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Chapter 2

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Many years later, after the kingdom she ruined starts to fall apart, it is discovered.

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Thieves. A travelers worst nightmare. My family and i were leading our horses to a field to graze after a long day's ride to back home from our trip to town. They weren't just satisfied with taking my daughter and son's new clothes, they wanted to humiliate me as well. "You've only got to walk up to that haunted castle, and walk back, and then we'll let you go." one thief, the one in command of the operation, chuckled to the others. I looked out into the distance at the intimidating structure, a beautiful sunset in the background. "I can't leave my children behind." i said through gritted teeth and flinched when a hard object hit my back. "Go." the same thief commanded and the other six nodded in agreement. I tried to hurry down the dirt path to get it over with, but i lingered when i noticed beautiful rose bushes just outside the entrance to the castle. They were in various colors, even black ones. I stared in awe at a few of the hybrids, easily identified by their two colored petals.
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