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Lousy Day at School

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I can't pay attention in class, the mark on my chest must really be working hard to keep me focused not on work, but on thinking about Laughing Jack.

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When I got off the bus, I didn't realize Autumn was getting off of her bus. We always walked to class together, but I was distracted by thinking about Laughing Jack. I didn't notice her until she tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, dazed. "What? Oh, hey Autumn." I rubbed my eyes. "You okay? You don't seem really... aware right now..." Autumn gave me a concerned expression. "No, I'm fine, just thinking about... Stuff," I replied. She cocked her head to the side, casting a reflection of myself on her black rimmed glasses. "You sure? Because you can tell me if something's bugging you."

Smiling nervously, I glanced around. I could have sworn I saw a silhouette of Laughing Jack watching from in the forest that surrounds our school. I stared at the figure until Autumn poked me. "Hey! You awake?" I quickly jerked and focused my attention to my friend. "Um, yeah, but I can't... I mean, I don't want to tell you, sorry," I stammered, receiving a confused expression from my friend. I turned my head back to the woods and saw the figure walking back into the woods. I saw the shoulder collars. That had to be Jack. We then heard the bell ring and went to class.

During reading time, I was staring out the window, focusing on the woods, curious if Jack would come out again. Suddenly, his figure stood in front of the woods. He gave me a wave and just stood there.


I jumped, turning my head, only to see it was the substitute teacher, Mrs. Packer. "Oh, you scared me," I giggled nervously. "Are you okay? You seem really distracted by something. Would you tell me?" I turned my head back to the woods, and I could faintly see the silhouette of Laughing Jack, one hand on his hip, the other one shaking his pointer finger. I shivered and turned to Mrs. Packer, shaking my head as a look of sadness dawned over my blue eyes. "Why not?" she asked, bending over to be face to face with me, reminding me of when Jack was walking me home, when he bent over to be face to face with me. The thought made me shiver. "I just can't."

After lunch, Mrs. Packer had Michael Lavalee walk me to the school therapist. I don't know much about Michael except that he is really good with computers. "You haven't seemed happy lately, like, kinda paranoid. Is something going on?" he looked at me with a face full of kindness, a worried frown. "Yes... But if I tell you, horrible things will happen to me!" I broke down in tears. "Hey, hey, calm down!" he reacted, wrapping an arm around me. "If you ever want to tell me what's going on, feel free. I'm here for you." We then arrived at the therapist. After talking to the therapist, I didn't feel any better. School went on, and I was paranoid for the whole time. When the bus dropped me off at home, I told mom I was going to go sit in the backyard. I hung my bag on the chair and walked slowly to my backyard.

I was sitting on the dock by the lake when I heard footsteps. I turned around to see Jack standing at the start of the dock. Rubbing my eyes, I looked back and saw nothing. "I'm friggin going insane!" I yelled, holding the sides of my head.

"No, I'm here."

I turned around to see Jack standing on the dock now, walking closer to me. I just sat, facing the water. Laughing Jack bent over and pet my dirty blond hair, leaning in towards my ear. He then whispered something in a way that made me shiver. "Remember, if you tell the secret, horrible things will happen dear. Only pure insanity hiding in the devil's rotten mind could think of these things. Such horrible things." I then heard his footsteps walking away, and when I turned around, he wasn't there.
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