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ch 15: Softball Tryouts

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Tracy's POV

The tryouts for the school softball team are tomorrow. I spent the past few weeks preparing for it. Conner helped me improve my running speed and taught me how to slide (by teaching me a sliding tackle on the soccer field). Trent and Ethan helped me with my fielding. I drove to batting cages to improve my swing. The one thing that bugged me is that Mesogog hadn't sent a monster to attack the city in a while. I decide to ignore it and focus on getting ready for the tryouts.

Conner, Ethan, Trent, and I are at the ball diamond behind the school for one last practice round. Ethan is the catcher, Conner the pitcher, and Trent manned the outfield. I stand at home plate waiting for Conner to pitch the baseball. He throws the ball and cam right down the middle of the plate. I wait for the ball to come to me as it came closer I swing the bat. I could tell from the sound when the bat made contact with the ball it's a good hit. I watch as Trent back pedals to field the ball but the ball went over his head. He stops and turns around to see the ball go over the fence.

Dr. Oliver's POV

I walk up from the visitor's side dugout. "Nice hit." I compliment. Tracy walks over to me. "Thanks Dr. O." she says. "I think you're ready for the tryout tomorrow." I say. "I hope you're right Dr. O." she says not sounding all too confident. "What's wrong?" I ask. "It's just every time I've tried out for the team at my old school the coach's always turn me down because of my size. They never judge me by my skill. I'm hoping that the coaches here won't act like the coaches back." she answers. "Just believe in yourself and give it your all. The couch will be surprised by what they will see." I say. She nods and packs up her things to head home to get some rest.

Normal POV

The next day after school Tracy walks up to the ball diamond ready to show the coaches what she is made of. The first part of the tryouts is fielding. The assistant coach Samuel Bueno asks the girls to line up at short stop. Tracy is first in line. She stands on the ball of her feet ready for anything. The couch Bueno tosses the ball into the air and Tracy watches as the bat makes contact. The ball rolls towards her and Tracy charges towards it. She fields the ball she moves the ball from her glove to her throwing hand so effortlessly that the couches could barely see it happening. She sets her feet and throws a strike to first base. "Wow that girl is good." Sammy says. "Yeah she just got lucky that's all." Zoey says. Five minutes later the fielding portion was over and batting portion began.

Tracy is the last one to bat. She thought of it as saving the best for last. Coach Burns has a pitching machine set up at the pitcher's mound. He feeds the first ball to the machine and Tracy waits for it to come to the plate. She swings the bat with everything she had. The ball goes into deep center filed but Destiny catches the ball. Tracy still had a few more attempts before she has to run. The next ball she hit drops into right field in a spot where Zoey couldn't catch it. "Live ball." Coach Burns says as he feeds the ball into the machine. After the bat made contact with ball Tracy sprint off to first. The ball lands up against the wall in right field. "Go two." The first base tells her. Tracy rounds the bag and sprints to second. Tracy sees out the corner of her eye that Zoey is having trouble fielding the ball. She decides to go for three. Zoey throws the ball to Charlie and she throws it to third. The third base coach motioned for Tracy to slide. Tracy mentally pictured herself back on the soccer field and did a perfect sliding tackle into the bag.

After the dust clears the coach says the she is safe but just barely. Coach Burns calls the girls into to take breather while he decides who he will give a uniform. Tracy goes over to her bag and takes out a lemon lime Gatorade. She un screws the lid and chugs half the bottle. She watches as coach Burns starts telling girl if they have made the team. A few minutes later coach Burns calls her over.

"Yes, coach Burns." Tracy says nervously. "You were amazing out there." coach Burns compliments. "Thank you coach Burns I practiced hard to be ready for today." She says. "It shows. Have you ever played on the team at your old school?" coach Burns asks. "NO, sir they said that I was too small and that I wasn't at a high enough skill level to play for them." She answers. "Well those coaches were idiots. You obviously are at a high enough skill level to play and I believe that big things come in small packages." He says. Tracy did her best not to cry because for the first time ever a coach had actually judged her by her ability to play the game and not by her size. "I would love to have someone like you on my team." coach Burns says as he takes a uniform out of the cardboard box. He hands it to her and she takes it greatly. "Thank you so much coach I won't let you down. I promise." She says. "You're welcome Tracy you earned it." He says. Tracy slowly walks back to her car with her gear on her shoulder and the uniform in her left hand. She holds back her screams of joy the best she came.

Ethan and the others were waiting outside Dr. Oliver house for Tracy to arrive to see how the tryouts went. A few minutes later they see Tracy's car pull up. Tracy gets out of her car and she is trying really hard to make it look like she didn't make the team. She let out the scream of joy she held in the entire ride. "I'm guessing that she made the team." Ethan says. "Gee whiz captain duh what gave that away the screams of joy or the huge smile on her face." Kira says. Tracy walks up to her friends. "Congrats." Trent says. "Thanks Trent." she says. "Tracy are you sure you can balance saving the word, the softball team, and school?" Conner asks. "Of course I can Conner. I have dreamt of this day ever since I was turned down for the seventh grade team." she says confidently. "So, when is the first practice?" Dr. Oliver asks. "Next Wednesday after school." she replies. The rangers walk into the house and go down into the lab.

Dr. Oliver's POV

We all sat down our chairs. I look over at Tracy. She is fighting to keep her eyes open. I look back towards the team. I decide to keep the meeting brief. I tell them that we are going to have a training session tomorrow after school. They all assured me that they would be there. I look over at Tracy and she her fast asleep holding her uniform in her hand. I tell Conner and the other to head home. They did what they were told and get up form their chairs. Then walk up the steps out of the lab. I walk over to Tracy and pick her up. I carry her to the guest room. I set her on the bed and draped the extra blanket that is on the end bed over her. I slide her eye glasses off her face. I put them on the desk. I turn off the light and close the door.
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