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Chapter 5

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So naturally the feeling was still there, but I just decided to ignore it and think about other things like... stuff.
Okay so I have nothing to think about. Damn it Vikki just stick to making the cake batter.
I was suppose to make cupcakes, Donna was making the cookies and Chloe was putting them into wrappers. We just talk and talk, honestly Donna and I have a lot in common she even had to kids, one was Gee, he was 17 and then there was Mikey, he was only 14.

I kinda wonder if Sadie and Bryn knew them. I mean, they were new so I guess everyone already knew them and they did go to the same school, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Natasha or Nate as she prefers to be called walked in. "Hey mom is it okay if I go next door and hang out with Bryn for a while?"
Nate said as she took some frosting in her finger and licked it. "Well if its okay with Vik then I have no problem with it." Chloe said and just like that all eyes were on me. "Uh Sure, I don't mind?" Yeah I sound so self assured.

"Just be back before midnight"
"Kay Mom."

After a while, night finally fell and everything was done. Frosted, wrapped and ready to go.

We sat at the table just talking, well Donna and Chloe were talking I was just thinking about my bed and how I'm just waisting this vacation.
"So I was thinking" Chloe started "Since the kids probably have two weeks off on Christmas, we could all take a skiing trip up on the mountains"

"Yeah that should be fun" Donna said. "The boys and the girls should get along fine".

"And you can bring Kary" Chloe said. How the fuck does she know Kary? "Sure...."
I took a long sip from my drink before standing up. "Hey I gotta go make (order) the girls some dinner. I'm sure their hungry and I'll think about what you said." And with that I left the Pendbridge residence.

I got home a couple minutes later. Since I didn't really feel like putting my barely there culinary skills, I picked up the phone and ordered some Chinese.
After that I sat down on the sofa in the living room. Just watching tv, there was this new show called 'Uncle Grandpa' and I swear that I can feel myself growing stupid by the second.

Sadie came into the room about an hour later and just sat down next to me amd stared at the tv. Then she spoke up, " Mum?"

"Yeah?" I knew that tone anywhere. She was asking for something. Something she wanted and will reside to begging if it has to come to that. "I met this boy" now that's my girl, jist straight to the point. And Its her first crush!.
I turn sideways and turned the TV's volume down. "Go on." I said giving her an encouraging smile.
"And I really like him, but I dont know if he really likes me back."
Aww, its so cute. I miss having teenage problems., not really.

"Well just start being friends. It shouldn't be that hard to gain someone's friendship" okay now I know I should stop talking since I know that what is coming out of my mouth is mostly crap.

Oh Thank God! I thought as Bryn came into the room. "I think this is a talk you should have with your sister since she kniws more of the area than I do." I got up instantly before I could even be dragged into the conversation again.
As I stepped into the hallway, the doorbell rang. I pay for the take out and shut the door. Putting all of the food on the kitchen counter I called the girls.
"Hey mum, some friends said they were going to this party downtown, you mind if I go? Nate's going too." Bryn asked me.
"Yeah, sure. But you gotta take Sadie with you." I said.

I saw Bryn looking between me and Sadie. I was sure hoping some negativity on her part, but all I really got was a "okay".

Well okay then.

I really wasn't complaining. I mean, I got the house all to myself. And there was just a moment when you where too lazy to cared. So when the girls left, I put the leftovers away and sprawled out on the couch.
I was so comfortable that I got so startled when something or rather someone fell on me. " What The Hell?!" I said before a pair of lips attacked mine. Well no need to be scared now!!
"Hey" he said, I know that silky voice anywhere. Gerard.
"What are you doing?" I said as I tried pushing him off of me.

"Kissing my girl, what does it look like I'm doing?"

" It looks like your squashing me. Now would get off of me?" Again pushing wasn't really doing shit.

"I thought you liked it when I was on top?" comment.

Whrn he finally got off me, he went into the kitchen. Because if my memory serves right no one invited him into my house. He took the take-out out of the fridge, and put it in the microwave to heat it up. I was still standing in the doorway, when he turned around to face me. Leaning on the counter he asked. "Why do you hate me so much?"

"Hating makes me feel all warm inside." Okay so pretty mean....not really true, but hey I gotta be heartless if its gonna get the message through to him.

"Oh come on that can't be true." Next thing I know his arms were around my waist and his lips where on my neck. Nothing could be more comprehensive then the reason that this is all wrong. Just that little nagging feeling at the very back of my brain that is telling me to stop.

All that came crushing down when his lips where on mine and his hands were traveling up my shirt finding the top of my bra.

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