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Tape 1, Side A, Part II

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By the way, the form of the story is supposed to have the feel of tapes, but if you don't see it just ignore it and say chapter one or whatever. Just wanted to try something new ladies. Enjoy;

Tape 1, Side A Part 2.


Here we are. The day we’ve all been dreading, well except Giant. The plane ride was long and boring for the two girls, while cleaning was almost as unbearable for the Way brothers. So here we are, Donna had brought the two girls back to the modest Way household. Gerard and Mikey sat begrudgingly on the step, forced by their Father to put on ‘welcoming’ smiles. Their faces still resembled miserable.

The two girls hesitantly left the car, Camille grabbing the younger girls hand and looking out into the smog filled air.

“Well Giant, welcome home.” She muttered.

Camille’s POV

“Well Giant, welcome home.” I muttered. The two youngest Way descendants approached us cautiously, ad I grabbed our luggage from the back. Giant pranced up to meet them, and introduced herself rambunctiously. I joined her, marching proudly up.

“Giant, remember what Father said about being humble. Gerard, Mikey, nice to see you both.” I said, shaking both of their clammy hands as they took my luggage. It was freezing in Jersey, and I had coffee and an oversized sweater hanging loosely off my body.

“Cold?” Gerard asked, making quant small talk with me.

“Yeah, not quite as beautiful as California,” Good job, you insulted his town. Change the subject, “So I see you still hate haircuts.” That sounded as equally bitchy, implying he needs a haircut.

“I see you do too,” He countered, pointing to my long brown ombre hair, “and still dancing your life away?” He said bitterly.

“Still drawing your life away?” I spat back, and he smirked.

“I’m gonna get far with art, unlike dance. You just watch.”

“I know what I’ll be watching, a homeless guy trying to do caricatures on the street for a dime, while I make millions from starring ballet roles!” I snapped, I hated when people insulted dance, even if I started being rude first.

Gerard was about to counter until Mikey swept in the room, and I noticed Gerard was calm by his younger brothers presence. Wish Giant would do that for me.

“Slow your roll ladies, Cami’s only been here for about 5 minutes and you’re fighting. God, gotta miss the old days!” He told us smugly, as Gerard and I stormed off in opposite directions.

I got my bags from the car, and upon finding out I would be sharing the basement with Gerard, his bedroom on one side of the lounge area, mine on the other, you could say I got a gross taste in my mouth. I scuttled past Gerards room, hearing the rock blast through his speakers, and swiftly pulled my bags into my room, and quietly closed the door.

It was a decent sized room, with a double sized mattress, a brand new vanity, a walk in closet to top it all off, and plain dark grey walls. I knew my exact plan though, and trying my hair up in a messy bun, I got to work.

Fast forward three hours of hard work

It was done. I was febreezing the dank basement smell, and I looked back proudly at my room. In the biggest area the decent but squeaky was shoved into the corner, and all the polar-aids of my friends and I were sticky tacked to the wall, while the other part held my idol ballerinas posters and signed stuff. I had hung up christmas lights that I took from home and it gave the room a lot more light. Giant had came in and helped after I checked on her, she had unpacked and arranged with the help of Donna and Mikey. She seemed like she actually enjoyed being here.

“I like it!” She squealed. I jumped on the bed and began tickling her, and she chuckled loudly and screamed. I giggled along with her, and we just began to chat about our new life like all sisters do. My audition was in two hours, my Dad literally sparing me no time off from dance. I went to the walk in closet and pulled on a striped bodysuit, with teeshirt length sleeves, white tights and a small black skirt to pull it all off. The studio didn’t specify any preferred outfit, so I just rolled with it.

I turned on some warm up music, and Giant watched as I stretched out my muscles on a yoga matt. Giant loved watching, but wasn’t a fan of doing ballet. It didn’t bother me, so it was a win for both of us. After a half hour she got bored and left to go join Donna for a snack, but I knew snacks would bloat, and looking bigger is not something I need.

The door swung open rudely, and I peered back to see the intruder.

“Shit, wrong room! I do that everyti- Oh. It’s you. You’re back.” He told me grimly.

“Yes, I am. Miss me much?” By the roll of his eyes, the sarcasm was detected. Gerard soon rolled by, obviously having heard the commotion. I was still in a splits, and by sensing that they were going to converse, I turned to face them both.

“I see you two have been re-united.” Gerard smirked. I just nodded grimly.
“Well, cami in basically no clothes, an annoyed Frank, I see you too getting along well.”

“Shut up Gerard!” We both shouted, and I could feel my face glowing red at the harmony.

“C’mon Gerard, wrong room.” Frank told him, grabbing his arm and pulling him away to the other room.

Gerards POV

It was every teens nightmare. The first day of school. It was all so stressful, finding your friends, teachers, classrooms, locker combinations. Ugh, I didn’t even wanna think about it. My day started off as per usual, Cami hogging the bathroom while she did her precious makeup and hair, me fighting with her endlessly through the door,and finally I got ready and went upstairs.

It was nice though, our ‘group’ at school had a system that we go by, we all eat lunch far past anyone, and behind the old shed. That way no one bothers us or notices when we skip, and we meet there no matter what, so there was no trouble finding them at lunch today. I glanced at Cami, she had gotten into the fancy ballet company, and she had begun dancing about 5 hours everyday, so we hadn’t gotten many chances to fight. Frank and her strongly dislike each other more than ever, and they picked a fight any chance they saw each other. But today would be stressful for her, and I was worried for the girl, even if I wasn’t a fan.

Narrators POV

The morning went by smoothly. They each found their own way to school and began the stressful morning.

Camille’s POV

“Hey, you!” I heard a girls voice yell. I turned to the direction of the voice, and by the look on Gerards face, he was telling me it was a bad thing. I quickly spotted the bleach blonde haired girl, and she waved me over. I immediately walked forwards to the girl, and noticed the group of kids around her.

“Why haven’t I seen you around here before?” She questioned.

“I just moved here from California. I’m Cami.” I told her sweetly, and outstretched my hand to shake with hers. She pulled me into a weird hug, and squealed.

“Oh my god, you’re totally gonna hang out with me! I’m Desiree!” I hugged back and made a stupid attempt to squeal, I really needed a friend. I looked back at Gerard, who stared questioning back at me. He just shook his head and left, not that I care. Desiree caught this stare, and a frown appeared on her face.

“Ew, you don’t hang out with that freak do you?” I felt myself blush, and shook my head.

“No, fuck, he’s my cousin, I have to live with him unfortunately.”

“Aw, babe! Is he like weird or something? Like in the head?” She asked seriously, and I didn’t know what to say. Gerard wasn’t weird in the head, we just didn’t get along.

“I don’t know, he just hangs out with that other dude, Frank or whatever? Like everyday. It’s fucking weird. They’re probably gay or something.” I told her, and she told me how sorry she felt for me, and how much she hated ‘fags’. I pretended to also, she was my only friend right now! I didn’t really have any problem at all, I didn’t give a fuck who anyone loved at all. You like men, you like women, all good to me. I really don’t know why I said that, but it just slipped out like word vomit! The conversation moved on from there soon after, much to my relief.

I finally made a friend. It turns out I had classes with tons of Desiree’s friends, and I had the edge dance program with her too. This day didn’t turn out to be so bad, and if they didn’t like Gerard and Frank as much as I did, how bad could they be?

Morgan Freeman’s POV--

Ah, but here is where one of our young heroes is mistaken, things were about to be the worst it’s ever been, and in spite of it all, realizations will be made, friends will be broke and relationships were to be made.

Hope Ya'll like the story so far! The writing program I use is called 'pages', and it doesn't count the letter 'i' as a grammatical error so if you happen to see 'i' instead of the proper usage 'I', please try to ignore as I type really fast and often make that mistake, and sometimes I proof read to fast. So, try to ignore, and enjoy. ALSO IF YOU LIKE THE STORY OR FEEL THAT A CHARACTER WOULD BE FITTING FOR THIS STORY, AUDITIONS ARE STILL UP. STILL UP. GIVE ME CHARACTERS. LIKE NOW. This was mostly a filler, so bear with me my pretties
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