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sugar were going down swinging

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Pete gets punched, twice. And guess who's back?

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Brendon's POV
I looked around to make sure Patrick was gone as I rang the door bell an insane amount of times. She answered and looked surprised.

"Come on in Bren"she said confused. I stepped through the door way and took a look around. "how'd you know where this place is?"

"What? where you guys keeping a secret from me? someone told me" I lied. "Wow this place is nice, the FOB guys have some good taste." I said changing the subject as I walked over to sit on the couch.

"They were all in on this?" she said smiling and and coming over to sit tin the couch with me.

"yeah, that's what Pete said they were buzzing around before you got here to get everything finished. Their really nice aren't they?" I said flatly turning on the tv.

"yeah they are, especially Pete. I can't believe he wants to take me shopping tomorrow" she said staring at the tv.

"About that, Em. I don't know his intentions with that, I know his track record with girls and shit. I cant believe Patrick let you go." she glared at me as I said the last words. "look, All I'm saying is be careful Pete is... well hes Pete. And Pete likes beautiful ladies like you." I said

"Why did you stare at me like a brain dead zombie thought dinner" she said abruptly "And why did you follow Patrick and I here?" she looked over to me and I felt my cheeks get red.

"Em, I've missed you, and I just feel like you don't even want to talk to me anymore. I respect tht your with Patrick...or something, but it ripped me apart when I had to just give you to him." I started to feel tears in my eyes as I spoke.

"We can be friends Bren, but If you love me let me go." she said with words like knives that I knew would leave scars. "And truth be told, I never was yours" and as she said this I felt fear, fear of falling apart.

"Its okay" I said getting up off the couch not facing her "call me tomorrow k, Em? I said now walking toward the door.

"Alright Brendon" she said from the couch with a hint of guilt in her voice.

"night Em" I said closing the door behind me trying to give her the best smile I could with all this pain and sadness on top of me weighing my smile down. I shouldn't of came here, I should of just waited for something to happen between them and let her come to me, I felt like a bad person for thinking that, for wishing it. There's nothing I can do now.


Patrick's POV

She had called me this morning so we could talk a little bit before she had to get ready and leave with Pete. she asked me If I really didn't mind. I reassured her that I didn't and told her that hes my best friend I trusted him. I decided to get some music writing in today and that's pretty much how I spent my day. Until around 6pm when I got a text from Em. it said

"hey Pete's acting funny"

"how?" I answered

"well, he just tried to kiss me" I immediately got in my car and drove over to her house and sat on her porch. I saw Pete's car pull up and I stood up and clenched my fists. They got out laughing among each other and they were both carrying shopping bags by the dozen. Pete's face looked concerned when he saw my face.

"Whats wrong trick?" he said. I said nothing back to him instead I marched over to him and landed a punch right across his face and he fell down on the lawn. I looked at Emily, she was horrified and started screaming at me.

"Patrick! No! Patrick he was just trying to test me! didn't you get my text!?" she said running over to him.

"Well now I've been punched by both of you today, and I've gotta say Em, you hit way harder" he said smiling and getting up off the ground.

"what the hell is going on?!" I yelled.

"I text you and told you! He was testing me! It's ok Patrick, I don't blame him. But you on the other hand! you punched your best friend! do you not think I cant take care of things myself Patrick?" she said anger In her voice.

"yeah and she handled it pretty well too" he said pointing to a blackening eye right above the bruise I put on his cheek. "she passed my test." He laughed.

"I just...I was so angry." I said looking guilty.

"So angry you didn't even check your phone, so angry you didn't even bother to hear anyone haven't even asked me to be your girlfriend yet and your acting like this! Go home Patrick. I'll call you tomorrow or something" she said turning away from me an taking the bags from Pete and thanking him with a hug and said goodbye. I turned away and went to my car. she unlocked her door and went inside.

Emily's POV

I had decided to try on some of my new clothes to get my mind off how hot headed Patrick had been and the fight. I had decided on a floral baby doll dress with a black belt. I herd my cell phone wring from the floor where the shorts I had been wearing were laying. If it was Patrick I swear I'd tell him off again.

"hello?" I asked

"Hey Em! you done chilling with Pete yet?" Brendon asked.

"yeah I'm at home now, you can come over if you want."

"yeah! I have a surprise for you" he said excitedly.

"what Is it?!" I said laughing.

"Its a surprise Em! I'll be there in 10." he said Before he hung up the phone.
It didn't feel like 10 minutes before my door bell rang.

"your quick" I said standing aside so he could come through the front door. He was holding a big brown paper bag. "you must of been hiding around the corner of my street or something"

"the position in which I stalk you isn't important" he smiled "what is important is whats in the bag!" he said with his smile growing even bigger into a huge fake one. he stood there for a minute with that goofy big fake smile and I finally gave in and laughed.

"so what is in the bag" I said chuckling.

"so glad you asked!" he said putting on a fake commercial voice like he was trying to sell me something off tv. He put the bag on my coffee table and pulled something out " Here we have rum, burger king, and beauty and the beast!" he said pulling the things out one by one in the salesmen voice.

"how'd you know my favorite movie?" I asked

"relax, I'm not that stalkery, you told me when we were together." he laughed. he put the movie in and threw me a cheeseburger and uncapped the rum and passed it back and forth as we ate and watched the movie.

"So how was hanging out with Pete?" he asked taking another drink of rum.

"It was great until he decided to test me" Brendon looked over at me.


"well Pete thought it would make a great test to try to kiss me" Brendan's jaw dropped.

"Did you hit him?" he asked

"yup" I replied

"that's my girl" he replied smiling passing the bottle to me.

"what did Patrick say? He stormed over to my house and punched him before either of us could explain or say anything to him. actually I did text him, but he was too angry and hot headed to either care or check his phone."

"I know you can take care of your self in those situations, hell you ran out on me and made it back to your hotel, and you were drunk!" he laughed. "you have such a strong head on your shoulders thats why I like you. But If I was Patrick though I would of at least talked to Pete before he took you out. I knew Pete was up to something, I don't know if it was really a test or not."

"well I think he learned his lesson either way" I said laughing. A few minutes later My door bell rang.

"Can you get it, I really don't want to talk to anyone right now." I pleaded.

"yeah no problem." he said walking over to the door.

"where's Emily?!" a fimiliar voice yelled at Brendon.

"and who might you be?" Brendon replied in a sarky tone.

"I'm her boyfriend, Mike" he said.

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