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chapter 2

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You chose to eat the pie.

You can't take it! You have to eat the pie. You taste of the pie; it's the best pie you've ever had! You get some icecream, then a fork. You look at the pie that looks awesome on your plate. The icecream is slowly melting from the warmth of the pie. Slowly, you stike your fork into the pie, getting some of the icecream as well. You slowly put it in your mouth and close your lips around the fork.

You pull the fork out of your mouth. You moan because of the awesome taste of the pie and the icecream. You slowly chew the pie, the icecream melted in your mouth. It mixes with the flavor of the pie. You take another bite, it being even better than the first. Soon you are done with the entire pie.

Your mother walks into the kitchen to see that the pie was gone and the crumbs on you face."WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I MADE THAT PIE FOR YOUR FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! GO TO YOUR ROOM, YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Your mother yells at you. You walk to your room and lay down on your bed, still thinking of the pie. You want more, but there is no more. You lick your lips; you taste the crumbs on your face. You lick it all up. Then your cell rings. You answer it."Hey, the buds and I are wondering if you would like to hang out."

"Yeah. Meet me at the park." You look at the tree outside your window...You slowly open your window and jump to the tree. You miss and fall down to the ground, but you get up and run to the park. Your friends are there, and all of you hang out at the park.

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