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Know Your Stars: TTA version

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"The Voice" bothers the cast of TTA.

Category: Tiny Toon Adventures - Rating: PG - Genres: Parody - Published: 2006-08-05 - Updated: 2006-08-05 - 217 words

I've notice that This show doesn't have a KYS fic, so I'm making one. And for the record, I don't own anything in this fic.





Voice: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars. Buster Bunny...he's an aprintice for the famous cartoon character...Spongebob Squarpants.

Buster: What?! No, my teacher is Bugs Bunny, not Spongegog who ever you just said.

Voice: Buster Bunny...he ate his own parents.

Buster: No I didn't!

Voice: So where were they?

Buster: Oh there...(thinks for a minute) Hey, who were my parents?

Voice: Buster Bunny, his daughter's a kangaroo.

Buster: What? I don't have a daughter, I'm not even married.

Voice: Buster Bunny, his favorite pizza toping is meat lovers.

Buster: No, My fav is artachok! I don't eat meat.

Voice: Buster Bunny, he has a part time job at "The House of Mouse".

Buster: What! Don't say that, I'll be kicked out at ACME Loo if Bugs found out. How did you found that out anyways? Mickey said he wouldn't tell anybody.

Voice: I heared it from Clarabelle.

Buster: Of course.

Voice: Now you know Buster Bunny.

Buster: No they don't!

Voice: Yes they do.(The camera then moves away.)

Buster: Hey, come back here! Are you sure this is what the modern audience wants? Hello, Hello...!"
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