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50 Shades of Pie

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This is a Choose Your own Adventure story.

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you walk into the house to smell the sweet aroma of a pie. You walk in to the kitchen and see it on the table. It looks as good as it smells. You start to drool as you stare at the best pie that you have ever seen. You think to yourself , "Ice cream would go so good with this pie." You want to eat the pie. You want to taste it's goodness with a side of ice cream. You walk to the freezer to see if there is any. There is! Your mom knows you well... your favorite ice cream is in the freezer. It tastes the best with that kind of pie too. Still drooling, you look back to the pie. You want to eat the pie so bad! But then you remember your mother. "What will she say? What will she do?" If you eat the pie, your mom can be very scary sometimes. "Will eating this pie make her mad?" you think to yourself. You look at the pie, wanting to eat it. It smelled awesome, it looked awesome. You go up to poke it; it's even still warm. You want to eat it, it's hard to not dig into it. But you still don't know if you should eat it. You think to yourself, "Maybe just a small taste of the pie."

Eat the pie- Chapter 2
Don't eat the pie- Chapter 4
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