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Chapter 5

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A few weeks later, Luna and Mai have gotten closer

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"She makes it so hard not to be nice to her.." i growled as i watched Mai walk through the woods. I agreed to let her go into town to buy me a very much not needed birthday present. I remembered arguing about not wanting anything, but she insisted "Your birthday is two days away. I want to get you something. Is that so wrong?"
I caved and agreed but of course i wasn't going to let her go on her own. When she walked into town, i debated just waiting by the entrance. In full daylight, the streets were packed with people and that only increased my nervousness. "What if she needs me and i'm stuck out here?" i snarled while pacing behind the line of trees. Atleast i could still see her from here. A woman dressed in elegant silk stopped Mai to talk to her. They hugged and started walking down the street together, holding hands. My heart stopped and i kneaded the ground with my paws, unsure of what to do.
After what seemed like hours, Mai came back holding a basket full of things.
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