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Makeover from Pete

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Did Emily sleep with brendon? And why is Pete giving her a makeover?

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I turned my shower on and used my hand to test the water. Nice and hot, maybe that will wash all my troubles away and this massive hangover.suddenly I herd a pounding at my door the pounding was so loud I felt like who ever was at the door was directly pounding on my brain.I took my time going into the bathroom slipping on my robe and making my way to the door hoping they would just go away, instead they pounded louder "shut up already!" I muttered to myself right before awnsering the door.

"hey" Patrick said. Shit! "nice robe. You look like hell" he said amused by my apperance.
"oh thanks"I sai d flatly and tiredly. Don't ask to come in!!! Don't ask to come in!! My inner self begged him.
"can I come in maybe?" he said awkwardly. Shit!again!
"actually I was just getting in the shower, so it's kind of a bad time" I said trying to get rid of him.
"please, it will just take a minute" be begged desperately with those kind eyes which made me feel guilty enough as it is.
"fine" I sighed " but only a minute" I said sternly. He followed me to the couch where we sat down.
" I came here because-" he was cut off bu a series of noises. Shit!! It's brendon snoring loud from the bedroom!! Oh man! "what is that?" he asked confused.
"I havnt the foggiest" I said trying to look as confused as he was. "so what were we talking about?" I said changing the subject.
"we'll, I'm sorry. For everything I was an-" I cut him off feeling guilty.
"no please don't appologize Patrick, you had every right to be mad" I said feeling horrible inside when brendon walked into the kitchen and started the coffee machine with just his boxers on. I face palmed myself on the inside.
"hey guys!" brendon said cheerfully with a smile.
" hey br- ... Wait, what the hell?!?" oratorical said his features turning angry, and brendons turning scared. " no,no! Patrick, it's not what it- well, I.. it. It Isn't" brendon studdered out as Patrick stood up and took a couple steps toward him.
" okay, I'm not going to get angry until I hear what happened, because I don't want to falsely accuse anyone of anything" Patrick said trying to act calm.
"I lost my keys and I had to stay here" brendon blurted out. Patrick. Alloy walked over to the counter and picked up a set of keys and dangled them in the air.
"you mean these keys?" Patrick said still calmly.
"Ahh! There they are!" He said pointing to the keys in Patrick's hand and acting surprised. " we'll we had been drinking, so that's probably why" brendon said cooly
"oh, ok well WHY THE HELL YOU IN MY GIRLFRIENDS BED?!?" Patrick said with his voice now booming.
"we'll, for one thing she's not your-" brendon began angrily until I cut him off again.
"I slept on the couch, I insisted he have the bed."I sad dryly, starting to get angry myself.
"then why are you wearing a robe? You had to be naked." Patrick accused.
"I told you! I was just getting into the shower!" I yelled.
"why would you do this to me?!" Patrick yelled.
"okay" brendon said annoyied."do you just want to hear us say we had sex?" brendon said taking a drink of his coffee and putting it down on the counter "fine, I totally banged her bro, you got me. I totally had sex with your "girlfriend". He said making air quotes when he he said girlfriend.
"BRENDON!" I yelled.
"what? He got what he wanted. I said it. That's what you wanted right Patrick?" brendon said calmly.
"fuck this! Once again, I thought you were my friend!" he said pointing at brendon.
"and YOU, can just forget I ever existed!" Patrick yelled and walked out the door slamming it behind him. Fuck.
"brendon, you should go." I said with tears in my eyes.
"yeah, I know. I'm sorry." brendon said apologetically heading back to my room to get dressed before apologizing again and walking out the door too. I sobbed for a good half hour from guilt, before picking up the phone and Calling Pete who agreed to come over at once. In about 10 minutes Pete was at my door.
"I herd about what happened, Patrick and brendon both called me" he said.
"what did brendon say happened?"I asked.
"to be honest he said he doesn't remember having sex" Pete said.
"but I know what happened. But first I want to ask you first. Did you sleep with brendon?" he asked lifting a brow at me.
"no."I awnsered.
"I knew you didn't" he said cracking a smile at me.
"how? Well it wasn't because brendon didn't remember, because he's the biggest black out drunk I've ever seen. It was because you turned me down in the car and I'm much more sharing and sexy than brendon" he joked. I laughed histerically. "no I actually just had a feeling you didn't I'm not normally wrong with my gut instincts" he said "so tell me what happened" he finally said "and start after the guy tried to kill you guys"
"how did you kno- oh Patrick." I said and he flashed a smile. "well we drank a shit ton and we started making out then went to my room and we began taking off eachothers clothes when he asked me if I was ready and I said yes but I knew I didn't mean it so I started crying and we put our clothes back on and I told him I couldn't because I was too drunk and sober me wouldn't do this and liked Patrick too much to do this. Then I offered him my bed and we began to argue about who has the couch or bed and I won so he got the bed. When I woke up I felt awful and sad still because of what had happened last night and I missed Patrick, so I decided to take a shower and that's when Patrick showed up. I just felt so guilty for letting everything get that far and for being so mean to Patrick lastnight."

"it will be ok. I don't think Patrick will speak to you right now so I have to talk some sence into him." Pete said.
" so you think you can help me? I said with a hint of excitement in my voice.
"I think I can do a bit more than just help you" I tryed to question him but he didn't Awnser my questions and bolted out the door saying to give him 2 hours. I decided to take my shower and try to cheer myself up as Pete tried to fix my love life. Exactly 2 hours later there was a knock at my door and my mouth fell to the floor as Pete walked in eating a sandwich followed my a bunch of people carrying things and rolling things into my room. Pete sat on my couch barking out orders to the people on where to put the stuff with a mouth full of sandwich.
"what the hell is this Pete?! Did you bring all your fans over? I laughed at the last part.
"no, you know if I brought my fans over be suse they could all fit in your closet" he joked "THESE people are here to help you" he said taking another bite of his sandwith.
"ok, so one, why would you put my fans in my closet?" I laughed "and two, how are they going to help me? And three, did you talk to Patrick yet?"
"for safe keeping. To be beautiful. And yes" he said whatching he people scurry around my house setting things up from the arm of my couch.
"elaborate on everything but Awnser number 1." I said
" I talked to Patrick and asked him if he was going to the club tonight everyone is supposed to be at, and I just simply told him you didn't cheat on him and hung up on him"
"what he hell Pete? How's that supposed to help me?" I asked confused
" we'll he said he's your going, and your going to look damn good too. So when you walk in he will be all like, wow she's so hot, I'm totally going to apologize and ask her to be my girlfriend" he said mocking Patrick in what he thought was his voice.
" Pete, that's not going to work." I said bluntly crossing my arms.
"ha! I'd like to we it not work!" he said finishing off his sandwitch.
"just humor me" he said again with hisputh still full of his last bite of sandwitch.
"fine." I said. He took me over to a spray tan booth where a lady was waiting for me.
"strip" pete commanded. I gave him a funny look." to your underware and bra, duh!" he said
" your standing right there" I said
"so? I am totally not attracted to you. The other boys may be falling all over you, but I like my ladies with a little more flaw, besides I gotta run this show I know what my best friend likes." he said. I started to strip down and he looked a bit awkward as I did. The lazy began spraying me and when she was done a huge violent fan was turned on so I would dry quickly.
" just pretend your in one of those dollar wind tunnel machines, without all he fun of the dollars!" He shouted to me over the fan. I just gave him a thumbs up. After I was dry I was moved over to the hair, make up and nail station. Where I was constantly being fidgeted with and piled at and plucked and trimmed.
"why am I doing this shit again?" I asked Pete who appeared in my line of vision eating a banana.
"because I said so. You better get use to it girlie, your big shit now." he awnsered
"do you ever stop eating Pete? And where the hell did you get that banana? I don't even have bananas in the house?" I asked weirded out.
" I'm not eating when I'm asleep. And I found it, want some?" he said holding the half eaten banana out to me.
"no thanks Pete, you weirdo" I said. Hey were done with everything. I looked at my nails and skin. My skin was perfectly tan and not orange like I expected. My males were a deep dark wine red.pete handed me a mirror and I looked at my hair and make up my hair was curly and up with a golden headband that, my hair totally looked like a goddesses hair. My make up was dark and sexy I had a really dramatic smokey cat eye and my lips were a deep shade of red which made my teeth look brilliantly white.
"wow!" I said " jeez Pete! I look nice!"
" knew you would like it" he said as he smiled then ordered everyone to clear out.
"I also got you these" he pulled out a long dress bag and a few boxes. He unzipped the bag to reveal a short black low cut dress that looked very tight and like it was made out of a very smooth silky material. He opened the 2nd box to reveal dark red open toed heels.
"go ahead, and run along and put it on" he said I ran into my bathroom and began to put the dress on when I realized how tight it actually was. I looked at the tag and it said it was my size.
"peeeeeete!" I yelled he scrambled into the bathroom.
"huh?" he awnsered
" I can't fit into the dress!! It said it my size, but its not and maybe I gained a bunch of weight!" I started to get sad. He chuckled.
" relax. This is how their supposed to be, trust me. You havnt gained an ounce. Well get you in this thing." he said still amused. Pete and I took 30 minutes to get me into that dress, we all but had to grease me up and slide me in, we almost got to that point though.
we finally emerged out of the bathroom, I emerged gasping for air.
" I can't breathe in this god foresaken contraption!" I yelled at Pete. "how will I survive the night in this thing?!"
"pain is beauty" he laughed " and besides hopefully you won't be spending the whole night in it. If I'm successful with my mission, Patrick will be taking it off of you tonight" Pete said giving me a wink. "now put the shoes on." he commanded. I did what he said and stood up and started trying to walk but tripped.
"nailed it." he said looking at me laughing before helping me up. I tried it again and I felt like I was walking like a monster or zombie or something. "wow you walk with the grace of a newborn baby giraffe" he commented. I shot him a look
"well you have me walking in heels that are the the talleness of a baby giraffe, Care to give it a go?" I retorted
"no cross dressing isn't my thing. Oh well hopefully you'll be better before we get there"
"could of fooled me" I smirked he said nothing and just started hurring me out the door.
"come on Cinderella, we're going to be late. We left my house to find a limmo waiting for us, Pete held the door for me and I got in, god what a night tonight was going to be.
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