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Where did the party go?

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Something is wrong. First brendon, then Pete dissapears. Who is after Emily?

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I walked around for a minute until I ran into someone. I looked up at the tall figure and realized it was brendon. He began to walk away from me like I wasn't even there. I grabbed him bu the wrist which finally caused him to look at me.

"why are you avoiding me?" I asked in a harsh and snippy tone whiched caused brendon to wince a little. He looked around before he spoke as if making sure someone wasn't watching.

"look I can't be talking to you, I don't even think I'm supposed to even be here while you are tonight, your going to get me killed" he said sharply.

"look, Pete told me not to talk to you too but he's not going to kill either of us, he'll get over it." I laughed.

"Pete told you not- no, no. Never mind this place isn't safe to talk. Don't try to approach he anymore. I'll find you." brendon said still nervously looking around a minute before walking off quickly. What the hell was up wih him? Was he on drugs? He seemed so nervous. I didn't understand anything that has just happened. Pete had to of told him not to talk to me too or threaten him from the way it sounded. If Pete didn't think I could be brendons friend while being Patrick's girlfriend, then that shows how much he actually trusts me. I have to get out of here. I walked across the club over tone boys and noticed there was no sign anywhere of brendon and his friend. I walked over to Patrick and asked if he could talks me home.
"are you okay?" Andy asked sympathetically
"no, I-I don't know." I awnsered.
"what happened are you feeling okay" joe asked
"I just talked to brendon-" I was cut off by pete.
"what?!" Pete yelled " you weren't suppos-" this time it was my turn to inerupt.
"yeah, I know I wasn't supposed to talk to him, and he wasn't supposed to talk to me either, right? Why? Did you not want me to know you threatened him? He was scared to death, Pete!" I yelled. Stutters were all that came out of Pete's mouth.
"I've herd enough guys, let's go" Patrick boomed giving Pete a look that could kill. Joe, Andy and Patrick and I stormed off and got into the limmo and headed to my place. Patrick held my hand all the way there, the car ride was silent, I could feel the anger filling he car. They decided to chill at my house for a while and talk about what happened. The boys all placed themselves around my living room.

" so what exactly did brendon say?" joe asked.

"well I couldn't really make sence of it, because he was so scared and the conversation didn't last long but he basically said he wasn't supposed to be talking to me. And told me I was going to get him killed, he kept looking around as if he may of been being watched. He told me not to contact him, he would contact me. He acted threatened." I said trying to remember everything.
"but how do you know Pete did it?" Andy asked.

" because Pete made it very clear to me not to talk to brendon tonight. Pete even set up a bunch of rules for me tonight, and watched me like a hawk. That's why I turned down the drink Andy, he told me I couldn't." I said.

" Pete is normaly a controlling jerk to a degree but he's never gone this far." Patrick said running his hands through his hair.

"I don't know. Pete is our best friend guys, but you have to admit he's done some pretty crazy, sketchy shit to us before." joe said.

"I think we should try to talk to brendon" Andy said. Patrick took out his phone and dialed a number and put it on speaker. It rang several times before brendons voice mail picked up and Patrick left a message.
" I hope everythings alright man, I was just calling to see why you split early. Call me back as soon as you get this." Patrick hung up the phone we all exchanged worried looks.
Andy got out his phone and dialed brendons number too, but it had the same pattern as the first time. Andy also left a voice mail.
"hey it's Andy, call me back as soon as possable." joe then got out his phone and the pattern was once again repeated.
"hey this is murphys pizza palace If you don't call back within the hour then that will give us the go ahead to send you the 500 mushroom and anchovie pizzas you ordered mr.urie they will then be billed to your credit card.... By the way this is NOT joe" I couldn't help but laugh at joes voice mail.

"do you guys think he's okay?" I asked getting upset again.

"he beat the. Rap out of your big crazy ex, didn't he?" Andy laughed.

"I hope he's ok, he probably is." Patrick said apprehensively.

"hey, he was with some one at the club tonight, maybe he knows what's going on."

"oh yeah, spencer. That's their drummer" joe said.

Patrick took out his phone again and put it on speaker within the first few rings a voice awnsered.

"hey Patrick, what's up?" spencer said.

"hey is brendon still with you?" Patrick asked. Spencer paused a moment before awnsering.

"no, not anymore. I think he went back home. why?"

"why did you guys leave so early?" Patrick questioned

"we were getting headaches, and weren't having any fun." he awnsered simply like he had nothing to hide.

"you guys didn't even come say hi to us like you always do, we normally all hang out." Patrick accused.

"yeah, sorry about that we didn't mean to hurt all your feelings or anything" spencer said appologeticly.

"do you know why brendon hasn't been awnsering his phone?" Patrick asked.

"he said he was kind of tired when we left the bar, I think he had one too many. So he's probably passed out at home. Why do you guys want to talk to him so bad?" spencer asked.

"we just think he's acting funny, I don't know, he's scared of something or some one" Patrick said. There was silence on the other end of the phone and some erratic breathing.

" tell her he will contact her when it feels safe." spencer said with tension him his voice, then the line went silent. His words sent shivers down my spine. We all looked at eachother horrified. We tried to call spencer back but it went straight to voicemail.

"shit" Andy said breaking the silence.

"so he really was threatened." joe said.

"I guess brendons okay and he probably is with spencer" Patrick said.

"ill just have to do as they say and wait this out. He will tell me what's going on, I know he will." I said nervously.

" I don't think I want to talk to Pete though for the time being, I just don't think I trust thin right now." Patrick said.

" me too" Andy agreed.

" there's too many sighns that point to him right now" now said.

"but why would he do this is what I can't figure out." Patrick said.

"isn't it obvious? I kind of noticed things were weird from the moment em and Pete walked in the club. He dressed her up for you." joe said pointing at Patrick.

" he did, that's what he told me, like pretty much all day. He said he had a plan to fix things between us." I said.

"I figure he thought he was doing you a favor or something by making em look gorgeous, and making all those rules for her and treatining brendon. But it's just weird" Andy said " he's just so controlling he thinks he can play matchmaker. He has to control other people's relationships too?"
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