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Chapter 7

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Everyday to you is just the same old boring school hours. Just when you thought it's going to stay this way forever, someone handsome, hot, and irresistibly sexy popped up and brought exhilaration ...

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Author's Note : Hi, I'm super duper, extremely sorry for the late and irregular and sucky and unbelievably weird updates! I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter. I had this chapter in my head for the longest time ever, so yea. Pardon me for any stupid grammar mistakes or any errors or whatever. My English is kinda... It may be somewhat off in the middle i guess, but I still hope you'll enjoy it! And yea, the I think long-awaited scene came, so byebye.

Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto, Naruto Shippuden nor Kakashi. Only the plot and my ocs.

"Huh? What do you mean? I already told you everything that I know already."

He answered without a pinch of remorse of lying to me.

"I told my brother about my dream already. He told me that you took my diary. My diary."

I hollered into the phone, desperately wanting to get the truth of my mysterious past out of him.

"Look Nakito, I really have no idea what you are talking about. I don't know anything more about y -"

"Stop lying through your teeth! It's my past and I have all the rights in the world in the world to know about my goddamn past! I'm sure that my brother won't lie to me, why the heck did you take my diary?!"

Silence took over the phone call as neither of us spoke a word. It was then broken by a faint sigh coming from Kakashi.

"Let's just drop this topic, it won't make a big difference whether you know it or not anyway. Go get some rest, you have school tomorrow. Goodnight."

Clack. He hung up before I can even reply to him. What is so difficult about telling me about my own past! I jabbed my hands on the my phone, calling him up again. Much to my dismay, or rather frustration, he had switched off his phone. I'll definitely get the whole story out of him tomorrow! Furiously, I slammed my phone down on my desk, hopefully not breaking it, and went to sleep, cursing the hell out of Kakashi non-stop.

Ever since I woke up, got to school and listening to stupid lectures while the time is practically slowed down a couple hundred times, all I had in my head are two things. Number one, I want biology lesson, and the naked truth of my stupid, dramatic past. Why isn't the time passing like it normally does... Lying on my table, I found myself thinking back on the things that had happened in this short short first time I met Kakashi was only a few days ago, yet months of emotions seems to be building up on me. The lies and the truths, the pain and the joy, and hate and the love... For a split second, Kakashi's face flashed in my mind, ruining my train of thoughts. Why would he want to take my diary, I mean diary is a personal thing isn't it?

Spending my already limited brain cells, I kept on thinking up reasons on why he took it. That was until the familiar and long awaited bell rang throughout the school. Biology lesson – here I come. Skipping excitedly to my specified classroom, I set down my things and waited impatiently for him to arrive. Five minutes, ten minutes, and then fifteen minutes. Of course he would be late, when is he ever not? Just as I assumed that he is going to be even later, I saw a figure walking towards my classroom through the windows. So he is finally here... Anticipating his arrival, I let a smile crept onto my face. A man in his late fifties, bald head with a pot belly stride into the classroom before apologizing for his late arrival. Dumbfound at this unexpected sight, I frowned deeply at why Kakashi isn't here instead.

"I am the relief teacher of Hatake Kakashi sensei. He is absent from work today."

The teacher announced to the noisy class and it made the noise level even worse. A wave of different emotions bubbled within me. Why isn't he here? What happened to him? Where did he go? Is he okay? No, wait, that's not the main point. Is he simply avoiding me so that he wouldn't have to tell me anything about my diary or my past?! Argh, why can't he just he just tell me and get over it?! And suddenly, a high pitched scream came from a classmate and everyone turned their attention to her. Ironed blond hair, blue contact lenses and tons of paint on her face – I bet she is one of Kakashi's oh-so-lovely fangirl.

"What happened to him? Is he sick? Injured? Is he okay?!" She yelled out, her face filled with the need for her irresistibly sexy teacher. Tch, I bet she just want to seek for his attention.

"It seems like he got some personal situation to attend to..." The teacher replied offhandedly, not giving a damn about all the gossips about Kakashi from all the students. All the gossips about Kakashi got louder and more ridiculous, I can't help but listen to them.

"Is he on a date?"

"Nah, he probably just have some family problems!"

"How are you so sure, he can have a girlfriend that we don't know about."

"He won't, I believe him!"

"You're being ridiculous."

"How I wish I have his number..."

Hah, I have his number and you don't ~ I smirk to myself at the 'special gift' I had. However it's kind of unbelievable though, I thought he would be those kind of guy that gives his number to every lady he sees. So... does it mean that I'm the only person in the class that actually has his number? Heheh. A small giggle escaped my lips and I smiled dreamily at the sight of him in my mind. All of a sudden, a thunder roar sounded throughout the school, followed by the pitter patter of the pouring rain. Sigh, it's raining again...

"Hey Nakito!"

"Oh, it's you, hello."

"We haven't hang out in like, forever. Want to come over to my place for a movie?"

Contemplating for a moment, I agreed out of boredom since I had nothing else better to do anyway. The time in school passed fairly quickly with me dozing off in certain classes due to the boring lectures and the cool blowing wind. I head out the door to my locker to grab my stuffs after school. I fished out my phone and sent Kakashi a message 'Erm. Hi? Why aren't you in school today? Are you trying to avoid me?! Please reply asap. Thanks.' Jabbing the send button, I took my stuffs and head out of school.

"Nakito!" My friend called out. Turning around, I saw Hinako rushing towards me. "Nakito... You walk way too fast. We are taking my car to the mall first, need to get something." Nodding my head in approval, we got into her car and she drove towards our destination. The rain then got heavier as the droplets hits the windscreen, creating small splashes across. I let my eyes wander to the scenery zooming past, making everything look so fuzzy and distorted. However, a feeling of coldness seems to envelop all the joy that everyone seems to be enjoying. It's like all the joy are kept only to themselves and there are absolutely nothing for me to feel. The sudden realization of the emptiness left me staring blankly through the droplets dotted window.

"Hey, are you okay? You look unwell..." Hinako asked me, breaking my trance.

"Yea, I'm fine. Just thinking about some things..." I smiled at her, assuring her that I'm alright. She then went on and on about the things that she did during school break. I nodded occasionally, letting her know that I'm still listening to her, but in truth, none of it actually went into my head. It just feels like I am suddenly devoided of any emotions and everything feels so lifeless. When she stopped at a traffic light, I noticed a gray coloured moth struggling under the raging storm, seeking for shelter under a nearby tree. Despite its effort, it is nowhere near its goal. When it finally get a few inches high, a hard, freezing drop of rain will bring it down . No matter how hard it flap its wings, it never seems to get higher or anywhere nearer. Just when I thought that its gonna make it, it fell down along with the rain to the muddy ground. The car then drove off, and I never saw it flew up again. A life lost and everything still goes on. Laughter and cheers continued like nothing had happened. Is life really this insignificant..? I continued my daze and watch the droplets flow down the windows and it wasn't long before we reach another stop.I realised that we were near the hospital that Kakashi's brother is at. When the green lights lit up and Hinako is about to drive off again, I saw a really familiar silhouette Suddenly, a horribly scary thought snapped into my mind.

" Hinako! Would you stop the car for a bit? I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment!" I made up a lie in that instance and asked.

"Huh?! I'll drive you there then, it's pouring right now!"

"Nevermind, it's okay, just let me off here!"

"Okay okay, be careful!"


I got out of the car and slammed the door shut and made my way where I saw him. My walk there turned into jogging, then running and no sooner, I was sprinting across the muddy pavements. I silently hoped that everything would be fine and nothing would happen. And as fast as my legs could bring me, I rushed towards wherever I saw the silhouette. Beads of droplets splashed onto every part of me and and the howling wind made the coldness even worse. I halted to a stop to make it in time for a turn, and I caught sight of him.

The pouring rain mystified the whole view. The empty back street of the hospital stood him leaning solemnly against the chilling concrete wall. His usually spiked up hair is now blowing around as the wind comes and go. The drops of rain fell onto his hair and as they bounces off into smaller droplets. Drenched form head to toe, he stood there without a care in the world. I walked towards him softly, wishing that he would not notice me. Just as I inched another step closer, he raised his head and face the dark sky that is looming over with his eyes tightly shut. His face cringed up in some unimaginable hurt as his clenched fist landed hard on the wall behind him. Red coloured the part of the wall and so is it dripping from his fist. Shocked, I ran towards him as quickly as possible, hoping to ease his pain. I couldn't stop in time and collided into him as he gave me a emotionless stare while he pushed me away with his uninjured hand. My heart thumped in anxiety, thousands of thoughts were rushing in and out of my mind. He looked straight at me and asked "What are you doing here? It's raining."

"Like you're one to say. You are soaking already! I'm here because I am -" Wait no, I can't just straight out tell him that I am worried about him, that's why I got off my friend's car, rush all the way here just to check on you! I will just be confessing my love for him that way! Wait, what love?!

"I am here because I want to know where the hell my diary is!" I demanded as harshly as I could while my heart and soul is practically overloading with concern for him. His cold demeanor faltered for a moment before he returned to his cool composure.

"I don't have it with me." He spoke as if it didn't even mattered. Fed up with his attitude for a second, I retorted back jarringly,"will you just stop lying?! If you haven't took my diary, I might have found out about Kazuto! I will be able to visit him and even raise the small chance of him waking up?! It's all because of you! Just stop hiding anything already! Do you really want another tragedy like this to happen again?!" The moment I finished my rant, I instantly regretted it. His eyes widened and a droplet fell from his eyes and he immediately turned away from me. The rain continue to fall relentlessly onto his face and roll off. He cried..?

"What hap -"

"He passed away this morning."

"Huh? You mean Kazuto, he..." I stop myself from finishing the hurtful sentence.

It feel as if someone punched all the oxygen out of me and I am left with the inability to speak. We stood there in silence for what seems like eternity before I decided to break the silence.

"I'm sorry..." was all I could say.

The rain got quieter and no more words are exchanged between us. It's like the whole world fell silent upon hearing the news.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

I look up ahead at the source of the noise. The sight was burnt into my mind as Kakashi faces downwards with his back hunched slightly and his fist is clenched til his knuckles turned white while blood flows down limitlessly. What unthinkable is that Kakashi is shaking ever so slightly and a soft and quiet cry could be heard. I walk towards him without any idea on what to do, and put my arms around him. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing and why I am doing it. All I know is that it feels so right, I never wanted to let go. He unclenched his fist and wrapped his uninjured hand around me. Who knows after how long, we finally let go of each other. The warmth of his touched still lingered around as I turned away. "I hope you're better, I need to go. By -" Before I finished my sentence, he had me pulled around to him and his soft, sweet lips fell upon mine.

Author's Note : Hi. Hope you enjoy this? I personally think it's not so bad. Heheh. Byebye, let me know how I can improveeeeee ~~
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