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Chapter 4

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It was finally Sunday. Well 12:09 a.m. on a Sunday and for once I was actually glad that I wasn't home. To be honest I really don't know where I am.

At that moment I song pops into my head-
'Come break me down, break me down, break me down'
Not exactly what I was really thinking about. But hey, that's life for ya.
Oh wait. That's my ringtone.

I look down at my phone and saw Gerard flash on the bright screen. Should I? Or maybe throw my phone in the river and maybe I can trade it up.
Deciding on answering I just open it and place it on my ear not saying a word I just want to know and yet I don't want to speak.
"Vikki? Vikki are you there?"

"I'm here. What is it that you want?" I ask, sitting down on the bench. The place seemed awfully familiar, oh now I remember this was the park where that weird dude called me Peter. Maybe I should leave. Standing up with the shoes in my hand I began walking down the path. Wow! Talk about Deja Vu.

"A date?" He said finally and it was so low that I almost didn't hear a thing. Okay I don't know how to ask him. One: date as in date or date as in the fruit that makes you poop? Although the seconde one would be funny....

On with the conversation! "A what now?"

"I want to go out with you" I could already hear the nervousness and irritation in his voice. He is gonna be feeling that a lot if I say yes to this 'date'. Not that I'm agreeing but I can still consider it. Who am I kidding I've considered this enough already, its only been like, what 3 minutes?

But on the other hand, wasn't he on a date with Bryn the other day? And not even hoirs later he aas asking me out? I should be outraged that the little fucker thinks he is so hot and that he can have anything he wants then he is surely mistaken!

"No, that's my final answer."

"Oh come on! Why must you be so difficult? I just want to take you out"

Man he sounds like Hitler. I can totally imagine him with a mustache and a gun. Man, he looks funny. And weird. Meh.

"Vikki, are you still there?" I heard him sigh before hanging up. Why does shit like this always happen to me? First Brendon, Frank and now Gerard. Life does not get easier after high school, just worst than it already is.

It was only a couple of blocks down, but I couldn't wait to get home already.
"Hey Vikki! What are you doing walking home?"
I got so startled by the voice that i swear I jumped a 3 feet in the air. I look to my right and see one of the neighbors, Chloe Pendbridge. Her daughter, Natasha, is friends with Bryn so that is how I know her really. Did I mention I don't get out to much?
"I forgot my car keys?" Shrugging and bullshitting my life. I have a headache and I just want this day to be over. "Can you gI've me a ride home?" I say while walking closer to the car. By now the sun was already appearing and I just didn't want to feel hungover because the sun decided not to be my friend.
"Sure, I was just going to the supermarket. You don't mind right?"
I shook my head before going around the car and getting in.

Minutes later we were walking down isles picking what seem to be baking ingredients. Now normally I wouldn't care about anything, but this was enough to feed the whole tri-state area.
"What's with the ingredients?"
Chloe was just looking at me funny. "Vik don't tell me you forgot? Its the annual Baking Fund Raiser, the one where teens compete even though their moms do all the work?" Now it was my turn to look at her funny. Why the fuck would I care anyway?

"No I didn't, I made mine last night. I just happen to run out of ingredients so I'm just gonna buy some right now" I say casually picking up a basket.
"You forgot didn't you?"
Sighing I nod, putting the basket down again.

Chloe and I bought all of the ingredients needed and since I haven't made mine/Bryn's share we both decided to go back to her house and do It all together. According to her a neighbor that just moved in was helping to.
We parked in her driveway and got all the bags on her counter. Since I was still in the same dress as yesterday I told her that I was just going home to change and that I would be right back.

I openned the front door just as a car pulled up and Bryn getting out of it. I thought she left the party to go home. I'm just gonna take a wild guess where she was considering that was Gerard's car and that my daughter has sex hair. I'm so gonna kill the ballsy little shit.
"Hey mom!" Bryn said passing me and entering the house I just continued to glare at the car that was still parked in my driveway. Should I shot at her or just leave it be? She is old enough to make her own decisions and I for one am not gonna be with her for the rest of her natural born life.
I'll think about it later. I got in closing the door behind me.

I run upstairs and change into jeans, a tank top, a blue hoodie and flats. I wrap my hair in a lose bun, before walking downstairs and into the kitchen.
I grab a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water. Getting two pills from the drawer I started thinking to myself.
Why the heck would Gerard ask me on a date? Its clear enough that he is hanging out with Bryn, so why is he being a prick? I put the glass in the sink and went to the living room where Bryn was.
"Shouldn't you be doing your homework?"
"Yes but the VMAs are tonight and you wouldn't let me miss all the talk tomorrow, right mom?"

"Yeah, Yeah. Just be sure its done before I come back. Oh, and keep an eye on Sadie; she supposed to be here at 3pm." I say walking out of the living room and out the front door. I walk down the path and on the sidewalk. Noticing that a car was already behind Chloe's. That must be the new neighbor.
I walk up the stairs and ring the doorbell.
Natasha opens the door and with a quick "Hi Mrs. Armstrong!" She was gone, just like that. Guess she too was watching the VMAs. I walk in shutting the door behing me, and into the kitchen.

There was a woman that seemed really familiar and Chloe sitting at the counter with glasses of lemomade in their hands.
"Well great your finally here!, this is Donna Way. She lives a few streets down." Chloe said getting up with the glasses putting them in the sink.
I don't know why but her name seems really familiar. Meh. I'll figure it out eventually.

"Hi, I'm Vikki from next door."
"Yeah, its nice to meet other people me and my sons just move here from Italy and we don't really know that many people"

"Okay enough chit chat, we are going to be here all afternoon so we better get started" Chloe said before pulling us both and telling us what we needed to do.

I don't know why, but I got this gut wrenching feeling that something is gonna happen I just don't know what.


okay I admit it feels like this chapter is split in half well guess what it is! I'm gonna be posting the exciting part tomorrow night so just be on the lookout and that would be marking it as chapter five.
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