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Chapter 6

by Suicide_Room

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When we reached upstairs, we were both down to our underwear. Gerard had me pushed up against the door with his leg in between mine running me slightly through the silky material. I just moaned louder against his lips.

Okay so I'm done being his bitch, I think its about time I start taking control.
Hands are tugging insistently at my clothes, and I just can't process it all, because, damn, I'm completely overcome and turned on and I can't think, not with his lips feverishly crushing my own, his hot body rubbing all over me, and it feels so good, and I know that I want this and I don't care that I can't pretend I hate him anymore. Maybe.

Its not like all of a sudden we were goim g t obe together. Just, well fuck it. I should just stop thinking and live in the damn moment.
Gerard pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. He grabbed my hair at the base of my neck and pulled my head back, grazing his teeth across my neck. I moaned at the touch and grabbed his hips, pulling them towards mine.  Lifting my hips off the bed, he smiled. It wasn't long until I felt him push into me.
We never really said anything. The only sound was us gasping and moaning.

Next morning I woke up in bed alone. Not sure if what I had last night was a dream or not. Although one look under the sheets and seeing myself naked, told me that it was most likely not a dream.

I got out of the bed with the sheet wrapped loosely around me. I know that its my room and that it probably has the lock on, but still it just feels weird walking around naked with nothing covering you.

I stared at my image in the bathroom mirror. My lips were somewhat still swollen and I had to hickies on the left side of my neck. I should thank Gerard with a slap to the face for that one. I walk over to the shower, turning on the water extremely cold. Letting go of the sheets, I stepped in.
I don't really remember for how long I was in there, all I knew that I was scrubbing hard enought to make all of Gerard off of me.

I blame it all on last night. It wasn't even supposed to happen. I'm 34 and he is 17.
Whoa! Am I really that old?.... I could be his mother.
Okay, unwanted image burned into my brain!.
I turn off the shower head, stepping out and wrapping myself into one of those fluffy towels I love so much. And another one for my hair.
When I stepped into the room, my phone started ringing. The name 'Chloe' flashed on the screen. Eh, wonder what she wants now?

"Hello?" I said into the phone as I sat down on me bed.
"Vikki, where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!" okay so no hello and I'm confused.- where wa I supposed to be right now?
"Um....where exactly?"
"At the Festival. Bryn and Sadie are already here."
"Right! I didn't forget....I just ...." I sigh as I stand up and walk over to my drawer. I totally forgot. "I'm almost there. I promise I just stoped by to get some Starbucks, I promise I'll be there in half an hour"

"Okay. Fine, just hurry up already!" and with that she hung up. I threw the phone on the bed as I pulled on my underwear. I out on a pair of gray jeans, a blue t-shirt and a black hoodie.
I blow dried my hair. And after applying my casual make up on and another extensive amount on my neck I headed downstaris grabbed an apple, shoes and my keys and left.

I couldn't really appear there without any coffee, I stopped by Starbucks and got caramel latte. Lucky for me that only was like 8 minutes, and the place was relatively empty.

And just like I promised, I got there in half an hour. Okay so I'm I didn't know much about this 'Festival' that Chloe said happened every year. Must be my short attention span or something, but this is a pretty big turnout. I got out of the car and headed for the big tent. Chloe had informed me the night before that there was where the girls school was going to be setting up.
I spotted them as soon as walked in, Bryn was talking to natasha behind the table. Sadie was talking to some boy....oh.
I walk to the table, smile at them and walk over to where Chloe was talking with Donna.

"Hey sorry I got here late" I said to them as I shook my cup of coffee in front of them. "Its fine really" Donna said. "Actually you weren't the only one late, my son spend the night out so he isn't really here yet."

Well that's good, I guess. At least not all disappointment is directed at me.
"Why don't you get settled atcthe table and I'll send Gee over when he gets here." Donna said again.

I walk over to the table, putting on a blue frilly apron, leaving theboink one down. I ain't wearing no pink. I turn to he table as people start lining up.
Giving them each what they asked for and a bunch of napkins too. Oh my gawd, like, this so fun!. Note the sarcasm.

Someone grabs my arm and I suddenly turn around. "Oh fuck."

"Really? You want to go again? I thought you had enough last night." Gerard said with a full blown smirk on his face. I took a good look at him, wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans and the pink apron. I gotta admit that even dressed as a chick, he would still be hot.

"I'm not talking to you" I said as I hand change to the old lady in front of me. "Im waiting for someone"

"Well your done waiting. I'm already here" he said as a hand wrapped itself around my waist. I quickly moved away, you couldn't see his action since the table was piled high with sweets and goodies. It still felt wrong to show any afection to a teenager when we have already fucked....twice.
"What are you talking about?"

"Damn are you really that slow? My mom told me all about you and your daughters, I figured it would be you" by now he had his hips pressed against mine and he had a tent growing. So not the right place for this.

"Mom?" Pushing him away I turn around to find Bryn stading there with Natasha. She didn't look math or excited, so I'm guessing she saw none of that. "I was wondering if we could go shopping tomorrow. For prom. Gerard already ask me and I just want to get a good dress."

Jackasss. Asshole. Dickhead. Jerk.
That was the only thoughts going through my mind right now. And all based on the guy standing silently behind me.
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