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Chapter 2.2

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an accidental meeting

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My eyes fell on a rose that was deep, almost burgundy, red in color with small thorns spaced out evenly on it's stem. "Hey, hurry it up!" the thief called, waving his dagger in the air. "I'm coming!" i called back and quickly plucked the rose from it's bush. It's thorns dug into my fingers but ignored the bloody trail i was leaving and sprinted back to join them. When i reached the thieves, they demanded i hand them the rose. I refused and we argued back and forth, until a bone chilling howl split the night air. The thieves were frightened and ran and we hurriedly mounted our horses, eager to put distance between ourselves and whatever monster was out there.
At sunrise, we finally made it home and i put both my children to work warming the house and cleaning it. "So lazy." i commented when my daughter moved slower than i liked. I took pride in my son putting logs he'd cut in the fireplace. "See how eagerly he works to please me? Why can't you be like that?" i said and narrowed my eyes at my daughter.
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