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=Can she say with him?=

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Breanna starts to feel something for Tre' but its nothing normal, it's not in a friendly way either. Will something happen or noth?

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The car we where taking was a limo
"I just thought I would be nice to get around in a bit of style" Billie said.
I smiled at him.

We got in and Mike and Tre where there as well.
"Hey how are you guys?" I asked them
"Yeah good" Mike said
"Great... I mean good., good" Tre answered.
We all laughed at Tre for a bit.

We finally got to the airport. We got out boarding passes and went to the gate. But there was no one else there. It was a privet jet. I was so shocked. This was so awesome.

We got on the plane and took off about 2 hours into the flight Billie finally said something to me.
"Breanna?" he said
"Yeah" I replied
"You don't know how much this means to me. I am so happy your coming with me I don't know what I would have done if you didn't come"
"I happy that I am coming"
"I thought it was a stupid idea to ask at first but I changed my mind and did ask and I'm glad that I did" he said
"Why did you think it was stupid idea at first?" I asked
"Because I have only known you for three days, but now I gonna know for longer then I thought." he answered.

I smiled and he gave me a kiss. About 30 minutes later I fell asleep.

5 hours later I woke up.

"Morning" Tre said.
"What's the time?" I asked
"Its about 5 am" Mike added.
"Shit" I said.

About 10 minutes later I had something to eat and was wide awake. But I hadn't seen Billie yet.
"Billie wants ya" Tre said
"Where is he? ' I asked him
"Next room" he said.

I got up and walked to the next to the next room the door was open and Billie was sitting on the couch watching TV. He got up as I came in and walked over to me. He smiled and ran his hand on my cheek. He then leaned into me and slammed the door shut, he started kissing me. He had me up against the door kissing me, he put his hand on my chest. He went to undo my shirt but I stopped him.

"Sorry" he said as he stepped back.
"It's ok" I replied.
Billie went and sat down on the couch, a few seconds later I sat down next to him.
"I'm sorry but Mike and Tre are in the other room and it would be just... Weird" I said
"Hey no that's ok, I understand" he replied and I gave him a smile.

A few minutes later I put my hand on his lap and kissed him. I laid down with him and continues kissing him my hands roamed over his waist. I went to undo he belt but the someone knocked on the door.
Billie got up and opened it,

I was Mike, "mind if I watch some TV, thanks" Mike said and walked straight in and sat down next to me.

Billie sat down next to me. Mike was just flipping thought the channels he then looked at us.

"Did I interrupt something?" he asked.
"No of course not" Billie answered laughing. I gave a little laugh.
"I'll be back" Billie said. Billie left the room.
"So you got the hots for Billie?" Mike asked me
"Yeah, what girl doesn't?" I answered Mike laughed.
Then Tre came in and sat down on the other side of me
"Hia" Tre said and smiled
"Anyone wanna play cards with me?" he asked
"What game?" I asked
"Any, really" yeah sure" I answered.
So me and Tre went back into the other room and starting playing 'snap'
"So what did Billie want before, Huh, huh?" he asked as he raised a eyebrow.
I laughed and said
"Nothing just wanted to talk"
"Sure he did come you can tell me no one else is here just you and me"
" nothing happened"
"You're a really bad liar"
"I know" I said
"SNAP" I yelled.
"Suck that's what? 5 games in a row now" I bragged
"So you've admitted you a bad liar, you gonna tell me now?" Tre continued with the subject
"Why do you wanna know so bad nothing really happened?" I said
"SNAP" yelled Tre
"Ha ha got ya beat that" he said
"I already have" I laughed. It was kind of weird talking to Tre because every time he would always look directly in my eyes it was kind of freaky but yet it was kinda sexy.
About 20 minuets later Billie came and sat with Tre and me. We all just talked for about a hour or so...
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