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Friction In your jeans

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Emily and Brendon are drunk...and things happen.

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a chapter somehow mysteriously vanished after this one, but Patrick some how finds out about the whole ordeal you will read about. turns out nothing actually happened between Emily and Brendon but Patrick is still mad. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I will try my best to re write it soon.

Brendon's POV

Patrick's words replayed in my head "watch out for Mike"

"oh, your that Mike. Your not her boyfriend anymore sorry. Emily appeared standing beside me, her face looked angry.

"Then who is? shes been seen with 3 different dudes in like 2 months including tonight." he laughed a smart ass laugh.

"what do you want Mike?" she said crying.

"I want you to come back to Indiana with me bitch" he said staring straight into her eyes coldly. I laughed.

"shut up!" he yelled as he tried to swing at me. he missed and took another swing and his fist met my jaw. It honestly barely phased me, but the second it did he began to walk into the house and go after Em. I ran after him tackling him to the ground. I punched him as hard and as many times as I could until I herd sirens. The police rushed in and rolled him over and hand cuffed me.

"Em! you can come out now the police are here" not knowing where she was hiding. the officers pushed me to the ground and started handcuffing me too. shit.

"hey guys," I said with my face pressed to the floor "I don't know if you know this but I'm the good guy."

"stop!" she shouted at them "that's my boyfriend! he saved me!" she said not realizing her mistake. boyfriend. I wish. Lets just play it off I smiled to myself. They released me from the hand cuffs and helped me to my feet.

"So what happened here tonight?" a big male officer asked me.

"well me and my girlfriend here, " I started. without looking at her I know she shot me a look. "we just had eaten dinner and decided to have a few drinks and watch a movie when Mike decided he was going to drop by and fuck shit up."

"How you guys know him?" the officer asked.

"hes my ex boyfriend" Emily stated. "He followed me here from Chicago and found out where I was staying somehow."

"so tell me the full story of what happened tonight" he was now talking to Emily because of my horrible explanation probably didn't cut it.

"well there was a knock at the door, and Brendon answered it and it was mike and he was being really rude to Brendon demanding to see me, thats when I called you guys. he punched Brendon and took off through the house after me and I hid in my room."

"that's when I subdued him" I spoke up. The officer had been writing all of this down on a small pad of paper.

"whats your full name mam?" he asked

"Emily Law"

"and yours sir?"

"Brendon Urie." he scribbled both the names down.
Patrick walked in the house followed by a female officer.

"looks like we have a celebrity here claiming to be her boyfriend" she said. I leaned over to the male cop so only he could hear.

"Hes lying" I whispered smiling.

"Em! whats going on here? I saw the cops from my house."

"Mike followed me to LA, found out where I lived, Punched Brendon, chased me, Brendom subdued him" she said obviously being short with him. The male cop left to run our names and had already returned.

"looks like both men are celebrity's" he said to the lady cop "both musicians" he said. "would you two like to press charges?" we both agreed to and they took a recording of our statements and left.

"What are you doing here?" Patrick asked Brendon looking at the bottle of mostly gone rum.

"Being a good friend" Emily said before I could answer "what are you doing here I came to see what all the commotion was all about. But obviously, your busy."

"Damn straight I'm busy! now go!" she yelled and Patrick stormed out of the house. we went back over to the couch and she polished off the rest of the rum, I started Beauty and the beast over and took another bottle of rum out of the brown bag. she looked over at me and laughed.

"what? I brought back up" I said with a shrug I made her laugh. I love making her laugh.
We were starting to feel the effects of the 1st Bottle of rum we had quickly polished off right before good ol' Mike decided to grace us with his presents. In no time at all we were rolling around on the floor drunkenly and laughing at the stupid things we were doing and saying. she came over to me laying on the floor in front of the tv and sat on my stomach. I caught a glimpse of her underwear up her shirt when she sat down. oh god.

"are you ticklish Brendon" she said slyly while slurring her speech a little.

"yes" I answered. "and you better not!" I jokingly warned. But it was too late, she had started an all out tickle war. after a while she had rolled off me and laid down on the floor with me with her head almost in my armpit. I wrapped the rest of my arm around her shoulder and hugged her pulling her close.

"this was so awesome. That's why I like you" she said drunkenly.

"what? why?" I asked.

"Because Patrick and I don't do things like this. you make me feel young and free."

"Isn't that what life's about? especially at our age." she looked over and faced me. "thank you" she said and kissed me lightly and passionately the kiss and probably being drunk made my head spin. I pulled away. "you cant-" she cut me off.

"you have given me so many chances at everything just to make sure I'm happy and after as many times as I hurt you your still willing to be here for me without even getting mad the entire time. you just wanted me to be happy. you do love me."

"I do." I said giving her a smile. which caused her to kiss me again.


Emily's POV

I pressed my lips harder this time and he returned the kiss by slipping his tongue into my mouth. I lifted up and sat on him like I did earlier and leaned down to kiss some more. I felt his growing package press against my Underwear as I began to grind on him while kissing him he bucked back and we kept a steady motion. The friction in his jeans made him grow even more which made me let out a moan. He sat up and threw me over his shoulder animalisticly and got to his feet and began walking to my dark room where he threw me on my bed.

"one sec." I said standing up on the bed and pulling the antlers down and shoving them under the bed." he realized what was going on.

"are you sure?" he asked

"yes" I said as I laying back down and pulling his face to mine. I grabbed his shirt and lifted it above his head and he did the same with my dress. I could hear him in the dark fumbling with his belt.
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