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Chapter 2.6

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Luna takes her rose home.

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The girl on my back was heavy enough that i'd feel her there and be mindful of possible obstacles that'd hit her and not me, but light enough that she didn't slow me down. "So..what's you're name?" i asked nervously after awhile. My anger faded and i suddenly realized my mistake. Though taking the girl had been a way to get revenge, i didn't know what to do with her now. Of course i SAID i was taking her home with me, but in retrospect it's a terrible idea. Sadly, she didn't answer my question but asked one of her own. "Why did you take me? And why say you're stealing a rose when i am not a rose at all?" she frowned and i tilted my head a bit to look up at her. "I took you because i wanted to. I called you a rose because just like the one he took from me is very beautiful and is important to me, you are the same. You're beautiful and important to him." i sighed, imagining what use i'd have for a human girl in my castle. None whatsoever. Had i still been human myself, i might've..but the life i had is gone.
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