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All the boys

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Death threats, flirting, and a relationship

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brendon's POV
I looked down the long bar of the noisey club we were sitting in to Patrick who was sitting on the far other end with he fall out boy crew minus Pete. He didn't even notice me looking at him. He deserved Emily and I didn't. He was just laughing wih the rest of his band. He couldn't be cape able of such malace in which I countered today, could he? I snapped out of my thoughts when I here spencer speak.
"so let me get this straight on when you got out of your car when you got back home some guy just jumped out from no where and threatened you?" spencer, my best friend and drummer of my band, said in disbelief.
"yeah he held a knife to my throat and said if i talk to Emily ever again or talk to the poliece about this I would die" I said
"who would do this? What are you going to do bren?" he asked
"I don't know, Patrick was mad at me earlier but we talked it out and I think were ok now. And the only thingI can do is stay away from her, I mean it's not like I could go to the authority's about it of I wanted to he was wearing all black and a ski mask and I barely even saw that, he grabbed me from behind. I just don't know how I'm going to do it, I can't stay away from her." I said
"and that's why I'm here? Right?" spencer laughed.
"yeah. I can't trust myself, but I can trust you spence. You have to keep me away from her. She may be coming here tonight." I said knocking back a shot and ordering another one.
" I got your back buddy" spencered reassured. All of a sudden the club got quieter and I looked around to see what was going on and quickly turned my head back around when I realized why. My heart began to race.
"who is that woman with Pete? Shes so beautiful.that lucky bastard." spencer said still turned around gawking at her. I elbowed him which caused him to face me.
" Pete's not the lucky bastard, patrick will be after tonight." I said knowing what was going on, Pete totally made her look like the epidimy of sex to get Patrick to ask her to be his girlfriend.
"well who is she?" spencer said onece again staring at her.
"stop looking at her like she's a piece of meats spence, that's the girl I love. That's Emily." I sad sadly
"you shouldt worry about my gawking, look at the fall out boys over there, they all lok like thir ready to pounce."

Emily's POV

Pete had went over some rules with me in the limmo. Smile at Patrick as soon as I walk in and just keep smiling at him. Don't drink. And do not speak to brendon the whole night. He said he made these rules so everything would run smoothly.
Pete walked into the bar and I immediately saw Patrick and smiled at him, ok so that rule wasn't so hard. I thought I saw Pete out of the corner of my eye watching me and making sure I was doing what I was supposed to. Pete and I took two of the empty stools next to the guys.
" you look so beautiful!" Patrick said beaming a smile at me.
" yeah you look awesome!" Andy said blushing a little.
"thanks guys" I said
"who did this to you!?" joe demanded. And Pete snickered.
"I should of known it was you" joe said to Pete.
"shut up joe!!! She is fucking gorgeous" Patrick practically sang not taking his eyes off me.
"hell yeah she is! But his isn't how you always look. But it's really nice, don't get me wrong." joe admitted
"i totally made her look insanely awesome, don't question it" Pete said.
"do you want a drink?" Andy said.
"no, I'm fine. Thank you though Andy" I said. Rule number 2, success! All of a sudden i felt like I was being watched, like our little group was being watched. I looked to the other end of the bar, It was brendon. Just as Our gazes met, he looked away, he looked to be with a friend. His friend began to talk to him and they stood up and walked away. I tried to follow them with my eyes until I realized Patrick was talking.
"well we should go dance."
"okay" I agreed happily and with that we walked to hthe dance floor. Patrick began to move to the music, very whitely, which made me laugh a little.
"hey, I wanted to talk to you, thats why I brought you out here, because lord knows I can't dance." he laughed " I wanted to appologize for everything. I-well, I get so jealous sometimes because I like you so much. I'm not naturally a mean or jealous or even an angry person" he said nervously. "I don't know why I accused you of cheating with brendon, your a good girl but I think you would make an even better girlfriend" he said smiling. I amex back.
"Patrick first of all, your dance moves are awesome. And secondly, I'm sorry too I don't mean to upset you all the time, you don't deserve it. And I'd love to be your girlfriend!" I said as he smiled the biggest dorkiest smile he could at me. We continued to talk and Dance when I spotted brendon out the corner of my eye. He was just staring at Patrick and I sitting at a small table from halfway across the club. I tried not to make eye contact with him this time so he wouldn't run off I was just secretly watching him as he obviously watched me. His friend who he was sitting with was just texting and paying no attention to brendons stares towards me. He made me feel nervous. Something was wrong here. He would of come said hi to me by now or something, I know him and Patrick had patched things up so he wasn't angry at him. Maybe he was angry at me, maybe that's why he moved away when I had looked at him. What. Oils. E mad at me over? Making him leave this morning? He seemed more sorry than mad. I have to let it go for now. I wasn't allowd to talk to him tonight anyway. Patrick and I Stoped dancing and were about to head back to the guys when I noticed brendon had disappeared from the table, but his friend was still there.
"you go on ahead, I have to go to the bathroom" I told Patrick. He nodded and went over to the group. I started to head to the bathrooms but when I saw that no one was looking started sneaking around the club to find brendon. I had to get to the bottom of this.
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