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Chapter 2.7

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The castle's secrets

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Before she could ask any more questions, we arrived at my castle. The towers were halfway crumbled and the rest of the castle was weathered away by years of misuse, but it was mostly intact and still stood proudly. When i first came back home after years in the wild, i spent the first few days cleaning. It took alot of manuvering to accomplish the task, but i did it.
When we entered the castle after the huge steel doors opened, i closely examined her reaction as she followed me inside. I knew for a fact that the spirits waltzing across the ballroom would frighten any human, and i waited to see if she'd try to run.
A long time ago i learned that anything i kill's spirit must walk the earth, stuck in the time it died. So all day, the castle was full of spirits who were replaying the scenes of the party before their death. It always ended at midnight, the time when i came in and..done all those horrible things. It was a constant reminder to me of my carnivorous ways. "Are these normally here?" she commented
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