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I Tried, Well I Tried

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"Maybe I could go out for drinks later. Hook up with someone for the night to take my mind off things. Yeah... I think I will."

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Frank’s POV

I groaned, rubbing my eyes. My alarm was blaring in my ear, and I struck my arm out haphazardly to turn it off. I ended up shoving it off of the table, but that did get it to shut up- good enough for me. Today was yet another band rehearsal. I really wasn’t sure why I even bothered going any more; all we did was argue. Even so, I knew I had to get up.

I dragged myself up and over to my dresser. Digging through my drawers I pulled out an Iron Maiden t-shirt and an old pair of skinny jeans. Once dressed I moved to the bathroom to put on my eyeliner and “brush” my hair (in other words, just dump water on it and attempt to smooth it). I grabbed a granola bar to eat on the way, shoving my pack of cigarettes and my phone into my pocket. I locked the door on my way out, taking the stairs instead of the elevator down Elevators meant people; stairs meant peace.

I walked the short distance to my friend’s house, and I could already hear the shouting from inside. I rolled my eyes and walked up to the door, not bothering to knock as I entered. Jonathon and Carter were at each others’ throats again over who should lead the practices and why we didn’t have any gigs except for at sleazy bars with only a few drunk teens as an audience and everything else that they could think of. Kale was sitting at the drums, looking annoyed and bored out of his mind.

“Anybody gonna say hello?” I shouted over them sarcastically. Jonathon shot a glare at me; Carter just ignored me.

“You’re late” Kale muttered from behind his drum set.

“Does it matter?” I snapped, tossing my bag to the side. It landed on one of Kale’s dusty old armchairs, causing a small rip in the seat to grow. I turned to the argument just in time to see Carter’s fist fly at Jonathon’s face. Jonathon’s lip began to bleed and that was it for any civility- all hell broke loose. Jonathon had tackled Carter, who fell backwards; knocking over Kale’s drum set. Of course this infuriated Kale and sent him jumping onto the both of them. I groaned, walking over and yanking Kale off first, and then shoving Carter and Jonathon apart. Jonathon was now sporting a black eye, and Carter’s nose was bleeding rather heavily. Kale seemed alright for the most part, aside from a small scratch on his arm. They were all giving me death glares.

“Will you guys stop fighting for five goddamn seconds?!” I shouted, glaring back at all of them.

“Why don’t you buzz off?” Carter spat, his hand covering his nose and causing his voice to come out muffled.

“Why don’t you try practicing for once?” I snapped back. “These are supposed to be rehearsals, not boxing matches.”

“Oh yeah?” Jonathon rolled his eyes. “Since when are you our mother?”

“Since never!” I pulled at my hair in frustration. “Since when did we stop being a band?”

“Since you got all crabby at us” Kale muttered, glaring at the floor.

“Oh, so this is my fault?!” I glowered at the lot of them. “I didn’t know I was who determined the band’s success or failure!”

“You’re the one who’s always late to practice!” Jonathon yelled at me, standing up.

“Says the guy who never stops fighting!” I shouted back.

“Alright, ENOUGH!” Kale thundered. “I want you out! Now!”


“Yes you! Get the fuck out of my house!” Kale snarled at me.

“FINE! Good luck finding another decent rhythm guitarist!” I spat, yanking my stuff off the chair and storming out of the house. I slammed the door behind me. I was done with these guys. Screw them and this ‘band’! None of this was working anyways.

I fumed all the way back to my apartment. I didn’t stop even when I got a suspicious feeling someone was watching me. I slammed my own door once I was inside, falling onto the couch with a loud groan. So much for the band. Now I was really screwed. I doubt I can find another band to be in, and I don’t exactly have anything else I can actually do.

I sighed, burying my face in the pillow. I really didn’t feel like dealing with this right now. Too bad for me I guess. Maybe I could go out for drinks later. Hook up with someone for the night to take my mind off things. Yeah... I think I will.
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