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Tape 1, Side B part I

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Kind of short, but shits hitting the fan. It's a bit early but I try to be exciting, hopefully I don't come off as an old man in his final attempts to be attractive, using viagra, so let me know

Tape 1, Side B part I.

Here we are, onto the third part of our disk. It was a lovely chilled October evening, October 31st to be exactly. The night of a birthday, and also the night of Halloween. Now Camille wasn’t much into parties, but to of course fit in with her new group, she had attended. It wasn’t that she was too drunk to walk, but she had a dizzy mind. The streets were just crowded enough with adults running wildly around, surely as intoxicated as herself, but an individual was there too, one a familiar face, and one face she would never forget.

Camille’s POV

I hated parties, the only time I loved to party was to forget something bad that happened, and just let lose and go crazy. But things were okay right now, so I never found a reason to get wasted off her face, besides, I had just had dance and her wobbly knees were beginning to refuse to carry me. My mind begged for sleep, and she was so weak from lack of food she was about to fall over. She knew this was never the answer, starving herself to get a fit slender physique, but was dying in the process worth it? I shook my head to myself, and continued on my way. The streets were getting less flooded, and I felt my body shiver all over, and goosebumps rise on my arms. I was dressed in a stupid lifeguard outfit, and Desiree was dressed as the same. I made the mistake of telling her she could pick our matching costumes. In booty shorts, a tank top, and a skinny sweater covering my arms, it was understandable I was cold, and I had only just passed the studio, and was walking down the less busy street.

But something just felt wrong.

That kind of feeling where somethings behind you, watching your every move.

Then I swear I could feel it, a hand gripping my wrist. And I let out a ear piercing shriek, and let my body do the fighting.

Franks POV

“Gotchya!” I laughed, seeing her face contorted into fear. Best Halloween prank ever.

“Frank that wasn’t fucking funny!” I could feel tears falling from my joyful eyes.

“Hey, Happy Halloween! Just consider this revenge for spreading that rumor of being gay with Gerard. Gerard may be gay, but he’s definitely not my type.” Frank joked, but I could detect the hint of bitterness.

“Look Frank, I’m sorry but I never spread that,” Lie. “But I better get home, Happy Halloween asshole.”

He smirked and shuffled away, even though he’d be traveling the same direction of me. I was glad he wanted to make distance between us though, his presence made my blood boil. It was five minutes down, and I turned around to see Franks distant shadow down the road, at least I was far enough away to never be caught dead walking with him.

That’s when the hand grabbed me by the wrist, my arm retracted from the feeling, but his grip just grew stronger as he pulled me into the dark alley.

“We can do this easy, or the hard way. your choice, bitch.”

This was no Halloween prank.

Franks POV
Ugh, her snide comment on the asshole part made my eye twitch. I hated her ever since I was little, and the reality of her being within walking distance and it was just us, made me wanna scream. I hoped I didn’t hurt her wrist though, pranks aside, I tried not to grab too hard.

I watched her tiny figure take careful steps. I wondered what she was doing on this street alone, without her preppy dance freak best friend with her. The other one annoyed me just as much, and even worse was if I insulted her back, her jock boyfriend would beat me to a pulp. Ugh.

I had just began to pull my cigarette out of my leather pocket, when I saw it. The strong arm pull her into the dark alleyway, and I felt my mind go blank.

This was no Halloween prank.
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