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alone together

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secrets of red toenail girl are revealed!

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"So, what happens now?" he said
"well, I guess I'm just going to get a hotel room somewhere else" I said sadly unsure if I was sad over leaving him or if I was sad over what had just happened.
"oh" his sad tone matched mine . His eyes were fixed on the morning roads and traffic of down town Chicago. It was now quiet in the car until he spoke again.
"well you could get a room beside mine or something so I know your safe"
"yeah" I said remembering all the threatening texts Mike had sent me. I brightened up at the thought of staying near Patrick.
"hey do you like coffee?"
"yeah, why?" I said
"well, how bout we go get some breakfast and coffee, and I show you all the good parts of Chicago?" he said smiling a white charming smile at me
"I'd love that Patrick" I said as I beamed back at him our eyes meeting, causing a tickle in my stomach type effect. Was he asking me on a date? How could I say no to that charming smile anyway?
we sat in the small coffee shop eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.
"I can't believe we escaped so quietly out of that room" he said taking another bite of doughnut
"T cant believe he had another girl in there with him" I said angrily "I know we were broken up and every thing, but really? that soon?"
"about that" he said looking at me now "I knew her" he said bleakly
"who was she?" I said curiously putting my coffee on the table eyeing him. he looked sad.
"my last girlfriend" he finally managed to say after a moment "before we went on this 5 month long tour she was my girlfriend."
"what happened?" once I said it I wished I didn't. I felt like I was over stepping some boundary by asking him. That's why he was glaring at Mike and red toenail girl so badly. maybe that's why he didn't let me to pulverize them, maybe he still had feelings for her.
"I went on tour and a week later she sent me a text and told me that it was over and she'd been cheating on me."
"Did you have feelings for her?" I said quietly knowing he had been through the same thing I had been through and he was just as angry as I was in the hotel room.
"I did... at first she seemed so genuine, but a month before I left she seemed to want to party all the time and go to clubs, she seemed distant and cold, she wouldn't answer my calls or texts
I just knew something was wrong." he said deep in thought. I had no Idea what to say to him to make it ok, I couldn't.
"Well she didn't know what she was missing" I said smiling throwing something out there
"He didn't either" he said with a smirk that made my heart drop. we heard screaming coming at us and I saw Patrick whip his head around to find two girls running at him screaming his name. "oh great this is going to be weird" I thought to myself. Patrick put on a smile that wasn't even fake.
"hey ladies!" he said cheerfully
"Ahhhhhh oh my god its Patrick Stump!!" one of them squealed. They introduced themselves and had him sign some things and started to strike up a conversation. the two girls seemed to ignore the fact I was there (which I was okay with,to avoid any awkward conversation or questions)but Patrick kept glancing over at me as if making sure I was still there. After the girls had walked away he apologized to me and I assured him it was okay and that it was part of his job and we agreed to get out of there.
He had taken me all around Chicago, I officially loved this city. every time we had passed an empty store for rent he would say "that would make a nice record store" and we would debate on the location and space. He made me laugh so much, he did really good impressions. we were attacked by fans so much, It felt normal by the seventh time. He held my hand a lot and he was such a gentleman he always held doors open for me. He was so much more different than was getting dark outside and we had made it back to his hotel and he had set me up with a room right beside his and he helped me carry my luggage from his car to my hotel room. he had put them down and we were standing there looking at each other awkwardly not knowing what to do next. we started to talk at the same time.
"haha you go first" he said embarrassed. I smiled also embarrassed
"I just want to say thank you Patrick, for everything. I really appreciate it" I said not wanting to look him in the eyes. why was I so scared of him now? I hadn't been all day.
"uh, yeah its ok. no problem" by the time he said this, somehow we had gotten really close together we were not even a foot away from each other.It was like we drifted together in what sort of stupor we were both in. Our eyes met, and in less than an instant our lips locked together then our bodies pulled together. my head felt like it was spinning around the room. my hands went to his shoulders and his went to my waist. our tongues danced in my mouth, I tasted his breath, I felt his hair soft and short but shaggy. we were breathing hard, neither one of us wanted to break the kiss, but we had to before one of us passed out. We both slowly pulled away and just looked at each other, I was still dizzy.
"let me give you my number, in case you need something" he said still breathing roughly. we put our numbers in each others phones and he left without another word after that.what had just happened? did he want to kiss me? why did he leave so silently and so quickly after the kiss? and why have I never felt like that towards anyone before? and now that hes gone why does my stomach feel like it got punched?
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