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When Primadonna ballerina suddenly moves into our favourite bands lives, how will they deal with the endless drama that was soon to follow? A story of drama, angst and love.

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Tape A, Side 1.

It was a regular day like every other day to Gerard Way. He woke up groggily, pulled on some dark clothing, made sure he didn’t smell too atrociously, and he would stumble down the stairs to find his loving but careful Mother making his beloved warm cup of coffee. He would pour himself some sort of sugar coated cereal, and make small talk about some new gory comic book with his young brother Mikey. Mikey would converse back, often bringing up how great the carnage looked on a certain page, all while their dear Mother shook her head.

But today was different.

Gerards POV

“Did you read the part where she gets her head sliced off, and all the blood goes flying out everywhere!?” Mikey questioned me, and I nodded my head eagerly back. It was pretty awesome.

“And the part where-,”

“Boys! Enough talk for now, while my stomach still has the strength to carry on! I have some very exciting news to tell you!” She squealed, and pulled up a chair by the round table where our breakfast resided.

“Do you remember your cousin Camille? You guys were just little, I don’t expect you to remember.” I immediately felt all color drain from my face.

“What about her?” I could feel my voice wavering.

Some of my worst memories of family visiting were with Camille. My Dads sister had married a snobby Frenchman, and their eldest daughter’s personality fit the description of his. They even named her “Camille” because in French it means ‘Perfect’. Like how fucking cheesy can you get? To top it all off, she had been a ballerina since she could walk, her Father forcing her to do silly spins for years. I guess she loved it to, ‘cause she told her Dad every second that she would miss ballet because of the travel to New Jersey. She had a little sister too, who never seemed to make it when they visited, but I thought the family was embarrassed of her because she wasn’t quite as ‘perfect’ as Camille.

“Well, unfortunately her Mother has gotten into a terrible accident. Her Father is ‘unable’ to take care of the two girls and your Aunt, so they’ll be staying with us for a while.” I was speechless. My worst nightmare came to life with those words.

“How long’s a while?!” Mikey all but screamed.

“Well, more than a year to say the least. Your aunt was in an accident, and she’s near death, Mikes! Please be considerate! I know you don’t favor Camille, but I expect both of you to try and make them both feel welcome! Besides, they’re both sweet girls, and I know you’ll adore Camille’s younger sister.” I could feel my legs shaking.

Why do we hate Camille so much? Well, it all dates back to when we were about five, when I first met her.


“Say hi to Camille, Gerard!” My Mom prodded me, and I waved a shy hi to the girl before me. She wore a pink tutu and a bodysuit.

“I prefer Cami.” She explained, and walked with perfect posture to the table, maturely grabbing a seat and sipping her juice politely.

She never talked to me, Mikey or Frank my best friend from school. Frank spent most of his life at our house hanging out with Mikes and I, so he naturally hated her as much as we did. When she clearly broke my Moms favorite vase, she blamed it on Frank and I. She’d tell on us every chance she got, and got us into as much trouble as possible. Lets just say the bickering never ended.

End Of Flashback

Yeah sure, looking back on it now it seems like pretty stupid, childhood drama. But every time she visited she gave us Jersey people so much snot is was dripping out of her nose. She was an ultra snob, just like her Father, and I was praying her sister was nothing like her. Cami always got what she wanted, when she wanted, however she wanted it. It bothered me to no end, I wouldn’t be jealous if she wasn’t so goddamn cruel. As a teen she picked out every flaw, making me feel less superior and low to her.

Needless to say, Cami was a bitch.

As the details drained on and on I realized how permanent this was. Cami and her sister would be going to my high school, 7-12. She was in grade 11 just like me, while her sister would be starting in grade 7. She would be taking the intense dance program at our school, and her Father had scouted out the best ballet companies in the surrounding area, and she would audition to each company almost immediately, hardly missing any dance. I was sick of her already. School was in a week, so she would be starting with us. Boy was Frank in for a surprise, he hated her as equally as Mikes and I did.

Morgan Freeman Narrating POV--

So, time flew by as Gerard and the others dreaded the two days of the Ways’ beloved cousins, as Cami felt the same way. Her sister, Giant (as they liked to call her due to her tiny appearance) anticipated meeting this new side of the family. Her Father refused to bring her anywhere, bringing up excuses like ‘The family doesn’t want too many people, sorry,’ or the infamous ‘You’re too young.’ She knew the real reason, she had no talent. No talent in ballet, she was hopeless to her Father. An embarrassment, her Father would whisper to her Mother. It bothered her, but it’s not like she could do much but wait. Camille on the other hand, wasn’t so gleeful about seeing her distant family.

Camille’s POV

I already felt sick to my stomach, and it’s not because I haven’t eaten for a while. It was an unsettling ache, as I packed up my pointe shoes, and grabbed all of my solo music disks. I packed up my locker, and my life here in California felt like it was ending. I had to leave my boyfriend, my injured Mother, and my powerful social status. I knew due to my Mothers condition that the move would be a seemingly permanent solution, as my Father was never really a Father, and more like a French dance coach. He was a champion, well known in France, and the U.S dance community. I had a lot to live up to, he reminded me everyday.

I could feel tears well up in my eyes, and fall lightly to the floor. I plugged in my ipod, quickly sliding my finger to my new solo, choreographed by myself, and fixed smoothly by my dance teacher. I felt my legs move to the music, and my arms following quickly. I moved the emotions of the song move through my body. The song was ‘Runaway’ by Kanye West, I wasn’t a fan, but the song meant so much to me personally.

I replayed over and over, treasuring the privacy of the empty studio, and the soft melody of my feet grazing the floor, like a kiss between long lost lovers, the passion and friction clearly there.

It all came so fast, my toe bending and catching a wrong angle and my body was slammed to the floor. I lost my breath, but being breathless was much preferred over the weight of air. I could feel my eyes betraying me and growing damp, an the tears kept falling. I stayed like that for a while, and when the lights automatically shut off due to studio hours ending, I knew it was time to go.

The locker room was eerily quiet, and as I examined my naked body, I grimaced at the fading yellow and purple.

“It’s pathetic cause you’ll still miss him.” A voice called out. I quickly covered my exposed chest area.

“Who’s there?! It’s past studio hours, get out before you get in trouble!” I called out.

“I’m no human. I’m in your head.” The voice told me.

“Well, go away. I don’t need your shit today of all days.”

“You know you’ll still miss him, even if I’m not here to tell you.”

I covered myself and went to the shower, washing away all the feelings that just spilt out.

Tomorrow’s coming way too soon.

Okay! So hope y'all enjoyed. The auditions are still open, and almost every part is still open. So please, drop and audition and I'll fill you in somewhere! Read and review!
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