." I answer. "Point taken and I kind need to take to you in private." he says as he playfully drags me away from the group. He drags me over to the couch under the front window. As he sat down I land in his lap. He pulls me closer and he gets a whiff of my perfume. "Ok. Mike what's up?" I ask. Mike didn't say anything I figured that my perfume has him under its spell. "Mike?" I ask again "Sorry darling, I wanted to ask you something." he answers. "What is it?" I ask. "Would you like to go to the movies tonight?" he asks. "Waiat a second Micheal Andrews are you asking me out on our first offical date." I relpy. "Yes I am so would like to go to teh movies with me?" he asks again."Sure, I'd loved too." I answer. "Good, so I'll pick you up here around four." he says. "Cool can't wait but what movie are we going to see?" I ask. "What ever you wanted to see." he answers. "Aw, that's so sweet." I say.

I turn my head and I finally realize how close we actually are. Mike takes his hands off my waist and cups my cheeks. Then our eyes meet and his lips press against mine. He starts to French kiss me and the fireworks are going off inside my head. A few seconds later he back away and I'm still trying to process what just happened. "Tracy, everything ok?" he asks. I nod and I slowly get to my feet. "So I guess I'll see you around four." he says as he leaves. "Yeah, see you then." I say as I wave good-bye.

Conner and the rest of the gang walk over to me. "Tracy what did he say?" Kira asks. "He just invited me to go to the movies with him this afternoon." I say. "What about the kiss the French kiss?" Conner asks with a smirk. "What about it Conner?" I reply. "Nothing the way you're acting it's like you two haven't kissed before." he answers. "No we have it's just we never..." I answer. "Did it that way before." Kira says finishing my statement. I nod. "So, what are you going to wear to the movies anyway?" Kira asks. "I don't know. I mean we are going to the movies so I mean getting all dolled up would be pointless. Considering that we will be sitting in a dark room anyway." I answer. "True but what if takes you out to get something to eat afterwards?" she asks. "I never thought about that." I answer. Kira says she would help me pick out an outfit. I thank her and we leave to head to my house to get ready for my first date with Mike.

Mike's POV

I came back to the cybercafé to pick up Tracy to take her to the movies. I walk inside and went up to bar. Conner is talking with Ethan. "Hey guys, have you seen Tracy?' I ask them. "Yeah, she is over by the stage." Conner answers. I walk over to the stage and I see Tracy standing in front of it. She is warring a pink sun dress with matching sandals. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and a few cruls hanging to the side. "Hey Mike, so how do I look?" she asks. "You look amazing as always. So you ready to go." I aanswer, as I offer her my right hand. She nods and takes my hand. Then we leave the café and head out to my car.

We arrive at the movie theater five minutes later. We get out of the car and walk up to the box office. "Remember angel, it's your pick." I say. "Ok, what about 50 First Dates." Tracy says. "Sounds good, two tickets for 50 First Dates please." I say "Sure things son here you go." The usher says, as he hands me the tickets. Then we go get some treats. I buy large popcorn and a large drink for us to share. After I payed for the food. Tracy and I walk to the theater and take our seats.

Ten minutes later the movie starts and I put my left arm around her shoulder. She scoots in closer to me. A few minutes into the movie I pass her the popcorn. "Popcorn?" I whisper. She nods and takes a hand full-out of the bag. Then I set the bag on the floor and grab a piece of popcorn out of her hand. "Hey, I thought that was mine." she whispers. "I know but I thought you be nice and share it with me." I whisper back. We turn around and go back to watching the movie. A few minutes later we finished the bag of popcorn. We reached down to pick up the drink. As we bring the drink back up our fingers line up perfectly. "Mike you can let go now." she flirts. "I will if you will." I flirt back. We take a sip of the drink and put it back on the floor. We go back watching the movie. The movie is ending in a few minutes. I look to my leaf and notice Tracy's hand on the arm rest. I place my hand on top of her's and entwine my fingers between hers.

She looks over at me and ours eyes meet just like I planned it. I lean in closer and use my free hand to tilt her chin up towards me. I gently pressed my lips against hers. After I push away I see a huge smile on her face. "I guess that you like it?" I ask.. Then she leans in and kisses me back. "I'll take that as a yes." I think to myself. As our second kiss ends I look back at the screen and notice the end credits rolling across the screen. "Sorry that I made you miss the end of the movie." she apologizes. "It's ok; I liked this ending better anyway." I say as I get up from my chair. Tracy gets up too and she picks up the drink. We walk to the exit and she tosses the drink away in the trash can. Then we exit the theater and walk out to the car.

"How's does a little dinner sound?" I ask as I start the car. "Sounds good to me." Tracy answers. I back out of the parking space and start to leave the parking lot. When I reach the end of the entrance I make a right turn to go to one of my favorite restaurants in town.

Tracy's POV

A few minutes later we pulled up to a Mexican restaurant. "I hope you like Mexican food," Mike says. "I Don't like Mexican food. I love it." I say. Mike sigheswith relief as he turns off the engine. He gets out and walked around to the passenger side of the car. He opens to door. "My lady." he says sounding like prince charming as he helps me out of the car. After I'm completely out of the car he closes the door behind me. Then we walk into the restaurant.

"Hello, table for two." the hostess says. We nod. "All right, follow me please." the hostess says as she grabs two menus. Then she shows us to our table. After we ge to the table Mike pulls my chair out for me and I sat down. Then he walks over to his chair and he sat down. We shoot out chairs in towards the table. "Can I start you two off with something to drink?" the hostess asks. "I'll just have Pepsi." I say. "Make that two." Mike says. "Very good, your server will be here soon to take your order." The hostess says as she leaves to put in our drink order.

"Hello, my name is Samantha. I'll be your sever tonight. Can I start you off with an appetizer?" Samantha asks. "No thank you Samantha." Mike says. "Do you two need a few minutes to look over the menu?" she asks. "Yes." I say. "Very good, I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order." Samantha says as she leaves. "Do you have any idea what you would like?" Mike asks.

"To be honest Mike no. It all looks delicious." I answer. Mike chuckles. Five minutes later Samantha came back. "So have we decided?" she asks. "Yes, but ladies first." Mike says. "Aw you are such a gentleman. I'll have the chicken enchilada." I say. "Good choice and what will you be having?" Samantha asks. "I'll have the special burritos." Mike says. "I'll put this right in for you." She says.

While we were waiting for our food the mariachi band starts to play a slow song. "Tracy would you like to dance?" Mike asks. "I don't know Mike. You know I'm not a very good dancer." I answer. "What about homecoming?" he reminds me. "That was luck." I say. "Remember slow dancing is easy all you have to do is follow my lead." Mike says. "That's true. I guess it could be fun." I say. "Cool" Mike says, as he gets up from his seat. He walks over to me and offers me his hand. I slowly push my chairat out from the table and take his hand. He leads me to the dance floor.

Mike reminds me where to place my hands and we starts to waltz around the floor. Five minutes later he tells me that he is going to spin me and I tell him that I'm a little scared. He tells me that everything is going to be fine that he wasn't going to even think about letting go of my hand. After he brings me back in towards me our eyes meet. A few seconds later his lips brushed against mine. "Wow, this had been the best first date ever." I think to myself. Then we push away from each other I see the sparkle in his eyes that made me realize how lucky I am to be here now. "I think we should be get back to our table now." he says as the songs came to an end. I nod and we walk back to our table.

Two minutes later Samantha came back with our food. "Enjoy." Samantha says as she placed the food in front of us. We thank her and start to eat our dinner. Five minutes later we finish dinner and Samantha asks us if we saved room for desert. Mike told me that the dessert here where huge so he suggested that we share it. I agreed that sounds like a good idea. He orders us peanut butter chocolate pie. Samantha left and came back three minutes later with our dessert. After we finish eating dessert Samantha places the check on the table. I reach to pick it up but Mike stops me. "Tracy I got this." Mike says. I nod and let him leave to go pay the check.

Mike's POV

I walk up to the cash register. "How was everything?" The cashiers asks. "Everything was great." I answer. The cashier rings up the check. "That will be $19.82." The cashier says. I reach into my wallet and take out a twenty-dollar bill. Then I hand it to the cashier. ".18 is your change have nice night." the cashier says as he hands me my change. I walk back to the table and help Tracy up from her seat. "Thank you for dinner." she says. "You're welcome, but the night isn't over yet. There is one more place I would like to take you." I say. 'Where are we going?" she asks. "It's a surprise." I answer. We walk back out to the car. As we step outside into the crisp night air I notice Tracy starting to shiver slightly.

"Here I think you need this more than I do." I says as I take off my jacket and place in on her shoulders. She thanka me and continu on the car. We grt into the car. Then we drive off to our last stop for the night before I drop her off at her house. I park the car. "Is this the place?" she asks. "No angel. I afraid we have to walk the rest of the way." I answer. She nods and opens her door. We exit the car. I walk around to the trunk of the car and take out the blanket. I put it under my right arm. Then I close the trunk and walk over to Tracy. I take a hold her left hand and we start up the hill.

We were about half way up the hill when Tracy finally said something. "I don't mean to sound rude but I hope what you wanted to show me it worth all this work." she says. "I promise that you will love it." I toell her. "Ok. Mikey I trust you." she says. A few minutes later we reach the top of the hill. "Wow you were right this is beautiful." she says as she admires the city lights. "I told you that you would love it." I say. She just lookes over at me and smiles. I let go of her hand and set the blanket on the ground.

"Care to join me?" I ask. "I would love too." she answers. We sat down and continue to look at the lights. A few minutes later Tracy scoots closer and set her head on my shoulder. I look down at her and get lost in her eyes. "Mike, are you ok?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm fine." I answer. "That's good, I know how you can make this night amazing." She says. "How can I do that?" I ask. "Kiss me again." She answers. I lean in closer and kiss her. After we back away for air she has a big smile on her face. "Can I say one more thing." She says. "What's that angel?" I asks. "That I had a great time tonight." She answers. "That's good to hear, I had a great time too." I tell her. Then I looked at my watch and noticed how later it was. "Tracy I'd better get you home before your parents start to worry." I say. She nods and we get to our feet. I rolled up the blanket and we walk back down the hill to the car.

Ten minutes later we pull into the driveway to Tracy's house. Then I turn off the car and we get out. I walk her to the door. She thanks me again for everything. I tell her that it was my pleasure. She takes off my jacket and hands it back to me. "Don't you want this back?" she asks. "No, you can keep it I have another one just like it." I tell her. "Ok, well good night Mike." She says as she opens the front door. "Yeah good night see you tomorrow." I say. She chuckles and walks inside. I turn around and walk back to the car. "Well, that went exactly how I dreamt it last night." I think to myself. I climb into the car and started it. "Thank you lord for the best night of my life and for giving me one of your angels to be my girlfriend you are the best." I say. Then I back out of the driveway and drive home.


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