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Chapter 5, section 5

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Luna starts to realize how she's falling for Mai. But will she be able to tell her feelings before it's too late?

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We stared at each other and my heart raced. I suddenly had the urge to kiss Mai. I doubted she'd be entirely against the idea..but what if she didn't want to take that step because of the monster i am?
"Luna..?" Mai took a step toward me, and i cringed. How can she stand to be near me knowing how digusting i am? How could i think that she'd even want to move beyond the friendship we had..? No. Of course she wouldn't..especially not with me.
"Yeah? What is it?" i replied, not daring to look at her.
"Nothing..nevermind.." she sighed and left the room. I debated following her but i figured it would only make her mad.

Hours later, i sat infront of the mirror and inspected the spot above my heart. "Only two scars remain.." i sighed "I'm running out of time.."
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