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Breanna gets into troble with Tre' she can't tell her self that she loved BIllie But she can't stop thinking about Tre'

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I sat in the back room of the airplane on my own with out Billie.

"hey sexy" Tre' giggled
"hi" I said and flashed him a flirty smile.
"what ya doing" he asked and laid down on the couch with his head in my lap.
"I was watching TV but now I'm talking to you" I laughed.
"Can I asked you something?" he asked
"do I have a choice" I laughed
"not anymore... what do you like about Billie and not me?"
"You kidding me?"
"no, just answer"
"why? Why do you wanna no"

He sat up and looked at me.
With them cute blue eyes I just wanted to fuck him then and there.
He lent close into me, our faces where centimetres apart.
I could feel his breath on me.

Then he did it. His lips crashed down on mine as he pushed me back onto the couch .
I felt him kiss me so ever much.
I wanted it just to go forever.

And then someone knocked on the door. Tre' pulled himself off of me and sat up I look around the room as nothing had happened.

It was Billie.
"hey" he said and sat next to and kissed me on the cheek.
"did I miss something?" he asked me.
"no" I replied and looked at Tre'.

We finally arrived in California. I still couldn't stop thinking about that kiss with Tre'. I just kept going though my head. I felt bad cause I knew I wanted to be with Billie but I want Tre' as well.

I stood at the air port with Tre and mike will Billie went to the bathroom.

I looked to Tre' and he smiled at me.
"Tre' can I talk to you alone please" I said and pulled him a side leaving Mike alone.
"yeah?" He said raising an eyebrow.
"about what happened on the plane. Can we keep it to ourselves please?" I said
"yeah, its' mine and your's little secret" he replied and walked back to Mike.

I took a deep breath in that hoped that he wouldn't say anything to anyone.

Billie came back and took my hand as we walked to a cab and got in.

We got to Billie's place and he lugged his stuff in for me.

I laid down on the couch imminently making myself at home.

"you want something to drink? Or something to eat? " Billie asked me.
"yes thank you" I said laying myself down on the couch properly.

He walked into the kitchen and got me a drink and then walked back in and sat next to me and took a sip on a can of coke.

"Ehem" I said and held my hand out to him.
"Oh you want this?" he said looking at the drinking.
"that would be great thanks" I said and gave him a flirty smile and sat up.
"you really honestly want this can of coke?" he tease and smiled back at me.
"yes please" I replied.
"Oh so many manners" he said and leaned in and kissed me softly.
He release his lips from mine. He looked at me and smiled.
"so you still want this drink?" he asked.
"no I want you now" I laughed.
"alrighty then " he laughed and kissed me one last time and got up and walked back into the kitchen.

He such a fucking tease, But the whole time Tre' was going though my head, I just couldn't't stop thinking about him, I feel so guilty.

I followed him to the kitchen. And though to the bed room.

He stood just where the door was. He had one of his trademark smiles on his face, Oh fucking sexy he was. He shut the door behind me still with that cheeky grin on his face.

He pushed me up against the door and then his lips crashed down on mine.
My hands roamed up his chest. He pushed his body against mine. His hands wrapped softly around my waist and then one up my shirt.

For some strange reason I could stop thinking about Tre', I was starting to scare myself.

I don't really think you guys need to know any detail...

I could believe it and didn't want too. The whole time I was thinking of Tre' kind of gross huh?

I fell a sleep and so did Billie.

Morning came and I awoke to an empty bed. I got up and put my dressing gown on and walked into the lounge room where Billie was.

"Morning babe" Billie said and got up and gave me a kiss.
"I need to go to the studio for some vocal shit stuff thing today so you can just hang here for the day and make you self at home." he said and picked up his keys and left.

My first day in the State 's and I'm stuck at home or Billies place.

It was about lunch time now. I had a shower and dress just about to watch TV but then someone knocked on the door.

I got up and answered it.
"hey" Tre' said and gave me a big smile.
"Hi, come in" I said and followed him into the kitchen.

"I really need to talk to you about something" He said stopping and starting trying to find the words.
"but I don't really know how too" he said and walked over to me.
"you know what ever it is you can tell me" I said to him and held his hand.
"yeah that's the thing I can't tell you" he replied.
"what you m-" I said but he cut off my words by kissing me.

After last night I thought that I wouldn't even think about him but I was kissing him which was worst.
His hands roamed up and down my body. Hie slipped one hand up my top and the other up my skirt.
I pushed his hands away from my body. I knew he wanted to and I know I wanted to as well.

"I can't" I said to Tre' and fixed my shirt up.
" I know, I know" He said and ran his hand his hands though his hair...
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