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And We'll All Dance Alone to The Tune of Your Death

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"Strange. I never get flustered."

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Gerard’s POV

This was it. Tonight was the night. I have to kill Frank Iero. A shiver runs down my spine; not from the usual anticipation, but from dread. I knew he was going to a club later. I knew. I would pretend I didn’t know him. I would pretend to just be a regular guy. Get some alcohol in him, lower his guard. Go home with him. Dispose of him.

I took a long breath, closing my eyes tightly. I have to do this. I have no choice. I’ve put it off long enough as it is. After a few moments, I opened my eyes. Glancing at the clock, I read the time. 8:30. Frank would be at his favourite bar in an hour. Yes, I knew his favourite bar too. I’m good at my job.

I sighed, walking back to my large closet. I needed to pick something that would get his attention, but keep others away. I finally decided on a tight fitted misfits shirt, and some black ripped skinny jeans. The rips revealed my porcelain skin, contrasting attractively with the dark black. I applied some eyeliner, enough to accent my hazel eyes without drowning them out. I brushed through my hair a few times with my comb, not bothering too much with it. It would go back to this messy state no matter what I did. I gave myself a once-over in the mirror. I looked good. But a little on the darker side at the same time. This would keep most people off me, but I was betting it would be irresistible to Frank. Another glance at the clock tells me it’s now 9:03. Time to leave.

It takes me about twenty minutes to reach the bar, putting me there a good seven minutes before Frank shows up. I go inside, ducking my head and making my way to the back corner. Frank’s back corner, to be specific. This was his favourite spot. He would see me here. I order myself a martini to try to calm my nerves. I’m never this nervous before a murder.

I guess there’s a first time for everything.

I sip my drink, feeling the alcohol start to move through my system. Never do I take my eyes off the door. Frank is late… it’s 9:39 already…

Just as that thought crosses my mind, my patience is rewarded. I see Frank step in the door, and head over here on auto pilot. I position myself to show just enough skin to get his attention, but not so much as to show anything off. I casually drink another sip, eyeing him inconspicuously. He shuffled over, a look of surprise crossing his face when he sees me.

“O-oh…um…” He mumbles, looking down. He’s about to turn away when I speak.

“Oh- I’m so sorry. Is this your table? I can move, if you like.” I looked up at him innocently, starting to stand. He quickly shook his head. “No- No, it’s okay. I’ll just go sit somewhere else…” He bit his lip. Hm, he’s cute when he does that… No. Stop it Gerard. You’re here on a job.
“Wanna sit with me?” I batted my eyelashes at him, gesturing to the seat beside me.

“I- uh- I-“ He stammers, staring at me.

“Please?” I give him some adorable puppy eyes. He blushes but nods, awkwardly sitting beside me. I giggle, scooting closer. He chuckles nervously, staying stock still. He’s tense, it’s completely obvious.

“I’m Garrett.” I smiled, tilting my head a little. Obviously I can’t use my real name, for precautionary reasons. “But you can call me Gee.”

“Frank.” He glanced away, and then back at me.

“Do you want something to drink?” I asked, swishing my glass. He’s been eyeing it for a little bit now. “If you’re worried I’m drunk, rest assured that I’m not. The bartender can vouch for me.” I gave him a sweet smile. His blush returned, and he glanced up at me.


I grinned and waved the bartender over.

“What’ll it be, son?” he grunts. I look to Frank expectantly.

“A shot of whiskey, thanks.” He murmurs. The bartender nods and goes to get the drink. I gaze at Frank, my thoughts a little scattered. I can’t help but notice that he hasn’t changed too much. Still has a cute nose, pouty lips, and gorgeous eyes. I don’t even realize how long I’ve staring at him until he clears his throat. I shake myself back into reality.

“Sorry.” I blushed. “You’re just so beautiful.” I gaze dreamily at him a little more.

He shifts in his seat, but not uncomfortably. The bartender brinks him his whiskey shot and I thank him.

“Put it on my bill.” I smiled. He shrugged and nodded, leaving again.

“Thanks Gee.” Frank smiled at me. It’s the first time he’s smiled tonight. He drinks half his whiskey, closing his eyes a moment. I take the opportunity to move a little closer to him. When he opens his eyes he grins at me. I can already tell the alcohol is beginning to affect him.

I smile back, and chance resting my head on his shoulder. My smile widens when he doesn’t move away. In fact, he scoots closer, resting an arm around my shoulders. I give him another girly giggle as he downs the rest of his shot.

“You’re so handsome…” I murmured, nuzzling his neck. He smiled again, pulling me closer.

“And you are fucking adorable.” He pressed his face into my hair. I blush involuntarily. Strange. I never get flustered.

I rested my hand on his thigh. It was 10:20 by now; I needed to hurry this along. He looked at me curiously, a hint of a smirk on his face. I moved my hand up a little, getting very close to his uppermost thigh. He smirks more, moving my hand exactly where he wants it.

I start to palm him, knowing this will get him to take me home. He hums, and I feel him growing. I start to kiss his neck as well, nibbling occasionally. Only a minute goes by before he lets out a soft moan.

“Let’s continue this at my place. It’s not far.” He grinned, eyes glinting in the dim light.

“Sounds good to me…” I purred seductively, practically on his lap by now.

I threw some money on the table for our drinks and grabbed Frank’s hand. He pulled me through the crowd, his eagerness not well hidden. I smirked slightly to myself. My plan was working perfectly. This caused me to cringe subtly, but Frank didn’t seem to notice. He called a cab, and within minutes we were at his apartment.
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