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A light on in chicago

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Emily and Patrick get sneaky and get her stuff back

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we walked into his hotel room and I looked around. It was a lot like mine it was very normal, not very fancy like I was expecting a rock star to have. he went over to his bed and dug into his luggage which was packed so he either just got there or was about to leave. he threw me some clothes
"here get dressed into these for the time being and I will have room service dry your clothes" he pointed me to the bathroom and I got dressed into the Prince shirt and black basket ball shorts he lent to me, I smiled to myself as I looked in the mirror and realized I was wearing a rock stars clothes, this was weird. I also did a double take once I saw my eye make up running down my face from the tears or rain, I tried to fix it as well as I could but i was a little embarrassed that I was walking around like that and didn't even notice. when I came out of the bathroom I saw him sitting on the bed flipping through channels on the t.v. there was a knock at the door and room service had arrived to take my clothes.
"hey, want to watch t.v with me while we wait?" he said laying back in the bed patting the empty spot beside him with his ankles crossed at the foot of the bed.
"sure" I said walking over to him sitting Indian style in the bed every thing was quiet for a few minutes I was trying to figure out how to break the silence, but he got to it before I did
"so, where are you from Emily?"
"A small town in Indiana"
"well what brings you to the great city of Chicago?" he said cheerfully
"Well, I was supposed to open a record store here,and I'm starting to think Chicago isn't such a great city after all" I said sadly remembering tonight's events
"supposed to? why don't you want to anymore...if you don't mind me asking."
"you said you saw what happened at the restaurant, well my boyfriend cheated on me, and we kind of came here together and all...and well, i just don't feel the whole record store thing happening anymore" I looked down at my lap and messed with my fingers.
"come here" he said as he got up off the bed and patted it for me to sat down and he opened the curtains to the window. Evidently we were on one of the top floors on a tall building because beneath us were sparkles of multicolored lights some were moving and some were blinking, it was beautiful. It made me smile at the beauty. Patrick sat down beside me on the bed looking out the window with me
"don't let some horrible guy destroy all of this for you, all of your dreams, and hopes, and your beautiful smile" he said taking my hand. We held hands and just gazed at the glory and beauty of this city I was setting as my future.
I woke up not even remembering when I fell asleep, I rolled over and looked around and I was covered up with Patrick's arm around me and he looked to be in pajamas. Call me creepy, but I started staring at his sleeping face,if possible, it was even more gentle, peaceful and sweet than his awake one, I smiled, just as I did his eyes fluttered open and he smiled back. I felt my heart skip a beat
"good morning Emily" he said cheerfully as he stretched
"morning Patrick" I said with a smile " did you cover me up and tuck me in bed last night?" I asked
"yeah, I did. oh hey! room service brought back your clothes last night their in the bathroom, you can take a shower or something if you want"
"okay" I said happily an walked on over to the bathroom, I felt him watching me as I walked away.
I got into the bathroom and saw my clothes neatly folded on the counter and my bag was also dry and sitting beside them I remembered my phone was in there and pulled it out and saw that I had 6 new text messages and 2 voice mails i opened the the first text it was from Mike it said "hey babe I'm so sorry and you know I love you" the next one said "hey I just called and didn't get any answer, this is ridiculous" another said "hey fucking pick up your phone, this isn't over bitch" the texts just got worse and worse even the voice mails were terrible he sounded drunk in them and one even said he was "going to get me back for this" I broke down and just started crying. My sobs must have gotten pretty loud because there was a knock at the bathroom door followed by Patrick's voice
"are you alright?"
"yeah" I said trying to clear my throat to stop my voice from cracking.
"Em can I come in" he sounded worried
"yeah the doors unlocked" I tried to wipe away my tears to make it look like I wasn't crying as bad, but I don't think it worked. He came through the door and saw my face and immediately ran to my side. his arms enveloped me and I started to sob again, I couldn't help it, he just felt so warm and there for me, like he actually cared.This celebrity that I just met last night was now hugging me and cradling me like a baby letting out soothing shhhing noises with his chin on my head like hes known me forever. My arms where wrapped around his slim waist and my head was on his chest.
"what happened Em?" he said still hugging me to his chest
"I got some texts...and..and he said he was going to get me back" I stuttered out not as shaky as I was before
"do you think he actually will?" he said
"yes" I said with sureness in my voice "I also need my stuff out of his hotel room"
"I'll help you" he said strongly


Patrick's POV

     I like this girl, I like her a lot. She was beautiful she had short dark brown hair and slightly tanned skin she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, it was so friendly. Her eyes were bright green I had seen happiness and sadness in them and either way they were so hypnotizing, I had just met this girl last night, and I was already falling for her. I can't tell her right now though, she has so much on her plate right now she must be so bombarded with emotion and sadness, I saw how broken up she looked in the bathroom. I looked over at her sitting in the passenger seat in my car she was staring out the window looking at all the buildings, she looked happy and in awe, kind of like a kid in a candy store. I just smiled and let out a chuckle"
"why are you here?" she asked
"I come from here. well, in a small town 20 minutes away. I was using the bands down time to visit family."
"did you already?"
"No,I just got here yesterday afternoon. then I decided to go out to dinner last night and that's when I saw everything go down with you and Mr.Douche. I left shortly after you did because he didn't seem to care or go after you. I wasn't trying to track you down or anything,I had just had enough of what I saw from him" I said neglecting to tell her that he had grabbed the waitresses ass shortly after she had walked out.
      We finally had pulled up to her hotel and I herd her sigh we looked at each other, She looked terrified.
"It will be ok" i said putting my hand on her leg smiling at her reassuringly. What was I doing?! was I flirting with her a little?! what was wrong with me? she was about to face her ex-boyfriend and here I was flirting with the poor girl, like she needed any more complicated emotions running through her head, besides I don't think i even stood a chance with her. I quickly moved my hand from her leg, she seemed surprised.
"I'm going to stay right with you the whole time" I said smiling, trying to cover up my embarrassment from the whole leg deal.
"okay" she smiled back at me. The sun was just coming up as we pulled into the parking lot. 
     we walked inside to the front desk and she talked to the receptionist, who evidently remembered her checking in yesterday and gave her the key card to her room.
"well that was luck"she said as we walked away from the front desk down the hall and to the elevator.


Emily's POV

     We got to the room and I looked up at Patrick before I slid the key card through, he was smiling at me reassuringly with a little bit of fear in his eyes that I could see he was trying to hide. I slid the key card and quietly pushed the door open. I tiptoed a few steps into the room. everything was quiet, maybe he was gone. I felt Patrick right behind me. his body was grazing mine. I looked around the room. I saw the bed, and there he was. I saw his tattooed arm hanging out of the blankets and 4 pairs of feet, one of which were a female's feet with red nail polish. There were bottles of alcohol on the nightstand by the dozen. I felt anger swell in my head as I was ready to jump on them and just start punching. Not realizing I was acting on my thoughts I felt Patrick grab my arm I looked over at him and he frowned at me and I felt the anger melt away from me when I looked at him, his face cleared my head and I did what I set out to do, get my stuff back. I quietly tiptoed around the room packing my stuff as Patrick stood in the middle of it glaring at Mike and red toenail girl. I had finally packed up all my things with out even making a sound and we backed out of the room and closed the door. We stood by the door for a few seconds smirking at each other and I grabbed his hand and we ran down the hall way laughing all the way to his car.
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