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Chapter 3

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Not too sure about this chapter, I promise the next one will be better

How in the great world of FUCK! did he get my number?! He wasn't supposed to have my number!.
Okay Vikki, just breath deeply. I decided to not text him back and to delete the message.
I cannot believe that a stupid teenager was getting me all riled up over something this stupid.
I got out of the car; I didn't really make it all the way to the front door. Before my phone started ringing again. Answering without looking, I heard Kary's voice once again
"Okay so kind of forgot that you didn't talk about that so let's change the subject and have another girls' night out, please?"

"I don't know, last time we had a night out my life turned to shit and Hey! It was only a few days ago." I open the front door, taking off my shoes and putting the bag on the hanger.

"Don't you worry. It's a V.I.P. party so only the most exclusive people are going to be there" she said in what I think was a convincing tone, even though she sounded like she was constipaded or something like that. Either way it was l pretty funny to hear her beg. I'm not sadistic or mean or evil.

"So no teens?"

"No...well maybe 2 or 3 but they are a part of the family that is hosting so yeah they gotta be there and their oldest son is like 21"

"Okay fine, I'll try to be there. But I'm not making any promises. I have kids you know!"


By this time, the clock is pointing at 6:45 pm and I was exhausted. What the girls didn't while I was at work, I've had finished today. I cleaned the dishes, did the laundry, sent the carpets out for cleaning and cooked for the girls and I. It be nice if we didn't have so many takes out while I can cook for them.

So turns out that I can go out with Sadie and I really don't know where Bryn disappear to. She just left in one of her fancy dresses and said she be back by midnight. I was hoping that it wasn't Gerard or I will kill him myself.

When Kary called again to make sure I was coming and that I wore something nice, I decided to start getting ready. I had washed my hair, curled it and put it in a messy bun.
After doing my make-up, I dressed in a black vintage skirt and a red tank top. Putting on an old bussiness jacket, I heard a honk go out in the front yard.
A pair of black stilettos later and we were on our way.


At first, you could say that things were relativity boring. Well a hell of a lot boring, and it still is.
When we got there everyone was drinking champagne and talking among each other; when really I just felt out of place every minute that I spent there. "Hi" someone said from behind me. "I don't think we have met before, I'm Frank. One of the host for the party" turning around a saw a handsome young man.

A grin started appearing on my face when I did a double take, Man this guy was hot!!
"Hey, nice to meet you. The names Vikki" wow, talk about a James Bond moment. Meh.

"So what brings you here?"

"My friend. She taught that I needed to get out more." I should stop talking, yep already making myself look like an idiot. I make my self sound like I'm a social retard.
He giggled. GIGGLED. Gotta admit I've never seen a grown man do that before.

"Well I'm glad you decided to come. Wanna go get a beer? I could introduce you to one of my friends"


Frank reached out and took hold of my hand before leading the way into what I presumed was the kitchen. There were a few teenagers, I clearly didn't feel comfortable around them.
"So what school do you go to?" Frank asked while handing me a small glass filled with what I assumed was beer.
Okay so maybe I stopped ageing once I graduated high school, but seriously- did he just as me that question?

"Uh..." stalling, stalling, stalling. ...... .

"Vikki?" Oh thank God!
I look to my left to find Gerard standing there. "Hey, Gerard! What are you doing here? I thought you were hanging our with Bryn tonight" I sounded way to cheery for my own good. "How do you guys know each other?" Frank asked; I guess he was feeling a little left out.
"We met at a club a couple of nights ago" Gerard answers still looking me up and down.

Scratching the back of my neck I take a sip of the drink that was currently in my hand and excused myself. I walked directly into the hallway and into the guest bathroom.

Only to find Bryn there. "Mom?"


After talking with Bryn; both deciding that act like we don't know each other, just for the sake of Frank finding out. Okay, don't judge me because I'm lonely... and not that old.

"Hey Vikki, what do you say about a tour of the house?" Frank said, moving his hand up and down my arm. I shudder under his warm hand. When did I get so cold?
"Sure, why not?"

Again the feeling of him grabbing my hand was amazing. We started with the top floor, although we didn't really go into another room except his. It had a guitar in the corner , the room itself was huge. Everywhere you looked represented Frank exactly.
Hearing the door click I turn around to find Frank leaning against the door with hisbhand on the doorknob. He smiled before taking off his tie and unbuttoning his black shirt. He walked over to the mini-fridge and getting out two beers. He offers me one and then sits down on the bed behind me, patring besides him for me to sit.

I walk over and sit. Very, very reluctantly.

Next thing I know is that his hand was in between my thighs and he was on top of me; kissing and bitting my neck. I could only hear whimpers and heavy breathing. Soon our clothes were on the floor and we in only our underwear. And then Gerard came to mind.


"Yeah?" He mumbled, lips moving against my neck- body grinding up against me and oh man could I feel him! I'm so gonna eegret what I'm about to do.
Pushibg him off I sat up, grabbing the nearest thing to cover up- which also happen to be super soft silk sheets. This guy had everything!!!
Sighing he got up lit up a cigarrette and walked to the balcony.

I took this as my que to leave. Grabbing my clothes putting them on in a haste I left without another word.
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