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Do You See Him?

by drfeelgood 7 reviews

That boy

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-29 - 123 words

Do you see him?
That boy
The one who is everyone's friend
The one you can tell all your problems to
That boy

That same boy
Is the one who helps all
Judges none
Is loved by all
That boy

That boy
Is a kind heart
A good friend
That boy

He's honest
He tells you the truth
Even though he has a temper
You know he doesn't speak in hate
That boy

That boy
The one with the dark past
The one who cries at night
He wants help
He needs help

That boy
No one helps
They all get help from him
Talk about themselves
But who helps him?

Do you see him?
Because he might be gone tomorrow
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