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Girl Gone WIld

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Graduation Day
Ch 07: Girl Gone Wild
By: MikeJV37


===June 4, 12:07 PM, Academy Grounds===

(repeat 59, day 1)

"May I speak to you alone Naruto-sama?" Hinata asked meekly.

"Go in Ino, Sakura, I'll catch up with you in a few minutes." Naruto said, they nodded and left then he lead Hinata to a tree away from everyone. "What do you want Hinata? if you called me sama here it has to be important, unless it's during or before sex you never ask for anything."

"It's been a week since you marked me, and you've made me happier than I ever dreamed possible... but, I... there are things I could never do before that you can't give me or do for me... so, I..." Hinata said nervously.

Naruto put a finger on her lips. "What ever it is must be personal, which is something I understand. Would a week be enough?" Naruto asked.

Hinata thought a moment then swallowed nervously. "May I have 2 weeks, Please Naruto-sama? I'll do any.."

"Shh." Naruto interrupted her. "Take 3 weeks off. Have fun, go wild.... I only want you to leave Yuugao and Kurenai out of whatever you do, unless you need one of them to help you, then ask me the loop before so I can plan around her not helping me train that day. Anyone else is fair game. Use the 3 weeks, but if you don't need that long, tell me. I should be ready to start your training then."

Hinata nodded then replied. "Hai, I promise Naruto-sama... and thank you."

"Hinata..." Naruto said then smiled deviously. "Remember, you only submit to me... so don't be afraid to unleash your inner bitch on Sakura or anyone else." Naruto said and firmly grabbed her tits through her coat. "Go work out all your issues, remember everything clearly, have fun and make me proud of you." Naruto said and kissed her.

"Hinata Hyuuga belongs only to Naruto Uzumaki, now and forever." Hinata said happily, then walked with Naruto to the front gate before separating from him and heading home at top speed across the roof tops.

===1:00 PM, Hyuuga Compound, Family Dojo===

Hinata walked into her family's private Dojo smiling, her new hitai-ite tied around her forehead, half covered by her bangs. She wore her normal sandals and pants, but changed her top to a sleeveless beige gi. She'd made another more noticeable change, she wasn't wearing anything under it, her breasts were stretching her top. Hanabi was stunned, but the shock on her father's face was priceless. He didn't know about her endowments, unlike Hanabi.

Hinata stopped at her spot on the mats across from Hanabi, who subtly smiled a moment. "I decided to stop hiding who I truly am, and that has freed me from the fear that controlled me my entire life. Hanabi, I'm sorry but I won't allow you to beat on me any longer, I must break the cycle of Hyuuga arrogance and humble you."

"I'm glad you're finally showing some confidence, but you know you can't beat me. Byakuugan!" Hanabi said then took her fighting stance.

"Attack when you're ready." Hinata said, still standing, her Byakuugan not active.

Hanabi looked at her father, honestly unsure if she should attack or not, after a long moment he nodded.

Hinata watched her little sister charge in, and even if she didn't know exactly what was going to happen she could of countered easily. Hanabi's right came in fast, she deflected it faster than Hanabi could react and delivered a normal palm strike to her face. Seconds later Hanabi was sprawled on the mat, dazed. With no hesitation she dropped to her right knee and with her full momentum drove a palm strike directly between Hanabi's spread legs.

Hanabi went stiff a moment, eyes bugged out in shock, and blinding agony, then passed out cold.

Hinata walked over to her father, standing by the side in stunned shock, stopped in front of him and met his gaze without fear. "You disgust me, and if you ever disrespect me, Hanabi or Mother in any way... I'll kill you." Hinata said in a dead voice, then with lightning quickness her right shot up and grabbed his balls... which were literally half the size of hers. His walnuts didn't impress her in the slightest as both fit in her hand.

Hinata waited a split second for it to register on his face before giving him a powerful squeeze. She smiled as he seized up in pain, a look of submission in his eyes she'd never seen before... someone, most likely her mother, at some point had busted his balls. "On your knees!" She commanded as she yanked down hard on his balls. Hinata smiled bigger when he obeyed. "Who was your Mistress?"

"Ha... Hannah-chan... before you were born." Hiashi said, horrified to find he hadn't broken the conditioning she'd given him before she got pregnant, after which he'd reasserted himself and kept her subjugated as a proper wife.

Hinata shifted her stance a little wider to lower her base for a better grip, his reaction confused her.

"No... no you can't're normal... you're normal!" Hiashi exclaimed, terrified.

Hinata ran his words through her mind, saw where he was staring, then knowing her now hard futa cock was tenting her left pant leg down to her knee, gasped as everything clicked. She squeezed harder. "Kaa-san is a futa like me, isn't she?" Hinata demanded, and a moment later saw her father nod. All the little, seemingly innocent things her mother had done around her growing up suddenly made sense, she was hiding her endowment from her.

"Hannah-Kaasan did more than bust your balls didn't she, she'd fuck your ass and make you suck her cock!" Hinata asked fiercely as she twisted his balls through his loose pants... which did nothing to protect him.

"Yes... she humiliated and emasculated me... when she got pregnant with you I had to do it!" Hiashi exclaimed.

Her mind suddenly racing, and assuming the worst, Hinata's anger exploded. She screamed in his face and squeezed with every ounce of rage she had. A moment later his face went blank and he fell forward, The remains of his manhood slipped from her fist and he fell with a thud, face down on the floor. Her plans for Hanabi forgotten, she stormed out and headed for the Bath House for a long hot soak.

===June 4, 1:23 PM, Haruno House===

(repeat 60, day 1)

After being dismissed, Hinata made sure she took Sakura home and Ino went to hers. "Go upstairs and get ready Sakura-chan, I'll join you in a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom and won't make it upstairs." Hinata said, Sakura nodded and ran upstairs excitedly. Hinata smiled then approached Sakari on the living room couch. Hinata stopped in front of her. "I'm sorry." She said, then an instant later Sakari Haruno was dead, her brain fried.

Hinata closed Sakari's eyes with the fingers that just destroyed her brain. "You're a great mother, but I can't have you interrupting me while I kill Sakura. I'll make it up to you, I promise." Hinata said then went upstairs.

Hinata entered Sakura's bedroom and smiled, she was sitting on the side of her bed, nude, stroking her hard clit.

"Do you really have huge tits and a cock almost as big as Naruto-kun's?" Sakura asked excitedly.

Hinata opened and dropped her coat, then pulled her shirt and bra up and off, dropped them then pulled her pants and panties down and off. A few moments later her cock was hard. Sakura froze in awe. Hinata walked up to Sakura. "Lay down and open wide." Sakura obeyed. Hinata almost felt guilty... almost. Hinata put the head of her cock in Sakura's mouth, eased it in, then grabbed 2 handfuls of pink hair and buried all 16 inches down her throat.

Hinata looked down at Sakura, their eyes meeting. Hinata pounded her throat, only pulling out 4-6 inches on each stroke. "Sorry Sakura, but you deserve to die you worthless bitch... you had Naruto by the balls and didn't want him, he would of given you anything, worshipped you as a goddess, and all you did was insult and beat him. Now that you know how great he is... you think the last few years are just forgotten? He knows I'm here to kill you."

Sakura struggled, she even tried to crush Hinata's balls in her hands... but she didn't have the leverage, and all her squeezing did was excite Hinata more. She tried to beg for mercy, but that was hard to do with a thick, 16 inch cock down your throat. Sakura's fear overcame her and she cried as she gave up and accepted her fate.

"Before you die... I didn't use the bathroom Sakura... I killed your mother." Hinata said then pounded Sakura's face until it turned blue and she knew Sakura was dead. As soon as that registered in her mind, Hinata blew a massive load into Sakura's stomach, literally emptying her balls. When her body relaxed she collapsed backwards, her soft cock slipped out of Sakura's dead mouth easily.

===June 4, 7:00 AM, Hokage Monument===

(repeat 61, day 1)

"I have to know." Hinata said, took a deep breath, then at top speed ran to the edge and leapt off as hard as she could. Hinata let her mind go blank as the wind whipped past her at incredible speed. She enjoyed the pure freedom as the street was rapidly getting closer. She loved how the wind felt against her nude body.

===June 4, 6:28 AM, Hyuuga Compound, Hinata's Bedroom===

(repeat 62, day 1)

Hinata suddenly sat up straight in her bed from a sound sleep... and smiled. "It worked." And at that moment, all of Hinata's biggest fears that had held her back her whole life... died. "Now I'm ready to become strong and be the best slave I can be for Naruto-sama."

Hinata spent the next week pulling, mostly, harmless pranks on Sakura, Ino and Sasuke. They got their bottoms, including underwear, yanked down to their ankles in front of the class, Ino and Sakura, unclaimed by Naruto that morning, yanked into an empty room and raped. On the 7th day she walked into class last, after she'd stopped in a nearby empty room to strip totally nude. Everyone but Naruto fainted, he just smiled proudly.

===June 4, 1:32 PM, Training Ground 15===

(repeat 69, day 1)

Hinata walked out into the training Ground where Might Guy and Rock Lee were training, they stopped and waited for her to reach them. "Guy-Sensei... would you train me in your style?"

"YOSH! I'd be honored to help your fires of youth burn as brightly as Lee's!" Guy exclaimed, then from some hidden pocket he pulled a, small, green spandex bodysuit.."Would you wear this to show .."

"I'd be honored Guy-sensei." Hinata interrupted with a big smile, accepted it, then excused herself to change.


Hinata walked out of the trees into the open, then stopped and smiled when Guy and Lee froze in shock... well, it looked like shock, but could of been something else. The reason, her green bodysuit was skin tight, and other than her lack of cleavage, showed off every curve and crease on her body... especially the bulges of her big balls and her semi-erect cock bulging her left inner thigh basically down to her knee. "I love how this feels Guy-sensei."

Guy just nodded.

Hinata walked up to them mostly in front of Lee, on the left, and in an instant had a crushing grip on his balls, which had him frozen in shock and pain. "If either of you move or I lift even one finger, my chakra will instantly fry his testicles... permanently. I apologize for this, but I must do it Guy-sensei. I'll release Lee unharmed if you do me a favor, no arguments, no conditions, and if you tell anyone I'll kill him. Understood?" Guy nodded sadly.

"Go to the Hyuuga Compound, and bring my sister Hanabi to me at once. Don't let anyone stop you." Hinata said.

"I have your promise you'll release Lee unharmed?" Guy asked, and smiled slightly when she nodded. Guy stepped back, nodded, then vanished in a blur of speed neither could follow.

===2 minutes later===

Guy reappeared the same way he left, but now had Hanabi in his arms bridal style, awake but basically stunned from what just happened. He laid her on the ground in front of Hinata.

Hinata tightened her grip slightly as she lifted Lee up on his toes. "You told no one and I can leave with Hanabi?" Guy nodded. Hinata activated her Byakuugan and scanned the area to her maximum range, which was much farther than anyone knew, then smiled and released her grip. Lee collapsed to the ground. Hinata picked up her recovering little sister and ran off on a planned route where no one would see her.

===1:48 PM, Kurenai's Apartment, Bedroom===

Hinata had activated Kurenai's personal Genjutsu Seals on the apartment, which would fool even the Byakuugan, she closed, locked and activated the bedroom seals, which reminded her she'd have to thank Kurenai properly for showing her how to do it. As she finished Hinata briefly smiled, if anyone, especially her Father or the Clan Elders knew Kurenai had a special friend within the Clan that had shown her how to defeat the Byakuugan... Kurenai and her friend would be executed, but the entire Clan would be disgraced. She'd save that information for another day.

Her clothes sealed in a scroll on her belt, she removed it and ripped off her one-piece as she turned toward Hanabi who was now sitting up on the bed and doing a poor job of hiding her shock at being kidnapped by her own sister.

"No one can see or hear us and you don't know where we are. I'll ask you once and I want an honest answer as Hanabi, my sister, not as Hyuuga's, or what anyone thinks, I want the truth... from your heart.You have my promise this is just between us." Hinata said, looking right into Hanabi's eyes. "What do you think of me?"

Hanabi closed her eyes, took a breath, sighed then opened her eyes."I hate you!"

Hinata sighed softly. "Because you see me as weak just like Father and the Elders."

Hanabi briefly shook. "NO! That's not why I hate you!" Hanabi exclaimed, then tears ran down her cheeks. She saw the slight confusion on Hinata's face. "I hate you because... because..." Hanabi hopped off the bed and deepened Hinata's confusion by stripping with kunoichi speed. "Look at me!" Hanabi almost yelled.

Hinata looked at her little sister, they'd been bathing in their family's private Bath House since Hanabi was 4, so seeing each other naked was normal. "You're a pretty, 7 year old girl... I don't understand why you hate me."

Hanabi yelled. "You wouldn't understand... when you were 7 you already had bigger boobs than most of the women in Konoha!" Hinata's eyes opened wide. "Plus, you're a futa... just like Mother!"

Hinata gasped in shock and put her hands over her mouth, though she'd only found out about their Mother about a week ago, she didn't think Hanabi knew.

"I knew you didn't know about Mother... I've known she was like you since I was 5!" Hanabi exclaimed in frustration, then gave a soft sob. "I hate you because..."

"When I was your age I had big tits and I'm a futa like mother... and you didn't get either." Hinata interrupted.

Hanabi nodded. "I hate you because I'm jealous of you. I wouldn't care if everyone made fun of me if I had boy parts like you, because I'd be like Kaa-san. I could even live with having the Caged Bird Seal and being called a whore if it meant I could show off my big breasts... and I've known for over year that you've tried getting me to strike your balls during sparring and that you always lose because you're afraid to hurt me... so what changed?"

Hanabi's last question caught her more off guard than everything else Hanabi said. "What?"

"Yesterday you were almost afraid of your own shadow... and today you could kill me without a second thought... what happened that changed you so much? I know that no one else has noticed because you acted like you always have... but they don't watch you like I do." Hanabi said., then had a thought. "Is this a Genjutsu, is that why you aren't afraid of getting in trouble?"

Hinata thought a moment. A genjutsu is basically bending reality, and this time loop is basically an Elite S-Rank Genjutsu, so she knew Hanabi would understand that and go along with her. "Something like that, yes. Nothing we do here is permanent. If you beat me to death, I'd wake in my bed like it never happened... do you want to?"

Hanabi stood there a minute thinking, analyzing what Hinata said. "You mean it... you'd let me do that?"

"If it will bring us back together as sisters again, like when you were little... you can do anything you want to me... or with me." Hinata said and smiled pervertedly as she openly focused on Hanabi's pussy.

Hanabi blushed briefly, then smiled. She didn't know if she should tell Hinata everything, but decided it could wait since she didn't know how long she had with her sister. "Hai... um, I know about sex, but there's only 2 reasons I could think of you'd want to get in your balls so I have to ask... does getting hurt in your special areas arouse you?"

Hinata smiled. "Just say it, you don't have to be formal and proper with me... and yes, getting my tits, pussy and balls hurt make my cock hard. I've felt this way as long as I can remember, but it wasn't sexual until I hit puberty."

Hanabi nodded, her hormones had been heating up recently, but she was sad her body didn't show it. "I want to crush your balls into paste."

Hinata's cock immediately stiffened. "Make me suffer before you burst them." Hinata took an aggressive, normal, fighting stance as her cock got rock hard. "I'm gonna rape you, princess, and there's nothing you can do about it." Hinata said with a big smile. When Hanabi laughed it told her Hanabi was playing along, so when she took the Gentle Fist stance, no Byakuugan, Hinata gave herself a few long strokes, then attacked at civilian speed.

As she got in range she threw her hands forward to grab Hanabi, who ducked the, slow and sloppy compared to what she was use to, attack. To Hinata, Hanabi was almost in slow motion. She sparred with her hundreds of times, spent hours watching her... when not watching Naruto, she'd practically trained Hanabi, she knew exactly how fast Hanabi was and what she could do... but for this loop anyway, she wa letting Hanabi beat her... the good way.

Hinata knew she wasn't using her Byakuugan,and Hanabi didn't have her strength yet, which left one option. A moment later she an unfocused blast of chakra rip through her balls like lightning, then again a second later. Hinata screamed in almost orgasmic agony before dropping to her knees. It was considered beneath any Hyuuga below age 3, and if caught doing it a Main Branch member, regardless of rank or status, would literally get beaten senseless. A Cadet Branch would be extraordinarily lucky if they survived. 'Kick me." Hinata managed to say.

While kicks were a small part of the Gentle Fist style, a full third of the entire clan that were shinobi, were called Purists, within the Clan only, because they didn't believe in using kicks. Fortunately for her, she knew Hanabi was am0ong them as Hanabi partially based her style on their cousin Neji's version of the Gentle Fist. Hinata watched, through the haze or pain and pleasure clouding her brain, as Hanabi focused, then stepped up and kicked her having sack with more power than she'd used for the palm strikes. Hinata screamed as the severe agony brought her to the edge of one of the biggest orgasms she'd had so far... mainly because it was Hanabi giving it to her.

Hinata pitched forward onto her face and tits, twitching slightly.. she was so close. 'did I pop 'em?' she heard Hanabi ask almost softly. She wanted the full experience for Hanabi as well as herself, and forced herself to roll onto her back, her huge cock as hard as it had ever been with Naruto, spread her legs wide and pivoted her hips slightly so her swollen balls sat on the floor, they hung lower until she was about to blow her load. Stomp... to crush."

Hanabi smiled and thanked her, as she honestly wasn't sure what to do next. She quickly moved between Hinata's legs and had to pause briefly to stare at her older sister's 'futahood', she'd never really looked before, beyond a casual glance after the first few times she'd seen her nude. For a moment, seeing Hinata's 15 inch girl-cock standing there almost straight up, she seriously considered impaling her virgin pussy on it, but as much as she wanted to know what it'd feel like, this is what she truly wanted to do first.

"Let's see you rape me with no balls!" Hanabi exclaimed, her pussy actually hotter than she'd ever felt before, or expected, then jumped up... almost to the 8; ceiling, and with perfect aim came down with her full weight and stomped Hinata's testicles with everything she had.

Hinata went stiff, lifting herself up onto her hands, feet and back of her head as a monster orgasm, almost violently, ripped through her entire being. She felt, but didn't see the... impressive even for her... load the shot from her cock like a geyser and literally emptied her balls. While not the greatest she ever had, if definitely tied for third place on the pleasure scale. It took her almost 5 minutes to catch her breath and regain her strength. While the agony of her crushed balls was still there, mentally she could handle it now and suppressed the pain to a manageable level until she could get to a trusted med nin so she could make it to the end of the day.

After sitting up Hinata was briefly surprised she couldn't see Hanabi, but it barely lasted a second before spotting her... sprawled on the floor between her legs out cold. Hinata smiled at 2 thing, Hanabi's expression... and the floor between her thin legs was wet, Hanabi had her first big orgasm.

===1:49 PM, Kurenai's Apartment, Bedroom===

(Repeat 70, Day 1)

Her clothes sealed in a scroll on her belt, she removed it and ripped off her one-piece as she turned toward Hanabi who was now sitting up on the bed and doing a poor job of hiding her shock at being kidnapped by her own sister.

"No one can see or hear us and you don't know where we are. I know you hate me and why. It's because you don't have breasts like I did, and you aren't a futa like me... or Mother. You also have access to her and I don't even know where Father keeps her hidden away most of the time so I can't even speak to her. I must apologize for what I'm about to do..." Hinata said as her cock got hard. "...I take comfort in the fact that you won't remember any of this. In the end it will be worth it and bring us together again as sisters.".

After seeing her futa-cock get hard, what she said and the expression on her face... it only took Hanabi a few seconds to realize what Hinata had planned. "You can't mean you're going to... to..."

"Hai... I'm going to rape you Hanabi-chan...if you fight me at least it will be. I know you want me to, so submit to me right now and strip... or we can do this the hard way, decide now." Hinata said matte-of-factly.

"No one will know and I won't remember this... for now at least?" Hanabi asked.

"Right, you'll get the memories when you're ready." Hinata answered.

Hanabi hopped off the bed and in 2 seconds was nude. "Then I want you to fuck me."


End Chapter 7
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