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chapter 3

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You did not eat the pie.

Your mother walks into the kitchen to see you staring at the pie longingly...
"You want some pie, young one?" she asks you. You nod. She cuts you a piece..."You want some icecream with it young one?" You nod again.

She puts some icecream on the plate. Then she gets you a fork and puts the plate in front of you. You look at the pie. You slowly put it in your mouth and close your lips around the fork. You pull the fork out of your mouth. You slowly chew the pie, the icecream now melted in your mouth. it mixes with the flaver of the pie. with it slowly running down your throat. You take another bite, it being even better than the first.

You get a text on your cell. "Meet me at the park..." you read. "Mom, can I go to the park?" you ask.

"Yes, you can young one," your mom says back. You get up from the table and then you put your shoes on and you run to the park. Your friends are there. You all hang out at the park.

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