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And It's Better Off This Way...

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2013-08-21 - 354 words

Gerard’s POV

Another week has passed. All this time I’ve been trying to steel myself for the inevitable future, trying to deny any affection towards Frank. Frank… The boy from my high school. The one who loved music as much as I did. The one with the most adorable smile. I realize what I’m thinking and shake my head, trying to snap myself out of it.

You have to kill this boy. You cannot have any feelings towards him. I scold myself, running a hand through my hair in frustration. Even after a week I hadn’t been able to convince myself that Frank was nothing to me. I couldn’t waste any more time though- Richard was already on my back about taking so long. Over the past two days I had gathered the information I needed. While he wasn’t on any social media sites- not that I’d expect him to be, he was just as good at making friends as I was- he still wasn’t terribly hard to track down. People should really be more careful with their Amazon accounts. The security only goes so far.

I grab the sheet from the printer as soon as the whirring stops. His information is printed on it. The paper is warm in my hand, and I fold it neatly and tuck it away in my pocket. I also grab my notebook and a pencil. I need to learn his schedule for the cleanest kill.

The thought of a knife going through his beautiful little body makes me cringe, but I know I have no choice. Sighing resignedly I pulled my leather jacket tighter around myself, heading towards the door. I open it reluctantly and step out into the dim early morning light. I look up at the pale pink sky with the sun just rising over the horizon, taking it in. This is probably the most peaceful moment I’ll have for the rest of my existence. After standing there for far too long I slowly turn and lock my door, get in my car, and drive away.
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